15 Exclusive Hipster Mustache Styles for Bold Men

When you are thinking about a hipster mustache, you might imagine something absolutely out of whack. You are not that far from the truth.

Hipster style is often associated with the 1970s era when people were sporting long facial hair, including scary bushy beards and messy mustaches. Those times have come and gone and to some people, hipster means something absolutely different.

In fact, being hip actually means being stylish. And since fashionable facial hairstyles differ greatly, you can choose anyone you like and call it hip. However, if you are out of ideas, you can take a look at some available choices. Before making a hipster mustache, consider your image and your style. Perhaps some of the options just won’t fit your appearance.


Most Popular Hipster Mustaches for Men

When choosing a mustache you are faced with a great number of options. Sometimes men want to go further and come up with something unique and original. A hipster mustache can be just what you’ve been looking for. We are offering you a short list of 15 appealing options to give you an idea of what can be done. You will find simple and neat mustaches as well as long and outrageous ones.

Take some time to consider what you really need. Some of these mustaches will only be good for a special occasion while others are perfect for everyday use. Don’t waste your time narrowing down the options. We’ve done the job for you.


1. Long handlebar

Long handlebar

This is a good everyday hipster mustache option. You will need to grow your mustache beyond the corners of your mouth and leave it about a quarter of an inch long. If you want the style to be a little hipper, don’t try to make the hair all the same length.


2. French handlebar

hipster mustaches 2

Want a vintage mustache? Go for a handlebar with a French twist. Grow bushy mustache and twist the ends with the help of some mustache wax. This style is good for special occasions but can be a hassle for everyday wear since it requires careful styling.


3. Handlebar with a beard

nice Handlebar with a beard

Handlebar is a popular hipster mustache that will look great with a beard. If you are brave enough to take good care of your mustache, a beard will be an easy game for you. Make sure to keep your facial hair neat.


4. Chevron with a beard

hipster mustaches 4

Chevron mustache with a beard is a popular style. It requires careful trimming but doesn’t need too much styling. This is a really hip option for everyday wear. So, if you want to look fashionable without too much effort, this style is for you.


5. Chevron with a stubble

cool Handlebar with men

A lot of people consider a nice stubble to be really hip. So, if the beard seems too much of a hassle, consider getting a popular stubble. A chevron mustache will look great when outlined by a very short beard.


6. Chevron with a messy beard

hipster mustaches 6

If you are ready to take care of your mustache but it seems too neat for you, get a messy beard! Just let your facial hair grow as it can. Make sure to keep the mustache neat, otherwise, the overall image can be disastrous.


7. English mustache with a chin curtain

men best mustache with a chin curtain

If a handlebar seems too thick for you, go for an English mustache. This hipster mustache can be made thin and help your image become more sophisticated. Add a chin curtain to make your appearance even more hip.


8. Long and wild

hipster mustaches 8

If you believe that being hip is all about a wild appearance, allow your facial hair to be just that. Don’t spend too much time making your beard and your mustache all the same length. Allow a little wilderness to shape your image.


9. Old and wise

old men hipster mustaches

If you’ve got graying hair and want to go for an old and wise hipster look, consider growing a long full beard together with a chevron. If you make sure to trim your hair on a regular basis, your style will surely turn some heads.


10. Regular mustache with a long chin curtain

awesome beard styles for men

A regular mustache can become really hip if you add the right beard. Take a look at the way the facial hair is styled in the picture. The chin curtain becomes the mustache continuation. All the hair is well-trimmed and looks impressive.


11. The longer the better

better look beard

Long hipster mustaches are always in style. Growing a long mustache might be a hassle. So if you are up to the challenge, get a trimmer and start growing. Long and neat mustaches look very fashionable and suit any type of beard.


12. Chevron and a goatee

best mustache hipster for player

If you need a hip everyday option, this chevron is for you. This is one of the most popular mustache styles appreciated by men all over the world. In order to make the image hipper, consider getting a small goatee coupled with a soul patch.


13. Go retro

hipster mustaches 13

Retro doesn’t always mean bad. In fact, some retro facial hairstyles are very popular. Consider getting this retro handlebar. It might take a while to get used to the idea but we are sure you’ll grow to love it. Keep the rest of the face clean shaved or add a goatee.


14. Modern hipster

cool men Modern hipster with short beard

This quite modern hipster mustache is familiar to many men out there. It reminds of a Frank Zappa mustache but with bushiness taken out of it. Don’t be afraid of the facial hair looking a little messy. Just make sure the mustache is neat.


15. Green hipster

hipster mustaches

If you don’t have thick hair, you can go for this youngster mustache. Keep the hair short and neat. That’s actually all you can do. Make sure to shave the rest of the face to give your mustache as much outline as you can.


These hipster mustaches can be appreciated by many men who are looking for a stylish image change. Consider the short options first and then go further to growing long hair. Don’t forget to make friends with a precision trimmer.

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