10 Creepy Mustache Mistakes You Never Want to Make

Facial hairstyles are getting more and more popular. Most men want to try them at least once in their life and end up with some creepy mustaches.

When we start choosing a perfect mustache, more often than not we find something very complicated. Because let’s face it, the more complicated the mustache is, the better it looks.

However, not all men are ready to ask for help and they start making the mustache all on their own. The result can be pretty pitiful.

Creating a mustache is an art and needs some practice. That’s why it is always better to start with easier options and then go on to the more complicated ones. Otherwise, a creepy disaster might be waiting just around the corner.

Creepy Mustaches That Teach You a Lesson

Nobody wants to sport a creepy mustache, right? That’s why the mustache approach should be serious. If you don’t have time to visit the stylist, consider making something simple at first.

You will need to learn how to use the trimmer with different heads as well as the mustache wax. Once you get good with making simple mustache style, such as a chevron or a pyramid, you can go on to more complicated styles like pencil and handlebar mustaches.

Don’t stop if you make a mistake, try again! Take a look at these creepy mustaches to get an idea of what you can look like when you overestimate yourself.

1. Forgot to shave

men cool shave with Creepy Mustaches

One of the most important things about maintaining a perfect mustache is keeping it neat. If you skip a day or two of shaving, your nice and stylish mustache will turn into a real disaster. Make sure to keep your mustache fresh and outlined.

2. Large and bushy

creepy mustaches 2

Some people might like having a lot of hair on their faces but bushy mustaches make some of us look pretty scary. This creepy mustache could have been avoided by some quick trimming. Neatness is the key to a stylish mustache.

3. Going too far

nicc creepy mustaches for men

When you are considering a mustache, don’t forget about your face shape. If your face is small and round, a large mustache will look like you’ve gone too far. Thin facial features require small and neat mustaches.

4. Sparse hair

creepy mustaches 4

A lot of men have a problem with sparse hair. Such guys should forget about full mustaches and beards. They will never be able to grow them. This type of hair growth is great for small mustaches as a pencil and a toothbrush.

5. Too manly

vintage Creepy Mustaches for men

Manly cowboy mustaches used to be popular in the past centuries. In the modern world, they can look a little ridiculous. Such creepy mustache will look especially terrible on young men with thin facial features.

6. Outdated

creepy mustaches 6

Your favorite movie star wore a certain mustache and you want the same one? Stop and think. The mustache can be outdated and you will look truly ridiculous wearing a 20th-century style in the 21st century. Consider something more modern.

7. Youngster mustache

all time favorite creepy mustaches for men

Young men often want to look older and start growing a mustache as soon as they get a couple of hairs on their upper lip. This mustache can look truly funny. The overall image will scream “green youngster!”

The Funniest Mustaches Ever

8. Shaving the mustache in the middle

creepy mustache styles

As we mentioned earlier. Do not copy anyone blindly. Cantinflas was a famous Mexican comedian and actor who shaved his mustache in from the middle. His style may have been appropriate for his time and place, but you might look creepy with a Cantinflas mustache

9. Mismatched mustache

This involves a mustache that doesn’t match the rest of your appearance. Choose a mustache style that complements your facial shape. Make sure it works well with your hairstyle, clothing preferences, and other grooming habits. Else you may end up with a bad mustache style.

10. Trying the “Snidely Whiplash” mustache

Cartoon character mustaches look good in cartoons only. Growing a thin long mustache that curls upwards at the ends like Snidely Whiplash can make you look more like a caricature and creepy than a stylish gentleman.

How to Fix a Bad Mustache

Fixing a lousy mustache is easier than it might seem. However, if you struggle with grooming techniques, a stylist at a men’s salon can help you get it under control.

Before you start, look at yourself in the mirror and decide whether you look dashing or like you would make someone dash away.

If the answer is the latter, then you’ve got to make some changes.

Shave It Off

Shave Your Mustache Off

The easiest way to fix a creepy mustache is to shave it off. If your mustache is weak and insufficient, shave it. Otherwise, you look like a high school kid who can’t grow enough facial hair.

Trim It

Mustache grooming kits are inexpensive. Trim the strays, and use a bit of wax to put everything in place.

Be Patient

Some mustache styles need several months to get to their apexes. For example, the Hungarian and Horseshoe can take up to six months to fill in completely, but only if you have the facial hair to get there.

Add a Soul Patch

Add a Soul Patch

Some mustaches need balance below the lips. Consider adding a soul patch for balance and sex appeal.

Tips to Avoid Creepy Mustache

Unless you’re looking for reasons to be known as a creepy guy, you want to avoid having a creepy mustache. Bad mustaches tend to be bushy, wimpy, or dated.

A top tip to avoid a creepy mustache is to grow one if you can. The pathetic, wispy mustache makes men look like they are trying too hard to look manly.

Groom Your Mustache

Groom Your Mustache

To avoid the creepy mustache, take care of it. Trim it before it gets out of control, and use a wax or other mustache product to give it a subtle style.

While an easy-going man is sexy, showing that you care about how you look gets rid of the creepiness from unkempt facial hair. You can look carefree and natural while still looking clean and groomed.

Choose a Style that Fits Your Face

Some men can carry the pencil or the handlebar, but not everyone can. If you find that the mustache does not enhance your look, it becomes creepy.

Avoid the Dated Styles

Some of the creepy styles are the most dated. For example, a thick Ron Burgundy or Tom Selleck mustache might appear dated, even though they were killer styles in the 70s and 80s. Ron Burgundy has the mustache for the laugh factor, not because it makes him look sexy.

We hope these creepy mustaches gave you a good idea about how not to make a mistake when choosing the right style. Once you create your perfect mustache, take a good and long look in the mirror. Does it look creepy?

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