13 Strange Animals With A Beard or Mustache Better Than Human

Having a beard or mustache is not just a distinctive feature of humans; many animals also sport impressive whiskers, beards, and mustaches. If you are a beard lover, there is a chance to be jealous of some animals.

I bet you, some animals have better beards than many of us have. Even some facial hair styles of humans like goatee beard, walrus mustache, etc. are named after the animal beard style.

There are hundreds of animals with beards or mustaches. We have gathered the better than the best for you in this article. 

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of animals with facial hair and why these furry features exist and how they help different creatures survive and thrive.

Beard And Mustache’s Function in Animal

Like human, beards, and mustaches serves a variety of functions beyond just appearance in animal too. Some of the key functions of an animal’s beard include:


For some animals facial hair provides camouflage, helping them blend into their surroundings and avoid predators. For example, the lynx has tufts of hair on its ears that may aid in concealing its outline in the wild.

Sensing the environment

Many animals use their mustache or beard to sense their environment. Whiskers, for instance, are specialized hairs that are sensitive to touch and vibrations. They help animals like cats and rats navigate in the dark, find prey, and avoid obstacles.

Social signaling

In some species, it is used for social signaling. Lions use their beards to display dominance and maturity. Similarly, the mustache of the emperor Tamarin may help them recognize each other and communicate within their social groups.


It can also provide protection from various threats. The bison’s shaggy face hair shields them from cold temperatures and biting insects, while the lion’s mane offers protection during fights with other lions.


Animals with Beard

We can’t name them all, but some exclusive animals surely deserve a spot in the top ten list of animals with a beard. It’s a tough job though, finding out the best from the Animalia kingdom. That’s what we do for you. Hope all of you will like our list of the top 13 exclusive animals with a beard.

#1. The King: Lion

lion with its full beard

The lion is the king of the forest. It is the king of beards too. The mane it has around the neck looks more than just beautiful. It’s like the crown of the king. Without the mane aka beard, a lion simply doesn’t look like a lion at all.

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#2. Orangutan

orangutan with beard

Orangutans,  species of great apes, are known for their beard. Both male and female orangutans have hair around their faces, with males typically exhibiting longer and more prominent facial hair. The beard is long and bushy. Though some orangutans don’t grow a beard at all  

#3. Bison

Bison with beard

It is another example of mammals with prominent beards. They have a long beard under its face that looks like a long goatee.

In fact, bison’s face is protected from cold temperatures and insect bites by longer and thicker fur which resembles facial hair. 

#4. Bactrian Camel

bearded Bactrian Camel

Bactrian Camel is famous for its distinctive beard. The beard is as big as the body of this animal. And, without a beard, the true beauty of these camels seems to be vague. 

#5. Gorilla

rwanda gorilla with mutton chop beard

They are some species of gorilla with a beard. In Rwanda, some gorillas, particularly mountain gorillas may sport facial hair resembling mutton chops (as shown in the picture).

These gorillas have long, shaggy hair on the sides of their faces, creating a distinctive appearance reminiscent of mutton chop beards.

#6. Mandrill

Animal with beard

Mandrill is one of the strangest animals with beard. The beard is a unique feature of this animal. The overall look of this animal looks strange as the face is smaller if compared with the body.

Though this animal is strange, they are so colorful.  Charles Darwin once wrote in one of his research works, “no other member in the whole class of mammals is colored in so extraordinary a manner as the adult male mandrill’s.”

#7. Howler Monkey

Howler with a beard

Almost every species of monkey grows a beard. The howler monkey is one of them. The beard of these monkeys is so silky and smooth that it looks like very well-groomed. In fact their beard is better than funny monkey tail beard styles of humans.

#8. Bornean Bearded Pig

Bornean Bearded Pig

Bornean Bearded Pig is a rare species of pig. These pigs grow a beard around the neck and the nose. Sometimes, the hair growth is so fast and voluminous that the eyes get covered by the beard. It looks strange if the beard grows to the fullest.

#9. Walrus

Walrus is a marine mammal animal with beard who is a variant of seals and found in the Atlantic ocean area. They have a mustache right above the upper jaw. The mustache doesn’t have density but it is thick and noticeable.

#10. Bearded Vulture

Not only animals from other class have beards, this one is from the class Aves. This species of vulture has beards below the beaks. Though the beards grow when the vulture is old.

#11. The Goatee

goat with a gaotee

You can’t exclude the goats from the list of animals with beards. Even, there is a beard style which is named after the pattern of goat’s beards. We all know the name. It’s none other than Goatee.

#12. Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Tamarin with mustache

This bearded animal looks so cute because of its enchanting eyes and innocent baby face. The beard also compliments their looks. The white mustache resembles somewhat handlebar mustache designs.

#13. Bearded Dogs

Bearded Dogs

There are a lot of different variant of dogs. Some of them are so furry that the furs resemble beards and mustaches. If you are a pet lover, you will surely encounter dogs with beards. These dogs look so beautiful and adorable.

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The common trait of an animal is its downy skin. Almost every animal has some hair on the body. In some animals, the hair is so obvious that it looks like beards or mustache. And, some animals like the above really have beards. These two category hair comprises the list of animals with a beard.

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