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W. Anthony

W. Anthony, Master Stylist

Lives in: Alaska

Expertise: Beard Styling, Hair Cutting, Hair Color

Education: Academy of Hair Design

Experience: 12 years

Major Publications: HairstyleCamp, MachoHairstyles, ChildInsider, MrkidsHaircut

Meet Watson Anthony from Alaska! He’s not just any master stylist, he’s a true beard enthusiast and a gifted writer too. Trained at the Academy of Hair Design, Watson’s been sharing his 12 years of expertise through captivating blog posts.

He’s got a way with words, just like he’s got a way with scissors, educating readers on everything beard and hair. A real coffee lover, Watson infuses his travel tales into his writing, often sharing his aim to visit every country in the world.

Watson’s humor is the cherry on top. He’ll make you laugh while dishing out top-notch beard care tips. If he’s not writing or brewing a cup of Joe, he’s probably dreaming about the next blog post, because even a hard-working stylist-writer needs his sleep!

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