30 Funny Monkey Tail Beard Styles to Brighten Your Day

The world of facial hair is as diverse as it is fascinating. One trend that’s been capturing the attention of grooming enthusiasts and trend-followers alike is the monkey tail beard style which is also known as cat tail beard.

With platforms like Instagram and TikTok becoming the mainstay of modern life, trends spread faster than wildfire. The monkey tail beard is no exception.

Celebrities, too, have contributed to the rising popularity of this style. Notably, baseball player Mike Fiers sported a well-groomed monkey tail beard, sparking a flurry of media interest.

What Is A Monkey Tail Beard

monkey tail beard style

The Monkey Tail Beard starts at one sideburn, extends down along the jawline, wraps around the chin, and then curves up around the side of the mouth and ends at the mustache.

The visual impact is heightened by the other half of the face remaining clean-shaven, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the tail-like formation.

It is called a monkey tail or cat tail beard because of its similarity to the actual tail of a monkey or cat. The design brings an element of fun and lightheartedness that is often absent from traditional facial hair styles.

It’s a style that does not take itself too seriously, reflecting an individual’s sense of humor and willingness to experiment with unconventional looks.

Trending Monkey Tail Beard Styles

The monkey tail aka cat tail beard is a trend that continues to evolve, with individuals putting their unique spin on this distinctive facial hair style. Here are some of the trending variations.

1. Classic Monkey Tail Beard

classic monkey tail beard

Make a statement with a well-groomed and defined classic monkey tail beard. This style starts at the sideburns and gracefully extends down the jawline, featuring a distinct curl at the end. The refined and sophisticated look of the classic monkey tail beard is sure to turn heads and showcase your attention to detail.

2. Curved Monkey Tail Beard

curved monkey tail beard

Embrace elegance with a curved monkey tail beard that follows the natural contours of your jawline. This style adds a touch of refinement to your facial hair, creating a graceful and sophisticated appearance. The gently curved monkey tail beard is perfect for those who appreciate a sleek and polished look.

3. Extended Monkey Tail Beard

extended monkey tail beard

For those who want to make a bold and dramatic statement, the extended monkey tail beard is the way to go. Grow your beard beyond the jawline, demonstrating your commitment to this distinctive style. This longer length adds a sense of confidence and masculinity to your overall appearance.

4. Thick Monkey Tail Beard

thick monkey tail beard

Amplify the impact of your monkey tail beard with a thick and voluminous look. This style showcases a full and robust beard that exudes masculinity and strength. The thick monkey tail beard is a powerful choice that demands attention and sets you apart with its striking presence.

5. Thin Monkey Tail Beard

thin monkey tail beard

If you prefer a more subtle and understated look, the thin monkey tail beard offers a refined and minimalist approach. This style features a slender and well-groomed beard that adds a touch of sophistication to your facial hair. The thin monkey tail beard is perfect for those who appreciate a clean and polished appearance.

6. Extended Goatee Monkey Tail Beard

extended monkey tail goatee

Combine the monkey tail beard with an extended goatee for a harmonious and cohesive look. This style creates a balanced facial hair profile, exuding sophistication and confidence. The extended goatee monkey tail beard showcases your attention to grooming and adds a touch of refinement to your appearance.

7. Stubble Monkey Tail Beard

monkey tail stubble beard

For those who prefer a shorter length, the stubble monkey tail beard is an excellent choice. This style maintains a rugged and effortlessly cool aesthetic, perfect for the laid-back individual. The stubble monkey tail beard requires minimal maintenance while still adding a touch of edginess to your facial hair.

8. Wavy Monkey Tail Beard

wavy monkey tail beard

Embrace the natural waves in your monkey tail beard, adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your overall look. This style showcases the unique texture of your facial hair, creating a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. The wavy monkey tail beard is perfect for those who want to showcase their natural hair pattern.

9. Colorful Monkey Tail Beard

colorful monkey tail beard

Unleash your creativity with a colorful monkey tail beard. Experiment with temporary or permanent hair color to add a vibrant twist to your facial hair. Whether you opt for bold and bright shades or subtle highlights, the colorful monkey tail beard allows you to express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

10. Diagonal Monkey Tail Beard

diagonal monkey tail beard

Break away from tradition with a diagonal monkey tail beard. Instead of following the jawline, angle the beard diagonally for a unique and unconventional approach. This style adds a touch of innovation to your facial hair, showcasing your willingness to embrace individuality and stand out from the crowd.

11. Short Monkey Tail Beard

short monkey tail beard

Keep your monkey tail beard short and well-trimmed for a clean and refined appearance. This style is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and prefer a low-maintenance grooming routine. The short monkey tail beard offers a neat and polished look that enhances your overall facial features.

12. Geometric Monkey Tail Beard

monkey tail beard with geometric pattern

Infuse a modern and artistic twist into your monkey tail beard with geometric patterns and design. This style allows you to showcase your creativity and attention to detail. Whether you opt for symmetrical lines or intricate shapes, the geometric monkey tail beard is a visually captivating choice.

13. Styled Monkey Tail Beard

styled monkey tail beard

Shape and mold your monkey tail beard into precise and intricate designs using beard styling products. This style allows you to customize your facial hair and create unique looks that suit your personal style. The styled monkey tail beard showcases your grooming skills and adds an element of sophistication to your overall appearance.

14. Layered Monkey Tail Beard

layered monkey tail beard

Add depth and texture to your monkey tail beard with layers. This style creates a multi-dimensional look that enhances the overall visual impact of your facial hair. The layered monkey tail beard exudes movement and volume, showcasing your attention to grooming and style.

15. Connected Monkey Tail Beard

connected monkey tail beard

Connect your monkey tail beard to your mustache or sideburns for a continuous flow of facial hair. This style creates a cohesive and unified appearance, enhancing the overall balance of your facial features. The connected monkey tail beard exudes a sense of harmony and symmetry, showcasing your grooming finesse.

16. The Reverse Monkey Tail Beard

reverse monkey tail beard

Flip the traditional monkey tail beard upside down with the reverse monkey tail beard. Instead of starting the curl from the top, start it from the bottom for an innovative and unconventional twist. This style adds a playful and unexpected element to your facial hair, setting you apart with its unique and daring design.

17. Long Cat Tail Mustache

long monkey tail beard

The Long Cat Tail Mustache is an extended version of a traditional monkey tail beard. Starting thick at the center of the upper lip, it tapers off towards the ends, extending well beyond the corners of the mouth, much like a cat’s tail. This unique style offers a bold and distinctive facial hair look.

18. Patchy Monkey Tail

patchy monkey tail beard

The Patchy Monkey Tail is an unconventional twist for those who prefer or naturally have less dense facial hair. Instead of a continuous line of hair, this style showcases small gaps or patches, creating a distinctive character and embracing the beauty of individuality.

19. Classic Monkey Tail with Side Parted Hair

monkey tail beard with side part hair

This combination maintains a traditional monkey tail while contrasting it with a professional, side-parted hairstyle, offering a balance between playful and formal.

20. Cat Tail with Bald Head

bald guy with monkey tail beard

This look pairs a bold, shaved head with a Cat Tail beard. The absence of hair on the scalp draws attention to the unique facial hair design, making the beard the standout feature. This style is a minimalist yet daring choice, perfect for those who love to push boundaries in personal grooming.

21. Monkey Tail with Soul Patch

monkey tail beard with soul patch

Monkey Tail with soul patch is an audacious combination where the classic soul patch plays off the distinct unconventional monkey tail beard. This style speaks to those who appreciate the merger of creativity and personal expression in their grooming choices.

22. Coiffed Pompadour Monkey Tail

pompadour with monkey tail beard

Merging the classic with the contemporary, the Coiffed Pompadour Monkey Tail couples the volume-rich and timeless Pompadour hairstyle with the quirky modern monkey tail beard. This pairing is for those who love to pay homage to classic styles while bringing in a touch of modern flair.

23. Buzz Cut Monkey Tail

buzz cut with monkey tail beard

The Buzz Cut Monkey Tail is a combination of minimalism and whimsical style. With the clean and low-maintenance buzz cut hair, the spotlight is thrown on the distinct shape of the Monkey Tail beard, making it an unmissable statement of personal style.

24. Slicked Back Hair Monkey Tail

slicked back hairstyle with monkey tail beard

This style pairs the professional look of slicked back hair with the fun and innovative Monkey Tail beard. The neat, streamlined appearance of the hair creates a striking contrast with the playful beard design. It’s the perfect blend for someone who likes to mix business with a touch of eccentricity.

25. Dreadlocks Monkey Tail

monkey tail beard with dreadlocks

The Dreadlocks Monkey Tail combines the texture-rich and culturally significant dreadlocks with the innovative Monkey Tail beard style. This blend exudes a sense of individuality, creativity, and heritage, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a unique style statement.

26. Quiff Haircut Monkey Tail

quiff hairstyle with monkey tail beard

The Quiff Haircut Monkey Tail combines the retro-inspired quiff, known for its voluminous front and shorter sides, with the distinctive Monkey Tail beard. This style pays homage to classic rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics while adding a dash of modern-day grooming eccentricity.

27. Shaved Side Monkey Tail

monkey tail beard with shaved side hairstyle

In the Skin Fade Monkey Tail style, the ultra-modern and sharp skin fade haircut is paired with the unique Monkey Tail beard. This combination creates a harmonious balance of contemporary hair trends and innovative facial hair styling, making it a standout choice for grooming enthusiasts.

28. Afro Hair Monkey Tail

monkey tail beard with afro hair

In this combination, the voluminous, texture-rich Afro pairs with the unconventional Monkey Tail beard, creating a style that exudes boldness and individuality. The Afro Monkey Tail is a powerful, eclectic style statement that celebrates natural hair and innovative facial hair designs.

29. Spiral Monkey Tail

spiral monkey tail beard

The Spiral Monkey Tail is an eccentric variation of the original style, where the tail part of the beard is twisted into a tight spiral. This distinctive twist creates an even more eye-catching and unique aesthetic. Paired with any hairstyle, the Spiral Monkey Tail is sure to be a conversation starter and an expression of one’s fun-loving and inventive personality.

30. Salt and Pepper Monkey Tail Beard

salt and pepper monkey tail beard

This traditional monkey tail beard goes well with any face shape. This salt and pepper combo is perfect for middle age men who want a trendy but classic look.

How to Shape A monkey Tail Beard

Shaping a monkey tail beard needs skill. Here’s a step-by-step guide to shape your beard like a monkey’s tail.

  1. Allow your facial hair to grow to a moderate length, giving it ample volume and texture. This will provide a solid foundation for your monkey tail.
  2. Select the sideburn where you want your monkey tail to originate. This decision will determine the flow and direction of your distinctive beard style.
  3. Sculpt the jawline on both sides of your face, ensuring a clean and well-defined outline. This sets the stage for the monkey tail to take center stage.
  4. Begin shaping the monkey tail by guiding the hair along a graceful curve from the chin area, leading it towards the mouth. Embrace the natural contours of your face, allowing the tail to flow organically.
  5. With meticulous attention, carefully trim and groom the hair along the outlined path. Sculpt a refined and coherent curve that echoes the unique charm of a monkey’s tail. Take your time to achieve the perfect balance between precision and artistic flair.
  6. Step back and assess the symmetry of your monkey tail. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure harmony between both sides. Strive for a balanced and visually pleasing result that accentuates your facial features.
  7. Refine the edges of your monkey tail, sharpening lines and contours for a polished look. Emphasize the contrast between the clean-shaven side and the exquisitely shaped tail to enhance the overall impact.

So, embrace your adventurous side and rock the Monkey Tail Beard with confidence!

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