30 Incredible Circle Beard Ideas for A Clean Look

Circle beard styles are a classic and versatile facial hair option for men of all ages. A circle beard combines a mustache with a rounded goatee to form a circular shape on the chin.

This style gives a  bearded look where the cheek and sideburns are shaved regularly, which makes it one of the neatest beard styles of today.

It is a popular option for guys who like a dapper and professional appearance without going clean-shaven.

There are so many circle beard styles commonly seen among men. Below are some of the distinctive circle beard style ideas to get a cool stylish look.

1. Blonde Circle Beard with Soul Patch

blonde circle beard

This circle beard style features a blonde beard with a soul patch and a trimmed mustache. This beard style suits a wide range of facial shapes but it’s most attractive for people with an oval face shape.

2. Circle Beard with Grey Chin Hair and Salt and Pepper Mustache

grey circle beard

This style has grey hairs on the chin, which are connected to the salt-and-pepper mustache. If you are an African American man with a thick beard, this style is for you.

3. Thick Salt and Pepper Beard With Dark Mustache

salt and pepper thick beard circled with black mustache

One unique way to make your circle beard stand out is to contrast it with your mustache. If you have a dark mustache, you can keep the beard grey. It gives you an amazing look and sets your beard apart from others.

4. 10mm Classic Circle Beard with Soul Patch

circle beard with soul patch

Are you a fan of the classic circle beard with no dyes and two tones? You can surely go ahead and get one, and maybe even top it off with a soul patch. Such a beard looks great if you have a broad forehead and short hair. 

5. Light Stubble Circle Beard

circle beard style

This one’s for you if you believe in the philosophy of ‘less is more’. You can go for this beard style when you have something close to a medium stubble on your face. Keep the length of your beard, mustache, and soul patch consistent for this style. 

6. Short Stubble Circle Beard

short stubble circle beard

Time to rock a circle beard that consists entirely of grey hair. The trim of the beard and mustache should be consistent–somewhere close or in the middle of short and medium stubble. Shave off the soul patch for a cleaner look.

7. Circle Beard with a Prominent Chin Puff

circle beard for black men

The best part about this style is that you don’t have to deal with curly hair or do a lot of combing because your mustache remains well-trimmed and short. However, the main point of focus is your chin where you have a noticeable chin puff to show off.

8. Salt and Pepper Beard with Overgrown Chin Hair

long circle beard

When aiming for this style, you will have trim your mustache enough to not hide your lips. The hair beneath your lips i.e. soul path and goatee, will continue to grow. The overgrown patch of the beard on and around your beard lets your salt and pepper shine through.

9. Thin Circle Beard with Fully Covered Chin

thick circle beard

To achieve this style, you need to let your soul patch grow too. As a result, it blends with the rest of your beard and covers the chin area completely. The resulting thick beard is probably the first thing people would notice in your face from far away.

10. Light Stubble Beard with Curly Hair

thin circle beard

If you have curly hair covering your ears and the outline of your forehead, you can do well with very light stubble circle beard. The beard is hardly noticeable, but adds a great shadow effect on your face, especially around your lips. 

11. Curly Beard with Parted Mustache

curly circle beard

Black people seem to love this style, especially those who don’t want to have a big curly beard on their faces. This beard seems petite due to the well-trimmed and thin lines connected the beard with mustache. The mustache gap does break the circle a bit, which makes this style quite interesting.

12. Precise Cut

It looks extraordinarily sophisticated on guys because of its precise and neat trimming. It suits almost any face shape and looks good with any hairstyle. You can get this look by connecting a trimmed mustache with a goatee. There is a prominent soul patch under the lip that highlights the beard style even more. Clean shave the cheeks area for a genteel look.

13. Circle Beard Connected with Mustache

If you can grow thick facial hair then, getting this entrancing beard style is not a hard task for you. It is easy to maintain and involves easy styling techniques. Leave a thick bunch of hair underneath the chin that will give more density to your beard. It will give a refined look to your chin and ultra-mannish features to your whole look.

14. Bryan Cranston’s Circle Beard

Bryan Cranston is a well-known American actor who got tremendous admiration from his fans because of his iconic circle beard style. To achieve this style, you have to grow almost a thick, full beard that requires four weeks at least depending on your facial hair growth rate. Once you achieve the desired length, trim the beard into a circle shape and clean shaven the cheeks entirely. It suits any face shape.

15. Lower chin goatee with a connected soul patch and a disconnected mustache

Circle beard-4

It is one of the simplest beard styles to try out if you don’t like hassles. There is a chin goatee on the lower chin with a soul patch extending from below the lower lip to the chin hair. There is a strongly disconnected mustache matching the goatee hair. The jawline is clean, and the sideburns are short and trimmed.

16. Two toned circle beard

salt and pepper circle beard

It is one of the matured circle bearded looks that feature long sideburns, clean-shaven cheeks and a thick mustache that connects with the two-toned full goatee around the mouth.

The goatee length extends the chin area that makes the beard to look voluminous and pointed. If you have a round face or narrow chin, grow the above-given beard to give elongated and sharp features to your face.

17. Extended circle beard

Wooh! One of the most enchanting beard styles of Leonardo Dicaprio. This innovative beard style includes thin facial hair around the mouth in the form of a circle, thin facial hair strap around the jawline and clean-shaven cheeks.

Leave trimmed hair under the chin. It is quite difficult to maintain. It suits square and oblong face shape. A slick back hairstyle is a perfect combo to wear with this particular beard.

18. Imperial Look

This alluring beard features a well-groomed goatee and an imperial mustache. You can achieve the style by growing a full beard and a long mustache.

Once you achieve the length after few months of patience, you can trim the beard into a goatee shape while clean-shaving the cheeks and neckbeard also.

Apply mustache wax and turn the mustache ends into upward, pointed direction. Long hair and this imperial beard reveal a macho look of men.

Trendy Spade Beard Styles

19. Auburn Circle Beard

guy with circle ginger beard

The auburn color of the beard is the core feature of the whole style that makes this style to look unique and vibrant among all the circle beard styles.

You can achieve the above-bearded look by pairing up the beard with Peek a Boo or barely visible stubble on the cheeks area.

The beard looks dense and thick that does not have even a tiny patch, which gives an impactful and strong feature to guy’s personality.

20. Broad lower chin goatee with a connected pencil mustache

Circle beard-6

In this beard style, you need to grow broad and trimmed goatee on the lower chin area with a rounded pencil mustache connected to the chin hair on both sides. The jawline and the sideburns are clean shaved.

21. Broad chin goatee with a drooping pencil mustache and a soul patch

Kanye West

This is also a very stylish beard to try out. This beard style has a broad chin goatee with a small soul patch below the lower lip.

There is a pencil mustache dropping down on both sides and connecting the chin hair. The jawline and sideburns are clean shaved.

22. Broad pencil round the mouth circle beard with a connected soul patch

Circle beard-8

It is a great impressive style and is simple to maintain. This beard style has a broad pencil circle beard all around the mouth extending from the mustache area to the lower chin area, in a circle.

There is a soul patch below the lower lip, meeting the chin hair in a strong hairline. The jawline hair is clean-shaven, and the sideburns are trimmed and short.

23. Circle beard with a handlebar mustache

Circle beard-13

If you are looking to get a beard style that is classic and suits all, then this is the one for you. This style has a strong full circle beard covering the full chin area with a matching heavy handlebar mustache. The jawline hair and the sideburns are clean shaved.

24. Light stubble circle beard

Circle beard-17

It is simple yet classy to maintain this beard. The above beard is the light stubble circle beard covering the mustache and the full chin area. The jawline and the sideburns are clean shaved.

25. Rugged chin goatee with a connected rugged mustache

Circle beard-18

If you want a raw look, get this bearded look for sure. This style has a circle beard including a rugged full chin goatee and a matching connected rugged mustache. The jawline hair is clean-shaved, and the sideburns are trimmed very short.

26. Strong full circle beard

Circle beard-20

This beard style has a heavy full circle beard covering the entire chin area. There is a strongly connected mustache matching the beard hair on the chin.

The jawline hair is clean-shaved, and the sideburns are trimmed long.

27. Circle beard with light stubble

Circle beard-21

If you like a formal look, you can get this one. The style has a circle beard covering the lower chin area. There is a pencil mustache squarely connecting the chin hair. The cheeks and jawline have very light stubble, and the sideburns are clean shaved.

28. Heavy circle beard with connected mustache

Circle beard-23

It is one of the greatest circle beard styles you should try out like the one & only Amitabh Bachchan. All you need to do is to grow a strong circle beard around the mouth with just the lips visible.

The sideburns are trimmed short, and the jawline hair is clean and shaved.

29. Traditional circle beard

Circle beard-1

If you wish to get this great style, all that you need to do is grow a full chin goatee and a strong mustache connected to it on both sides. The jawlines are clean-shaved, and the sideburns are very short and trimmed.

30. Light full chin goatee with a small mustache and a soul patch

Light full chin goatee in circle shape

If you do not like a full beard and wish to get a lighter beard, then go for this one. This beard style includes a light chin goatee with a soul patch just below the lower lip. There is a very small disconnected mustache below the upper lip. The sideburns are trimmed and short.

How to Circle a Beard in 3 Steps

Growing a circle beard requires patience and dedication. Follow the steps to get started:

Step 1: Shave Your Mustache and Beard

Start with a blank canvas. Shave your jawline, and neckline including your mustache and any other facial hair.

Step 2: Give it time to grow

It might take several weeks to a few months to grow a complete circular beard depending on your beard growth. Be patient and avoid trimming or shaping your facial hair too quickly.

Step 3: Shape the circle

Shape the goatee and connect it to your mustache. Make a rounded shape with a trimmer or scissors that follows the natural curvature of your jawline.

Keep a tiny space between the mustache and the goatee. Trim your mustache so that it complements the shape of your goatee. Clean shave your cheek and sideburns.

Tips to Rock and Maintain a Circle Beard

To maintain and rock a circle beard style:

  • Keep it clean by washing it regularly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Regularly trim your mustache and goatee using a trimmer to maintain a consistent length.
  • Clean shave your cheek and sideburns from time to time.
  • If you want to change the shape of your circle beard, do it slowly and carefully by making small changes over time.
  • Pair your circle beard with a classic hairstyle such as a slicked-back look or a shorter, tapered cut.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion and let your personality shine with confidence.

So, choose your favorite circle beard style. Grow, maintain, and rock it with proper tips.

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