50 Buzz Cut Styles With Beards That’ll Turn Heads

If there’s any hairstyle that goes well with any kind of beard, any man with good taste knows it’s a buzz-cut. Men of all ages should try this since buzz cut with beards is the manliest hair and beard combination for men out there.


What Is A Buzz Cut

Buzz cut with beard

A buzz cut is a very short and minimalistic haircut that can be classified into different types of buzz cuts such as butch cut, burr cut, flattop, crew cut, and ivy league.


How To Get A Buzz Cut With A Beard

A buzz cut can be achieved by using clippers and slowly running them through your hair until you reach your desired length. Remember to be careful while trimming the back of your neck. A buzz cut can be paired with any kind of beard, whether it’s tapered, short-boxed, or long.

However, choosing a beard style that suits you can be tricky because there are a lot of things to keep in mind, such as face shape and trends of the year. That’s why we composed a guide to make it easy for you to choose the right buzz cut and beard style for your face shape.


Buzz Cut and Beard Inspirations

Here we’ve collected our favorite buzz cut hairstyles with a beard that are worth having a look:

1. Buzz Cut with Short Beard

buzz cut with short beard

The short beard or a light stubble goes really well with a buzz cut and is a definite go-to look for a professional environment or otherwise.

You have to make sure to define the perfect cheek line for your face and make sure the short beard is suitable for your face. Regularly trimming the beard, and shaving above the cheek and below the neckline is really important for this style.


2. Buzz Cut with Long Beard

buzz cut with long beard

Any beard longer than 6 inches is considered a long beard. It’s one of the best styles that go perfectly with a buzz cut and makes anyone carrying it stand out. It definitely gives a rough and rugged vibe. As with most beard styles, a well-defined cheek line is a key aspect here as well.


3. Receding hairline buzz cut with beard

receding hairline buzz cut with beard

If you have a receding hairline, you should probably think of a full beard and a buzz cut to go with it.  A full beard is usually 2 to 3 inches long. It’s also a good look for someone with a patchy beard. A slight fade on the tip of the sideburn and a slightly grown neckline is a good match for this look.


4. Buzz cut with a patchy beard

buzz cut with patchy beard

A patchy beard is nothing to worry about. A heavy goatee and mustache, with nicely trimmed cheeks and neck around 1 mm to 2 mm is a great beard style for a buzz cut, especially if you have a face that suits it.


5. The Kanye French Cut Goatee with a buzz cut

blonde buzz cut with beard

Kanye’s famous for a lot of things, but not enough for his French cut goatee. It was a good look with his buzz cut. The goatee is trimmed to around 1 mm to 2 mm while the rest of his face, including all the up to his sideburns, is completely shaved.


6. Heavy and Light Stubble Goatee

goatee beard with buzz cut

This is a mix of two different beard styles with the beard part of the goatee styled to a heavy stubble while the mustache is a light stubble. A little bit of facial hair can be allowed to be grown on the cheeks as in this picture, but that depends completely on your personal preference.


7. The Faded Chinstrap with buzz cut

buzz cut with chin beard

A chin strap is any beard that grows from the sideburns in a thin line towards the jaw and then continues along the jaw line all the way up to the chin.

The sideburns here are nicely angled along the jaws and faded to match with the buzz cut. The facial hair along the chin and jawline are slightly longer, but the mustache is kept in a really light stubble.


8. Light Stubble Goatee and Mustache with buzz cut

A simple goatee and mustache trimmed to 1mm to 2mm in length, or a short stubble can go a long way for a great-looking beard with a buzz cut.  You do need to shave the rest of your face every day.


9. The Verdi with buzz cut

buzz cut with beard and mustache

The Verdi is one of the old-timer beard styles that’s been taking off as a hipster/vintage fashion trend. Regardless, it’s a timeless classic.

The beard is grown to a long beard, at least 3 to 4 inches long. The mustache for this look takes a lot of hard work. Getting it to look pointy and in the perfect shape required by a Verdi needs a lot of effort and daily maintenance but is definitely worth it once you pull it off.


10. The Chinstrap with a disjointed mustache 

buzz cut with curtain beard

The chin strap is a common beard style for buzz cuts, but include that with a disjointed mustache, and you might have one of the freshest looks around right now. It’s definitely a stand-out look and one that only a few can pull off.


11. A Long Stubble with Buzz Cut

buzz cut fade with beard

Here’s another look with a heavy stubble, also known as the long stubble. Even though this look is nicely trimmed and has well-defined cheek lines, the neckline is allowed to be unkempt as it gives more of a rugged and messy feel.


12. Ducktail with a pencil mustache

long buzz cut with beard

A pencil mustache is a really thin mustache that is shaped from a larger mustache. Combine that with a ducktail, a beard that grows down the jawline, and you’ve got yourself another timeless classic.

This look was famous around the 1800s but has been making the rounds again as of late.


13. The Full Beard with a buzz cut

side part buzz cut with beard

The full beard is longer than a heavy stubble but shorter than a long beard. It’s mostly kept trimmed and the cheek and neckline are kept well-defined.


14. Straight Edge Goatee with chinstrap

buzz cut with beard

Combining the right beard styles can look amazing. As such, a chinstrap joined to a straight-edged goatee is a baller beard style that you should definitely try out with a buzz cut.

The goatee comes down into a straight line from the mustaches and joins the chinstrap. The cheeks and the area between the mustache and soul patch need to be kept clean shaved and the beard should be trimmed regularly.


15. The Aaron Paul Heavy Stubble with a buzz cut

buzz cut with ginger beard

As famous as Aaron Paul is for his role in Breaking Bad, his classic buzz cut and heavy stubble are largely popular. He does have a nicely defined cheek line, but as we can see, he also allows the area below the neckline to have some facial hair that gives it a slightly messy and unkempt look.


16. Rough Long Full Beard With Buzz Cut

buzz cut style with rough beard

Two words; sophisticated and professional.

Ideal For: Oval face shapes.

How To Style: Pair this fresh buzz-cut with a naturally long beard for a rugged yet professional look.


17. The Gentleman

gentlemen style buzz cut and beard combination

Top it off with a crisp suit to bring out your inner gentleman. If you love full-dyed beard and short hair, this buzz cut with beard combo is for you.

Ideal For: Circle face-shapes.

How To Style: This colorful beard will perfectly frame your face if you wear glasses and get an induction-cut.


18. Teenage Years

teenage style buzz cut and beard

Portray your youth with its effortless style and soft edges. If you are willing to go shorter when it comes to beard, try these short beards.

Ideal For: Oval face shapes.

How To Style: This buzz-cut will make you look young and fresh when paired with a put-together Balbo beard.


19. Faded Buzz Cut with Beard, Mustache and Glasses

buzz cut hair with full beard and mustache

The perfect partner to the classic mustache every man can rock.

Ideal For: Faces with softer edges.

How To Style: Combine this butch cut with a grown-out short boxed beard to frame your circular shape.


20. Modern Cut

modern buzz cut with beard

Contemporary and minimalistic; this cut is the look of your dreams.

Ideal For: Faces with sharper cuts.

How To Style: When paired with a burr-cut, this light beard is sure to give a sharp and up-to-date look to your face.


21. The Fresh And Casual

Show off your great taste in style by rocking this classically casual look.

Ideal For: Oblong face-shapes.

How To Style: Neatly trim the sides of your beard to compliment your brush cut.


22. Athletic Vibes

You’re no less than Christiano Ronaldo in this look. The buzz cut and 5 o’clock beard is simple yet brings manliness to the look.

Ideal For: Chiseled face-shapes.

How To Style: This short boxed-beard would further define your features when paired with a neat buzz-cut.


23. Chris Evans Inspired by Faded Buzz Cut and Full Beard

Smile for the camera while you rock this photo-shoot-worthy cut.

Ideal For: Longer face-shapes.

How To Style: Pair your buzz cut with a sharply trimmed beard to look red-carpet-worthy.


24. Beard-Ly There

Look up-to-date and trendy wherever you go with this simplistic beard and buzz haircut.

Ideal For: Round face-shapes.

How To Style: This high-and-tight cut and a chinstrap beard are the perfect combinations for a minimalistic and modern look.


25. 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard and Buzz Cut

buzz cut+ 5 o'clock shadow beard

This stylish buzz-cut just adds extra points to the sexy stubble.

Ideal For: Oval face-shapes.

How To Style: A clean induction cut is the perfect partner to a 3-day stubble beard for a manageable and effortless look.


26. Buzz Cut and Beard for Balding Men

This buzz-cut + stubble duo is perfect to make you look mature and sophisticated.

Ideal For: Diamond face-shapes.

How To Style: Trim the sides of your hair and let your stubble grow for a few days to achieve this look.


27. Theater Perfect

Show off your confident side with a haircut like the above. Combine a long goatee and get a buzz cut + beard style that’s unqiue and gets attention.

Ideal For: Square face shapes.

How To Style: Pair your fresh induction cut with a unique chinstrap beard to stand out from the crowd.


28. Ruggedly Handsome

The perfect buzz cut + beard combination for looking sexy, mature, and badass all at once.

Ideal For: Faces with sharper cuts.

How To Style: To achieve this look, let your short boxed beard grow out, trim it from the sides, and get a butch cut.


29. Buzz Cut + Thick Mane

Let your wild side free by rocking this messy mane.

Ideal For: Thinner faces.

How To Style: Let your beard grow out a while for it to become the perfect partner to your buzz-cut.


30. Biker Look

biker beard with buzz cut

Sideburns + gunslinger moustache + chin strap beard = badass biker look.

Ideal For: Chubbier edges.

How To Style: Ask your barber to trim your sideburns, and give you a gunslinger mustache, along with a chin-strap beard.


31. Upbeat And Chill

Show off your hippy, carefree personality with this laid-back look.

Ideal For: Oval face shapes with a prominent jawline.

How To Style: Your induction cut paired with an effortless short boxed beard will make you look casual and easygoing.


32. Messy And Easy Going

There’s nothing better than a messy haircut to portray how relaxed and friendly you are! Listed for those who just want to go natural. This buzz cut with beard look is for men with thinning hair.

Ideal For: Heart and diamond face shapes.

How To Style: A messy burr cut and beard make the perfect combo for a sexy bedhead.


33. The Timeless Beard

If you’re a middle-aged man who believes trends come and go but the style is eternal, this one’s for you.

Ideal For: Square faces with sharp jawlines.

How To Style: Let both your-butch cut and boxed beard grow out to get this classic look.


34. The Guy Next Door

There’s no way you won’t get all the ladies with this sexy, trendy, and modern haircut.

Ideal For: Diamond.

How To Style: Pair your buzz-cut with this clean yet undemanding beard.


35. White Buzz Cut With A Beard

zayn malik's buzz cut and beard

There’s nothing like a neat cut to bring out your inner celebrity. Zayn Malik also sported the above white-colored buzz cut with a stubble beard.

Ideal For: Slim and chiseled face shapes.

How To Style: Get a sharp and neat buzz cut, color your hair, trim the beard to stubble, and smile for the camera.


36. Tapered Fade + Contemporary Beard

Stay in trend with this modern buzz cut with the chinstrap beard.

Ideal For: Rectangular face shapes.

How To Style: This anchor beard would go well with a faded buzz-cut for a contemporary look.


37. Salt And Pepper

Another buzz cut with dyed beard for middle-aged men that’ll never go out of style.

Ideal For: Round face shapes with wide cheekbones.

How To Style: Dye the mid of your boxed-beard black for the perfect salt-and-pepper look.


38. The Influencer Beard

Get flooded with likes and comments as soon as you show the world your new cut.

Ideal For: Triangle face shapes with defined cheekbones.

How To Style: Compliment your 5 o’clock shadow with a clean butch haircut for a sexy and youthful look.


39. Balding Beard + Buzz Cut

Manageable, casual, and sexy; this look will never let you down.

Ideal For: Heart face-shapes.

How To Style: A grown-out beard will flatter your neat induction-cut perfectly.


40. Good Guy Gone Bad

buzz cut with patchy beard

Bad never looked so good. If you have a patchy beard and are confident to show off with what you have, try the above beard style with the faded buzz cut.

Ideal For: Diamond face-shapes.

How To Style: A buzz cut with only a hint of facial hair will be the perfect partner to minimal jewelry for a badass look.


41. Classy Buzz Cut and Beard

This look is all you need; professional, effortless, and hot.

Ideal For: Circle face shapes.

How To Style: Shave the sides of your burr cut and trim your beard to perfection for a gentleman look.

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42. The Liam Payne Effect

Drop everyone’s jaw with this red carpet-worthy look.

Ideal For: Faces with softer edges.

How To Style: Get inspired by the famous rock star and combine your buzz cut with a simple, sharp beard.


43. The Traveler’s Beard

This look is perfect for when you want to let go of all your worries and go on an adventure.

Ideal For: Round face shapes.

How To Style: Go wild with a messy beard and a grown-out induction cut.


44. Buzz Cut with Beard and Glasses

Rock this look to show off your edgy side.

Ideal For: Oval and Asian face-shapes.

How To Style: A minimalistic, short boxed beard and a butch cut is the perfect combination for an edgy look.


45. Crisp And Clean Cut

beard with clean buzz cut

This sharp and clean haircut gives off the perfect and classy college guy vibe that you want.

Ideal For: Triangular or diamond face shapes.

How To Style: Get your butch-cut and beard trimmed with sharp edges for a sophisticated look.


46. Buzz Cut With Fade + Goatee + Thin Mustache

This look is trendy and casual enough to sport at school or college and turn heads in every hallway.

Ideal For: Long and oval face shapes.

How To Style: An anchor beard and faded buzz cut will be the perfect combo to make you look classy, casual, and young.


47. The Prim And Proper

You can never go wrong with this casual yet classy buzz cut if you combine it with similar stubble like above. Most importantly, if you have a look like David Beckham, then you’ll look good with any style, to be honest!

Ideal For: Heart diamond face shapes with prominent chins.

How To Style: Opt for a minimalistic buzz cut with minimal facial hair for a subtle but eye-catching look.


48. Ocean Waves

Want to get some matching designs on your hair and beard? Go for the above buzz cut with waes and the same pattern on your beard.

Ideal For: Round face shapes.

How To Style: Get this unique cut by making sharp waves with a razor and pair it with a clean-cut beard.


49. Buzz Cut With Line Design + Beard

buzz cut and beard combo

With its defining lines and sharp cuts, this buzz cut with the beard and connected mustache is a show stealer.

Ideal For: Faces with sharp jaw lines and defined edges.

How To Style: This badass look can be achieved by shaving up to a line down the side of your head, paired with a simple and sophisticated beard.


50. Geometrically Precise

men's buzz cut hair with beard

Look prim and proper with this sharp and precise cut. An amazing buzz cut with beard and mustache for the black men.

Ideal For: Diamond face shapes.

How To Style: Pair your faded buzz cut with an original mustache and a chin strap beard to get this look.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Buzz Cut With Beard

What buzz cut length should I get?

The length of your buzz cut depends on your face shape and desired style. If you have a circular or oval face shape, a longer butch cut will work well for you. If you have a defined face shape with a sharp jawline, you should get a short and faded buzz cut.


 Is the buzz cut professional?

Yes, a buzz cut gives off a well-kept and sophisticated vibe which is great for making sure everyone knows your importance and takes you seriously.


Does buzz cut look attractive with a beard?

The buzz cut is one of the few classic hairstyles that go well with any beard style, especially if it’s styled the right way and is right for your face shape.


Q4. Is buzz cut suitable for thin hair?

Ans. Yes, a buzz cut is suitable for any type of hair since a very small amount of hair is shown after you get a buzz cut.


Pair your buzz-cut with these amazing beard styles according to your face shape to look polished and up-to-the-date instantly.

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