Chin Curtain Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Chin Curtain

Chin curtain is a facial hair style that run through you jaw line to your chin to the other end of your face. This beard style has great similarity with chin strap beards; however, the difference is, chin strap cover part of the chin, whereas the chin covers the chin comprehensively.

chin curtain facial hair style



Chin curtain beard style was made famous by people like Lincoln as well as Alvaro Pombo a re-known writer who live in the 70’s. Let’s talk about the 70’s! In 1970, chin curtain facial hair hit the ground running.  A number of gentle in the US, especially the Married Amish kept the style as identification mark.



Suitability! There are a lot of shaving styles and what you need to do is just choose the style you like. However, you need to know that, all this styles have preferred face shape. Chin curtain is best for individuals with a diamond or oval shaped face.  The style helps in balancing the face, leave alone making you look handsome.SUITABLE FACE SHAPE FOR CHIN CURTAIN



Do you like chin curtain beards? Chin curtain facial hair style is amazing. For one to grow chin curtain facial hair style, you need to be so patient and very caring.chin curtain beard style

Listed down here are steps to follow when growing chin curtain.

  1. Grow your beards for a number of weeks or even months
  2. Shave off your mustache completely
  3. Optionally, you can trim the beards on your cheek, neck and jaw line to give your facial hair style some defined shape.
  4. You can as well trim your beards when it reached a certain level for easy management



There is nothing as simple as trimming chin curtain beards. A number of guys who prefer this facial hair style have less to do when it comes to trimming. To be precise, they are only required to trim at the edges of their beards. Here are tips to on how to shave your chin curtain

  1. Trim your beards to 3 to 5 mm to enable you concentrate on your facial hairstyle.
  2. Develop your facial hair style by basically defining the edges.
  3. Trim your beards with a wahl hair trimmer using a length comb till you attain a smooth edge shaped beards.
  4. Employ a precise trimmer to develop an outline of your chin curtain by keenly touching the edges of your beards.
  5. Employ a mini foil shaver to eliminate the soul patch.
  6. Shave your cheek, neck as well as mustache completely.



  • If it is your fast time to shave chin curtain, employ an expert make an outline.
  • Trim your facial hair style frequently to be able to maintain the primary shape.



Maintaining chin curtain facial hairstyle is the simplest thing that you can do. This kind of style calls for minimal maintenance contrary to other beard styles. As a matter of fact, you need to trim the edges on the occasional basis and wash it on a daily basis that is all.


Chin Curtain Beard Styles

Chin curtain is the beard that grows along the jaw line. Often confused with the chin strap, the chin curtain actually covers the chin and neck completely whereas the chin strap only covers them partially. If you’re unfamiliar with the chin curtain or you’re looking for ways to style your own, here are some great styles to try out.


Thin Chin Curtain Beards

If your beard doesn’t grow in full or you prefer to keep your facial hair at a minimum, these are the perfect chin curtain styles for you. A lot of these styles are reminiscent of the chin strap but still offer a modern twist on the chin curtain look that you may be seeking.


1. Short and Classic

Chin Curtain Beards for black men

This chin curtain style features a closely trimmed beard, styled just below the jawline which is a perfect way to give this look a more modern twist.


2. Add a Goatee

short Goatee beard for asian boy

This chin curtain features a detached goatee which is perfect for men who don’t wish to shave the face completely clean. Just style your goatee as you’re accustomed to doing and add a closely shaved chin curtain that extends up the chin.



3. Straight to the Point

Chin Curtain Beards 3

Here’s a style that may appeal to men who don’t wish to keep a lot of hair on the chin. Keeping the beard below the chin and jawline highlights the area below the jaw which is great for men who wish to distract attention away from the neck.


4. Barely There

Chin beard you like

This chin curtain is similar to the one pictured above, featuring a thinner outline and closer shave. This style is perfect for men who are looking to achieve a more modest version of the chin curtain.


5. Carefree

Chin Curtain Beards 5

While this chin curtain has a very clean outline, you can opt to either let the hair grow out or keep the hair a little messy in appearance. This will give the style a slight sense of effortlessness.