Imperial Mustache Vs. Handlebar Mustache: Are They Same?

The look of Imperial Mustache and Handlebar Mustache is quite similar in term of the upward curl of the edge of the mustache. That’s why most of the people get confused and there arises a battle between imperial mustache vs. handlebar mustache. Though handlebar mustache is more popular than an imperial mustache, the imperial mustache has a long and glorious history. This mustache was so popular during the France imperial reign.


What Is an Imperial Mustache?

imperial mustache

Imperial mustache refers to the type of mustache which grows as whiskers from the edge of the mustache and goes curling upward covering a part of both cheeks. So, it is obvious that one must have a dense and thick mustache to get the best out of an imperial mustache.

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What Is a Handlebar?

handlebear mustache

If you are a fan of beard and mustache style, you must have heard the word Handlebar. This is the most trending mustache style right now. This mustache covers the whole upper lip as the chevron mustache does but the marginal mustache goes upward and there is a small curve at the end. Another variant of Handlebar is called the Petit Handlebar which is becoming popular so rapidly.


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Imperial Mustache Vs. Handlebar Mustache

Are imperial mustache and handlebar mustache same? The answer is NO. They are not same but a bit similar. There are two key differences between an imperial mustache and a handlebar mustache.

First: The imperial mustache is more curved than the handlebar.

Second: Imperial mustache looks more rugged than the handlebar.

So the basic difference lies in the outlook. But, both of these styles require proper styling and care to look like what they are meant to resemble. A good deal of facial hair is a must to grow either of the two mustaches.

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Imperial mustache and handlebar mustache are very similar to look at. But, anyone who has an idea about mustache styles can figure out the subtle changes between them.

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