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20 Striking Blonde Hair and Red Beard Styles for 2023

Blonde hair with a red/ginger beard is an electrifying combination that demands attention. This dynamic pair is all about pushing boundaries, breaking norms, and embracing individuality.

Whether you were born with this striking contrast or you’re ready to rock it with a little help from dyeing your beard and hair, we’ve curated the ultimate collection of 20 jaw-dropping styles that will make heads spin.

Are you ready to turn up the heat and make a bold statement with these sizzling blonde hair and red beard styles?

What Causes A Red Beard and Blonde Hair?

The genetic factors and MC1R gene mutation causing brown hair and red beard apply to blonde hair and red beard as well. The quantity and combination of eumelanin and pheomelanin cause variations in hair color. For blonde hair, the amount of eumelanin is lesser than in brown hair, which makes the hair lighter in color. The red beard is still caused by higher amounts of pheomelanin.

While some people naturally have a red beard and blonde hair, others may find their beard turning red at a later stage in life. Factors such as diet, stress, and sun exposure can cause the beard to become red, even if the hair on the head remains unchanged.

Exclusive Blonde Hairstyles With Red Beard

Regardless of whether you naturally have a red beard and blonde hair, or your beard turned red later in life, these unique styles featuring blonde hair with a red beard will make you consider dyeing your hair and beard to achieve this striking combination.

1. Platinum Blonde Pompadour with Wild Red Beard

Entering the room, you can’t help but notice the man with the platinum blonde pompadour. His hair slicked back smoothly, shines with a unique luster under the soft glow of the overhead lights. The lush fullness of the beard presented a warm contrast against the cool blondeness of his hair. It’s a dynamic duo designed for those who dare to be different and bold.

2. Textured Blonde Crop with Stubble Red Beard

The next style is characterized by an easygoing charm, the kind that appeals to the gentleman who values both comfort and aesthetic. The hair is sun-kissed blonde, cut in a textured crop that exudes a casual yet deliberate vibe. The accompanying red stubble beard presents a slight roughness that adds a contrasting edge to the softer hair texture. It’s the go-to style for the man who appreciates understated elegance.

3. Blonde Faux Hawk with Bold Red Beard

Turning towards a more unconventional style, we encounter the blonde faux hawk. The hair on the sides is cut short, allowing the center strip to stand out in longer, more pronounced fashion. This hairstyle, reminiscent of punk culture, is paired with a bold red beard. The thick and well-groomed beard reinforces the daring aesthetic, enhancing the overall unconventional and rebellious look.

4. Blonde Buzz Cut with Tapered Red Beard

Moving to a style that defines neatness, the blonde buzz cut comes into view. The hair is uniformly short all over, radiating simplicity and sleekness. Complementing the neat hairstyle is a tapered red beard. The beard gradually fades into a shorter length towards the cheeks and neck, presenting a clean-cut and refined appearance. This is an ideal look for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics.

5. Blonde Slicked Back Undercut with Red Chin Strap Beard

The man who chooses this style seeks a balance of neat grooming and a dash of rebelliousness. The blonde hair is slicked back neatly, crafted into a modern undercut style that is polished and fashionable. This hairstyle is expertly contrasted by a sharp red chin strap beard. The beard, following the jawline, adds definition and a hint of ruggedness to the overall look.

6. Blonde Mohawk with Thin Red Beard

Embracing punk aesthetics, the blonde mohawk is a style that screams audaciousness. The sides of the hair are cleanly shaved, allowing the central strip to stand out with its longer length. This bold hairstyle is matched with a thin, meticulously trimmed red beard. Together, they create a look that is both unique and attention-grabbing, perfect for those who refuse to blend into the crowd.

7. Blonde Textured Quiff with Red Goatee

Merging classic charm and modern sophistication, this style features a textured quiff in blonde. The hair is voluminous at the top, providing a dynamic and polished appearance. Complementing the hairstyle is a neatly groomed red goatee, offering a stylish and contrasting touch to the chic haircut.

8. Blonde Tousled Waves with Faded Red Beard

This style captures the essence of a laid-back, beach-ready look. The blonde hair is left in natural waves, flowing freely in a tousled manner. The hair’s carefree vibe is perfectly matched by a faded red beard that blends seamlessly into the skin, creating a breezy and effortlessly cool aesthetic.

9. Blonde Side Swept Hair with Ginger Stubble Beard

Elegance meets modern grooming in this style. The blonde hair is swept to the side neatly, exuding a refined and polished charm. This is complemented by a ginger stubble beard, adding a touch of ruggedness to the otherwise polished look. This style is for the man who appreciates a harmonious blend of sophistication and ruggedness.

10. Blonde Mohawk Fade with Red Soul Patch

For those who enjoy making a bold statement, the blonde mohawk fade is a style of choice. The hair is faded on the sides and back, with the longer hair in the center standing out prominently. Adding a unique touch to this daring hairstyle is a small, well-groomed red soul patch, located just below the lower lip. This look is for the adventurous, fashion-forward individual.

11. Blonde Caesar Cut with Thick Red Beard

Asserting a strong and confident style, this man chooses the blonde Caesar cut. The short, horizontally straight cut fringe is a definitive element of this hairstyle, adding a level of masculine charm. Paired with a thick red beard, the look is simultaneously rugged and refined. The well-maintained beard offers a warm and bold contrast to the cool blondeness of the hair, perfect for those who appreciate an assertive and balanced look.

12. Blonde Spiky Hair with Patchy Red Beard

Representing a fun and youthful aesthetic, this style brings together spiky blonde hair and a patchy red beard. The hair is cut short and styled into playful spikes, exuding a sense of energetic nonchalance. The red beard is maintained at a patchy length, giving a rugged and carefree look that harmonizes with the spiky hair.

13. Blonde Crew Cut with Red Beard Stubble

For those favoring simplicity and neatness, the blonde crew cut paired with a red beard stubble is an ideal choice. The hair is cut uniformly short, presenting a tidy and no-nonsense look. The slight red beard stubble complements the hairstyle, adding a dash of rugged charm without sacrificing the overall neatness of the style.

14. Blonde Curly Top with Short Red Beard

Embracing natural curls, this style features a blonde curly top that’s both dynamic and stylish. The hair is kept longer on top to showcase the vibrant curls, while the sides are cut short for a neat look. A short, well-groomed red beard complements the curly top, adding a touch of masculine charm to the overall look.

15. Blonde Shaggy Mullet with Full Red Beard

For the man with a penchant for retro styles, the blonde shaggy mullet paired with a full red beard is an excellent choice. The hair is left longer at the back, embodying the iconic “business in the front, party in the back” ethos of the mullet. The full red beard adds a bold and modern twist to this retro-inspired look.

16. Blonde Taper Fade with Red Mutton Chops

Combining modern grooming with a hint of vintage charm, this style features a blonde taper fade and red mutton chops. The hair is carefully faded on the sides, while the top is kept slightly longer, adding a stylish contrast. The classic mutton chops, a bold and distinctive style of beard, complete the look with a dash of old-school flair.

17. Blonde Wavy Pompadour with Red Van Dyke Beard

A style that marries vintage elegance with modern sophistication, the wavy pompadour is paired with a red Van Dyke beard. The hair is styled into a voluminous pompadour, the natural waves adding a unique texture. The Van Dyke beard, a distinct style featuring a mustache and a chin beard, offers an additional level of sophistication to the overall look.

18. Blonde Angular Fringe with Short Red Beard

Showcasing a modern and trendy aesthetic, this style features an angular fringe in blonde. The hair is cut and styled in such a way that it falls over one side of the face, providing a fashionable edge. Paired with a short, well-trimmed red beard, this look is perfect for the man who enjoys being on-trend.

19. Blonde Side Part with Red Handlebar Mustache

Representing a timeless, refined aesthetic, this style combines a blonde side part with a red handlebar mustache. The hair is neatly parted and combed, exuding a classic and sophisticated charm. The handlebar mustache, with its characteristic curled ends, adds a playful yet gentlemanly touch to the overall look.

20. Blonde Dreadlocks with Red Boxed Beard

Embodying a unique and daring style, this combination features blonde dreadlocks and a red boxed beard. The dreadlocks, a hairstyle with cultural and historical significance, are a bold choice, expressing individuality and confidence. The boxed beard, a neatly trimmed and defined beard style, complements the dreadlocks, completing a look that’s both striking and unique.

So, go ahead and experiment with these styles, and rock your blonde hair with a red beard like a true trendsetter.