10 Sexiest Bald Fade with Beard Styles

A bald fade, also known as a skin fade, cuts the hair down to the scalp. Like other fades, a bald fade can be cut low, medium, or high, according to your style and needs. Guys love them with beards as a way to clean up and sharpen their look. Bald fades have the added plus of keeping you cool- and grow out pretty easily, too.

Bald fade with beard looks awesome regardless of the length of your beard. The amount of hair you have on top doesn’t matter either, so long as you emphasize the best aspects of your overall look and face shape. Our 10 best bald fade with beard looks are below, so get ready for some major inspiration to take with you the next time you go to the barbershop.

1. Low Bald Fade with Beard

low bald fade with beard

Low bald fade uses a small bald area around the ear as a detail rather than making up the entirety of the look. A low bald fade will keep your overall appearance as is but give your short hair and full beard a tidy, clean-cut edge.


2. High Bald Fade with Beard

high bald fade with beard

High bald fades do a great job of elongating your face shape and providing an overall high and tight style haircut. Here, short beards are best for an overall cohesive feeling. You can also fade the beard to make it a smoother transition.


3. Skin Fade with Artful Design and Beard 

bald fade with beard for black men

Add a touch of creative design to your sophisticated yet trendy skin fade and beard style. Create a sweet part detail on one or both sides of your head in the middle of your bald fade.


4. High Skin Fade with Long Beard

bald fade with long beard

Long beard looks great with a high skin fade. If your beard is slightly long, then a high fade provides plenty of room without crowding your look. Slick back longer hair or spike it in front in a slight faux hawk. You can also shave off your hair and try these bald beard looks.


5. Bald Fade with Short Beard

bald fade with short beard

If you prefer to keep things close, like with a short beard, then try out this high bald fade look. No part of the hair or beard is long, so a high fade makes perfect sense.


6. Bald Fade with Full Beard

bald fade with full beard

Who doesn’t love to admire a full, lush beard? If it’s your thing, yet you prefer wearing your hair with an inch or two of length up top, go for a balanced medium fade.


7. Bald Fade with Beard and Choppy Layers

bald fade with beard for white guy

It’s a good idea to work with your face shape when it comes to your bald fade and beard. A wide jaw looks well balanced with a medium fade and choppy, layered hair up top.


8. Bald Fade with Part and Beard

bald fade with part and beard

Even a clean-cut look like this one becomes cool with a bald fade. A low fade like this one is good for blonde hair, especially if you prefer wearing your hair with a part. Add a stubble full beard and mustache to get this look. 


9. Bald Fade with Stubble Beard

bald fade with stubble beard

Even the shortest of beards look great with a bald fade. In fact, stubble merely looks like an extension of a bald fade. This fade is medium, though any length will do for a stubble beard like this one.


10. Man Bun with Bald Fade and Beard

man bun with bald fade and beard

Bald fades are the perfect clean-cut compliment to a beard and man bun. Left unchecked, both styles can be overpowering, but when groomed and paired with a fade, the effect is undoubtedly edgy and cool.

Bald fades and beards may sound specific on paper, but in reality, they offer a lot of versatility. Adjust your high, medium, or low bald fade to suit your style. Bald fades shape your look to provide the best balance between the hair up top and your beard. So, which of these 10 looks will you choose?

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