How to Dye Your Beard at Home: Step-by-Step DIY Instructions

Ever looked in the mirror and thought about changing up your beard game? Many bearded guys dye their beards and all of them have their reasons. Some might want a fresh look while others are looking to maintain consistency between their beard and the hair on their heads. But no matter your reasons, let’s dive straight into the world of beard dyeing!

Why should I dye my beard?

reasons for dyeing beard

Why not, really? Beard dyeing isn’t just for the salt-and-pepper squad who aren’t quite ready for the mature look. If you’ve ever wanted to match your beard color with your hair, or keep up with the latest fashion trends, dyeing your beard could be just the ticket. Plus, it’s a game changer for job interviews.

So, why do some of us color our beards? Well, here’s the lowdown:

Unifying Your Look

Imagine having a black hair but your beard is red! Feels a bit mismatched, right? So, if you’re all about having a uniform hair-beard color combo, all you gotta do is grab a beard dye that’s a dead ringer for your hair color!

Waving Goodbye to Multi-toned Hairs

Your beard, bless it, can sometimes have a mind of its own, changing colors as it grows out. The tips, being the granddaddies of your beard hair, can lighten over time, throwing off that sleek, uniform look. A beard dye that is a match for your natural color is the solution here, evening out your color and restoring your beard to its former glory.

Farewell, Greys!

We’ve all been there: one morning, you look in the mirror and there they are – the first signs of silver. Now, some of us might love the grey beard, but if you feel a grey beard makes you look older, beard dye is your new best friend, letting you hold onto your natural hair color for a bit longer.

Avoiding the Premature Silver Fox Look

So, you’ve spotted a few white hairs in your beard and you’re just not ready to rock the mature, silver fox look. No problem! Beard dye can be a real game-changer, letting you keep the grays at bay and your confidence sky-high.

Consistency Is Key

Gray hairs have this annoying habit of popping up in your hair before hitting your beard. Now, if you’re already dying your hair to keep those grays under wraps, why not extend the love to your beard for that perfect, consistent color?

Jumping on the Trend Train

Coloring beards isn’t just about hiding the grays – it’s also a hot trend. Maybe you’ve seen those dudes sporting bright pink, electric blue, or even purple beards and thought, “I could rock that!” Well, why not? If you’re feeling bold and want to stand out, give it a shot! Even some people dye their beards white to look cool.

New Color, New You

Sometimes, we just fancy a change. Maybe you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with a fiery red beard or maybe you’re looking to reinvent yourself. Whatever your reason, changing up your beard color can be a fun and exciting way to boost your confidence and try out a new look.

Matching Hair and Beard Color

Mother Nature doesn’t always get the memo when it comes to coordinating hair and beard colors. Maybe you’re a brunette with a surprise ginger beard – and while some of us are cool with this, others might prefer a more matched look. If that’s you, then a beard dye can help create that harmony and boost your confidence.

Acing That Job Interview

Let’s face it, sometimes looking younger can work in our favor, especially during a job interview. And while it’s not fair, it’s a fact that some employers may lean towards younger-looking applicants. If you’re about to walk into an interview and your graying beard is making you second guess yourself, then consider dyeing your beard. If it gives you an extra confidence boost, why not, right?

Things to consider before dyeing your beard

things to consider before dyeing beard

Right, before you jump into this beard coloring adventure, there’s some homework to do. Trust me, a bit of prep can save you from some serious beard-coloring blunders!

Safe or Sorry?

First things first, you gotta make sure that the whole beard dyeing process is safe for you. Let’s not forget, dyes are chemicals and they can sometimes stir up trouble. An allergic reaction? Damage to your beard? These are real possibilities if you skip this step. So, before anything else, check the ingredients list and watch out for anything you might react to. Safety first, guys!

Color me Perfect

Picking the right color is crucial. A wrong shade can make your beard stick out like a sore thumb. Take your time and consider your natural hair color and complexion. You want your dyed beard to blend seamlessly with your features, not to announce its arrival before you even enter a room. And if you’re unsure, remember that it’s safer to start with a lighter shade – you can always go darker if needed.

DIY or Pro?

This is a biggie. Should you DIY your beard dyeing or should you let a professional handle it? On one hand, doing it yourself can be cheaper and more convenient. On the other, a pro will know exactly what to do to achieve the result you’re looking for. Weigh your options, considering the complexity of the color you want and your confidence in pulling it off.


Now, I won’t sugarcoat it – dyeing your beard comes with a few risks. You could end up with hair damage if the dye is too harsh. The colors might not match properly, leaving you with a less-than-natural-looking beard. It might even look fake or overdone. Plus, once you start dyeing your beard, you need to commit to maintaining it. So, before you dive in, make sure you’re ready to handle the possible challenges!

Don’t get me wrong, hair dyes are pretty safe and if you’re using beard-specific ones and doing a patch test, you’re golden. But let’s chat about a few hiccups you might run into on this color journey.

Bit of a Rough Patch

Here’s the deal, changing the color of your beard can rough it up a bit. Even with the best product, your hair fibres might take a bit of a hit. If you’re going the DIY route, make sure to stick to the instructions. It’s like building IKEA furniture – follow the manual!

Color Mismatch

Aiming for a perfect match with your scalp hair? Well, brace yourself. Your beard’s natural color might play spoilsport and the end result may not exactly match the color on the dye box. A bit of a gamble, isn’t it?

Looking Fake

A uniform beard color might scream ‘FAKE’! Especially for you dark-haired guys. It looks more noticeable if your scalp hair is much lighter. So, if subtlety is your thing, consider this.


Coloring your beard isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s more like a subscription service – you gotta keep updating it. Your beard will keep growing but the dye? It stays put. So, your roots might play peekaboo with a different color. Can you handle the upkeep?

How to Pick The Right Beard Color and Shade

Let’s get to the juicy part: picking the perfect color for your beard. Now, this is the heart and soul of the operation. Slip up here and you might end up looking like a B-list superhero!

Now, you’ve got to be mindful of your beard’s texture. The fellas on your face are tougher and drier than the locks up top, which means they might not absorb the dye as much. So, be prepared for a slightly subdued version of the color on the box.

A rule of thumb? When in doubt, consult a pro! They’ll guide you in choosing the best dye shade and type. And if you’re worried about going too dark, pick a slightly lighter shade. You can always add more later!

Some Quick Color Tips:

  • Got jet black hair? Go for dark brown instead of stark black to avoid a ghastly contrast.
  • Blond or white beard? Steer clear of extremely dark shades.
  • Round face? Dark brown or black can create a slimming shadow effect.
  • Pale skin? Brownish or red shades are your friends. They don’t exaggerate your white tones but give them a nice, natural background color.

Complement Your Beard Color With Your Hair Color

Aim to complement your natural features with the dye. That usually means sticking to a color close to your natural hair color. If you’re feeling bold, talk to a stylist before you go wild with dynamic shades.

What About The Grays?

If less than 50% of your beard is gray, go for a full-dye job. More than 50%? Consider a touch-up approach for a natural, salt-and-pepper look.

Pre-Dye Prep You can’t just dive into the dye. You gotta prep first.

  1. Let it Grow: Make sure your beard is at least an inch long. Too short and the dye won’t stick well. Plus, you don’t want your roots showing too soon, right?
  2. Pick Your Dye: This one’s easy. Go for a color that complements your natural hair.
  3. Patch Test: Slap some dye on your wrist and let it sit overnight. Any irritation means it’s a no-go. If in doubt, always ask a doc.
  4. Wash, Rinse, Dry: Give your beard a good scrub, rinse, and dry. This helps your beard hold onto the dye longer.
  5. Style Your Beard: Trim your beard to your preferred style before you get coloring.

Now that you’re prepped, it’s time to get coloring! Just remember, go easy and don’t rush the process. You’ve got this!

How to Pick The Right Beard Dye Product

things needed for dyeing beard

First things first, beard dyeing isn’t as complicated as it once was, thanks to loads of easy-to-use products out there. However, the challenge lies in picking the right one!

Here’s the low-down:

1. Know Your Style: Before choosing your dye, it’s important to know your style. You like a long beard? Or prefer it short and groomed? How old are you? All these things matter because not every beard style suits a single, flawless color. If the one-color look isn’t your thing, go for that trendy salt and pepper look. It’s more natural and versatile.

2. Beard or Hair Color Match?: Matching your beard color to your hair can be tough. But here’s a secret – natural hair and beard colors often don’t match! If you’ve got a few grays, choose a dye shade that matches your natural beard color, not your hair. If your beard is mostly gray, pick a beard color that’s closest to the medium shade in your natural hair color. Pro tip: You can always go darker later.

3. Product Selection: If you’re aiming for full coverage on a short groomed beard, consider temporary beard colors or semi-permanent dye. For a long beard with a lot of grays, a permanent dye would be a better choice, with temporary beard color for touch-ups in between.

4. The Commitment Test: Coloring your beard may require regular maintenance, especially with permanent dyes. So, make sure you’ve got at least an hour per week to devote to maintaining your beard color. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment or have sensitive skin, a temporary beard color is a better bet.

Remember, the aim is to avoid looking like you “just dyed my beard.” So, take your time and make the right choice.

The Beard Dyeing Toolkit: What You Gotta Have

Alright, now before you jump into the dyeing game, you’ve got to assemble your toolkit. And no, we’re not talking power tools here. It’s more like a ‘keep-your-bathroom-clean’ type of toolkit:

Latex Gloves: These babies are your first line of defense against those pesky dye stains. They usually come with a dye kit.

An Old Towel: This one’s a lifesaver for protecting your countertops from becoming abstract art piece.

Disposable Handkerchiefs: For those moments when you need to do a quick wipe-down of your hands or counters.

An Old T-Shirt: Embrace the splatter. This shirt will take one for the team and protect your skin and good clothes from stains.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Dye Your Beard

process of dyeing beard

You’re ready to turn your beard into a masterpiece of color, right? Grab a cold one, put on your favorite playlist, and let’s get into it. This guide will give you the inside scoop on how to dye your beard from start to finish, no doubt left.

Step 1: The Right Dye for the Job

First things first, make sure to pick a dye that’s designed specifically for beards. Not to throw shade on scalp hair dyes, but your beard and face skin requires a little more TLC. Remember, your mug isn’t a science lab – we don’t want ammonia anywhere near it. Depending on your vibe, go for a semi-permanent or permanent dye. Semi-permanent is less harsh and fades with each wash, but hey, maybe you dig that natural fade.

Step 2: The Perfect Color

Picking a color is like choosing a tattoo – it’s gonna stick with you, so pick wisely. Most products have a guide that gives you an idea of how the final color will look, based on your current beard color. Remember, it’s way easier to go from light to dark than the other way around. If you’re trying to lighten a dark beard, it’s best to leave that to the pros. We’re all about DIY, but bleach is a whole other ball game.

Step 3: Prep, Prep, and More Prep

First up, do a patch test – a little product on a clear patch of skin, say your wrist or inside elbow, and leave it for 24 hours. Red, irritated skin? No go, buddy. Clear skin? You’re good to move forward.

When it’s time to apply the dye, make sure your beard is clean – sans any beard care products. They can be a roadblock to your dye reaching the hair fibers.

Also, think of your clothes and bathroom surfaces – anything that your beard dye touches could end up a different color. So maybe ditch the shirt and don your trusty gloves.

Step 4: Apply the Dye

Now the fun begins. Each product will come with specific instructions, so give them a read. Usually, you’ll mix the dye and the color activator. Slap on some petroleum jelly around your beard to avoid any skin staining.

Using a brush, apply the dye to your beard, making sure to reach deep without touching the skin. We’re going for beard of the year, not dyed skin, okay?

Leave the dye on for the recommended time (generally around 5 to 10 minutes). Need a darker shade? Reapply and wait again.

Finally, wash off the extra dye under running water until it runs clear. Don’t freak out if your beard looks bold or unnatural when it’s wet – that’s normal and it’ll fade into a more natural look when dry.

Step 5: Shampoo and Upkeep

Immediately after rinsing, shampoo your beard, then rinse again. If you need to lighten the tone, let more water run through it.

Keep in mind, even semi-permanent dye can leave your beard a bit thirsty. So, show it some love with a good beard-care routine. Start with a gentle beard wash, follow it up with a quality beard oil to keep it hydrated and shiny, and finish off with some beard butter for that medium-strength hold and added strength.

How to Maintain Dyed Beard

how to maintain dyed beard

Now, let’s talk about how to maintain it to keep it looking fresh and vibrant:

1. Comb it Regularly: Just like your hair, your beard needs to be detangled. Regular combing keeps it growing in the right direction and looking neat.

2. Shower with Care: Ditch rough handling during shower time. Your dyed beard will appreciate the gentle touch. Let lukewarm water flow through your beard, and remember, hot water is a color-fader. A simple rinse is all you need to keep it clean and vibrant.

3. Use Color Protecting Products: Invest in lotions, conditioners, and shampoos specially designed for color-treated hair. These will preserve your beard’s color and prolong the life of your dye. Try to limit your shampooing sessions to once or twice a week.

4. Beard Conditioner: After the dye job, give your beard some love with a beard conditioner. This not only helps with the coloring process but also keeps your beard soft and manageable.

5. Retouch Regularly: Over time, your beard dye may start to fade. This is when you need to step in and give it a retouch. Regular retouches will keep your beard looking fresh and vibrant. Aim for monthly retouches or more often if your beard grows quickly.

6. Nourish with Beard Products: Make beard oil and beard balm your best friends. They condition and nourish your beard, maintaining its health and sheen.

7. Style it Right: Don’t forget to style! A well-styled beard can significantly elevate your look. Use a beard brush or a beard comb to style your beard, giving it the shape you desire.

8. Color Treatment: Depending on how light or dark you want your beard, you might need a follow-up application. This will ensure you get the color intensity you desire.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to keep your dyed beard looking its best. Happy beard grooming!

FAQs on Dyeing Your Beard

How often should I touch up my dyed beard?

Depends on your product, beard growth speed, and the color difference. Usually, every 4 to 6 weeks or when the roots start to show.

What are some common beard dye blunders?

Choosing a beard color much darker than your scalp hair is a classic oopsie. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of reading the instructions, my dude.

How long does the beard dye last?

Semi-permanent dyes stick around for about 2 weeks, fading after each wash. Permanent dyes last longer, but you’ll start to see those sneaky new growths sooner.

What if I hate how my beard looks?

If you’ve gone for a semi-permanent dye, just wait it out for a couple of weeks. Not dark as midnight? Try a different color. If all else fails, grab a razor and start afresh.

Should I dye my beard all at once or section by section?

Go for an immediate change with a full application or a gradual transformation with comb-in dyes and beard dye shampoos. It’s all about what you’re feeling, my man.

Can I dye my beard at home by myself?

Sure thing, if you’re confident and have some experience. If not, consider treating yourself to a professional dye job to get the right color mix and save your bathroom from a dye disaster.

Can I jump in the pool after dyeing my beard?

Hold your horses! Give your dye a week to settle before taking a dip, the pool chemicals can strip your color or worse, cause discoloration or breakage.

Can I use hair dye on my beard?

Nope, hair dye is made for your scalp. If you’re looking for natural options, Henna’s got your back (or beard).

How do I lighten beard dye?

If your beard has gone dark on you, you can wait it out or use beard shampoo every day.

Is Henna a good choice for my beard?

Absolutely, Henna is a natural plant-based dye that’s a great option for both your hair and beard. Plus, it’s chemical-free!

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