15 Trendiest Mexican Mustaches for 2024

There is no clear definition of the Mexican mustache. However, everyone knows it to be long and bushy. To some people, it reminds more of a handlebar, while others see it as a horseshoe or a walrus style. In any case, the top part of such a mustache covers the upper lip fully and then ends continue down the chin. The bushier the mustache is, the more “Mexican” it will seem.

Such full mustaches look very impressive but are hard to maintain and can be uncomfortable to wear. That’s why modern men came up with some variations of this facial hairstyle by making it a bit shorter. However, you mustn’t forget about the bushy part. Otherwise, you will get a completely different mustache.

When you have decided to get a Mexican mustache, think about the length of your facial hair. It will usually take about 6 – 8 weeks to achieve a proper length for a good mustache. Don’t be afraid of looking a little untidy during that period.

It is a necessary sacrifice for an impressive mustache. Start brushing your facial hair as soon as it gets a little long in a way you want it to be styled. Regular brushing is imperative for making your Mexican mustache look its best. Make friends with a precision trimmer. You will need it to keep the mustache shaped and neat.

1. Long ‘Stache

long Mexican mustache

You can wear your Mexican mustache long without it covering too much of your mouth. It sits just above the top lip and sweeps to each side. The ends are curled up into a fine point and secured using a natural-looking gel.

2. Imperial Variation

Mexican man with imperial mustache

The imperial mustache often looks like a much smaller and neater version of a medical mustache. It sits above the top lip and grazes over the sides of the mouth. The ends form a point but it’s not a sharp point like the first style. The ‘stache is paired with a soul patch.

3. Pencil Style

Mexican pencil mustache

Pencil mustaches are commonly worn by Mexican men who have typical dark hair and heavy brows. They pair well with these types of features. The light moustache sits high above the mouth and is slightly sparse and scruffy. The rest of the face is shaven cleanly.

4. Grey Lampshade

Mexican lampshade mustache

Lampshade style ‘staches are thick and thick ‘taches are common in Mexico. This is the perfect example of the lampshade style as it’s groomed very neatly and stops just above the lips. It suits mature men very well and the grey-white coloring ensures it stands out.

5. White Laced

thick Mexican mustache

Men who are getting older may find their dark mustaches laced with little white hairs. They’re more visible in thick styles like this. It’s scarggly and etends past the corners of the mouth. All the hairs are long but they’re trimmed neatly so they don’t cover the lips.

6. Long Handlebar

Mexican man with long handlebar mustache

The handlebar is one style of mustache that’s very common for Mexican men to wear. Here it flicks out on each side. The sides curl up and the ends are pinched into a point. It’s pared with a soul patch that connects to a light beard covering half the chin. The rest of the skin is clean-shaven.

7. Chin Strap

Mexican mustache for men

‘Staches always look more modern when paired with facial hair like a chin strap. All the hair is pretty sparse but offers enough coverage to make you look handsome. The hair above the upper lip curls down by the mouth. It’s very lightly connected to the chin strap with stubble.

8. Extended Lampshade

Mexican guy with mustache

Mixing and matching styles is a good way to keep your look fresh. This style of facial hair resembles a lampshade mustache’s classic shape as it sits above the lips. However, the sides slant and extend past the mouth to provide an unexpected twist.

9. Mature Mustache

Mexican mustache for older men

Mature Mexican men may favor a simple style that’s trimmed very neatly above the mouth. It’s straight across and speckled with grey. The sides extend very slightly past the corners of the mouth but they don’t get in the way. It’s a medium courseness style.

10. Long Horseshoe

long horseshoe mustache for Mexican men

Horseshoe mustaches don’t always extend all the way down to the jaw. Think of the long horseshe as a goatee without the soul patch or hair on the chin. The hair is thickest under the nose and it’s a little scruffy to provide an edgier vibe. There’s some stubble along the jawline.

11. Modern Mexican mustache

 Modern Mexican mustache for men

This modern mustache is easy to make and maintain. It extends just about half an inch beyond the borders of your mouth. In order to look more Mexican make sure to make the facial hair long and bushy. Keep the mustache well-trimmed.

Most Popular Mustaches for Stylish Men

12. The classics

mexican mustache 4

This classical mustache will take some time to grow and shape. However, you will be proud to know that you have the most impressive Mexican mustache out there. Such facial hair needs regular brushing and trimming.

13. Handlebar

 Modern Mexican mustache with Handlebar

Some modern men prefer a handlebar instead of the classical Mexican style. This option is a mix between a neat handlebar mustache and a bushy Mexican one. If you avoid curled ends then you will get closer to the classics.

14. Horseshoe


This neat horseshoe mustache looks very close to its Mexican brother. You will have to brush your facial hair on a regular basis to achieve this neat and manly look. Make the ends of your mustache as long as you wish.

15. Walrus mustache

Walrus mustache for maxican old men

This walrus mustache is a very impressive way to go about a Mexican appearance. The long and bushy hair allows the image to become hot and stylish. Consider dyeing your hair a dark color to make it look closer to the Mexican style.


Mexican mustaches are fun to make and to wear. Most of them require serious daily maintenance. However, the impression they make is so incredible, it is definitely worth the effort. Try one of these mustaches and you won’t regret it!

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