12 Most Popular Arabic Beard Styles

Over the years the world is swooning over Arabic beard styles. Arabian men are blessed with awesome beards. Most of Arabian guys have thick and black beards that look stunning on their light skin. That’s why the Arabian beard style is so popular.

If you’ve ever traveled to the Middle East or North Africa, you may have noticed the impressive facial hair sported by many men. This is what’s known as the Arabic beard.

Over time, different styles and variations of the beard emerged across the region. We will present you with some authentic and mixed Arabian beard styles for you.

History and Cultural Significance of Beard in Arab

The Arab people have a long history shared with beards. It has something to do with religion too. 

The tradition of growing facial hair in the Middle East can be traced back to ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Persians. Beards were seen as a sign of masculinity, wisdom, and authority. Kings and nobles often adorned their beards with precious metals and gemstones, emphasizing their status and wealth.

With the rise of Islam in the 7th century, the Arab beard took on a new significance. Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of Islam used to love the beard and he advised his followers not to shave it off. The Arab beard thus became a symbol of piety and adherence to Islamic traditions.

The Top Arabic Beard Styles

You can never ignore the presence of a scarf in any Arabic style. Wearing a scarf around the head is the identical style of any typical Arab guy. And, sometimes they wear a round cap too. Some guys also use Surma on their eyes which is becoming trendy lately.

All these things are associated with the Arabian beard style. Let’s find out what more is there in Arabian beard style.

#1. The Style of the Kings

Arabic beard style

Think big. This is the most prominent beard style in Arabs. Arabian kings usually keep this type of beard. A plain mustache and a short goatee are all they keep to express the royal inheritance. One can try this Arabian beard style of the Arabian big fishes.

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#2. Omar Borkan’s Style

Arabic style beard

Omar Borkan, a famous name in KSA. He was criticised for his excessive sexiness. This guy is the most discussed Arabian model. He always shows off his beard which is full and thick.

#3. Elegance at Its Best

Arab man with beard

This could be the perfect option for someone who wants to get an Arabian beard style. A full beard with trimmed and faded edges. The overall look is so elegant that none can ignore this beard.

#4. The Religious Look

religious arabic man with beard

If you are a follower of Islam and searching for a beard style that goes with your religious belief, then this Arabian beard style is only for you. Shave off the mustache and let the beards grow to a good length. 

#5. Stunning Stubble

This beard style is the best fit for the guys with a light and fair skin. A simple stubble can enhance the beauty of a person to a great degree. It’s better to trim the long beard into a stubble rather than wearing naturally grown stubble of 3-4 days.

Wear Patchy Beards with Full Confident

#6. Long, Thick and Full

Fawad khan in arabic beard

Let’s show the world that you have a great ability to grow a beard. Let them grow all over your face. Once they are long, trim, fade and style the beard and mustache as per your wish. One can get this look if he has long, thick and full beard.

#7. Extreme Lining

This is an Arabian beard style for the guys who want to prove themselves so careful about their appearance. This kind of styling needs a great deal of patience. So, if one has this beard, keeping the lines so sharp and clean, he will surely make a good impression.

#8. The Arabian Circle

A circle beard is also applicable as Arabian beard style. Connect the beard of your chin with the mustache as so it resembles a circle.

#9. A Soul Patch

A soul patch associated with a light stubble can be a real gem while having an Arabian beard style. Though the soul patch is smaller in size, it helps a person be more noticeable. You can try this Arabian beard style if you want to draw others’ attention.

#10. A Heavy Stubble

Arab inspired beard

This is the most typical beard style that attracts the most. It is not a full beard nor a stubble. This sort of beards complements a guy more than any other beard style. It looks so well-groomed and manly altogether. One can have heavy stubble as his go-to beard style for any occasion at any time of the year.

11. Short-Boxed Beard

Arab Man with High-Box Beard

This boxed beard style can be characterized by a defined square shape around the lip and chin created by a jaw beard and mustache. The cheek line is kept high in this Arabian beard-style variation.

12. Chin Strap Beard

Arabian Man with Chin Strap Beard

This beard style runs along the jawline and connects the sideburns. With your Arab genetics, you can grow your beard longer and rock your Arabian beard with a thicker and fuller chin strap beard.

Tips for growing and maintaining an Arab beard

Growing and maintaining an Arabian beard style requires dedication and patience. Here are some tips for keeping your beard healthy and strong:

  • Have some patience. It can take up to six weeks for a beard to grow to its full potential, so don’t give up too soon.
  • Use beard oil for moisturizing your beard.
  • Keep your beard trimmed and well-groomed will help it look neat and tidy.
    Embrace your natural style: Experiment with different beard styles to find the one that suits you best.

Beard style is actually universal. You can’t confine a beard style to a certain region or religion. Nowadays, people from every cast and color do beard styles regularly. Still, you can follow the styles of Arabian people as the beard is a part of their tradition and belief.

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