Top 15 Johnny Depp Beard Styles: How to Get His Iconic Look

Johnny Depp’s beard styles come under the fascinating and spruce beard categories that look superbly charming on men of any age group. Whether it’s his Goatee, Van Dyke or Jack Sparrow beard, he has always succeeded to surmount his follower’s heart through his alluring personality.

How to Style Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow’ Beard

Jack Sparrow beard style - Johnny Depp

One of the legendary beard looks of Johnny Depp’s beard is the ‘Jack Sparrow‘ beard. If you want to achieve this remarkable beard, must follow the below-given steps;

  • Grow your chin beard longer and trim the cheeks area completely.
  • Do not shave the neckline but trim it for an unkempt look.
  • Trim the mustache is such a way that it becomes disconnected from the chin beard.
  • Trim the lower lip area to achieve a soul patch which connects slightly to chin beard.
  • Let the chin hair grow enough to achieve approximately five inches long.
  • Once you achieve the desired length, make two sections of chin beard and start braiding these sections.
  • Decorate the beard braids with ancient beads for a finishing touch.

That’s it, you are done!

Johnny Depp’s Latest 2023 Beard Style – Short Goatee with Mustache

Latest Beard Style by Johnny Depp
In 2024, Johhny Depp is sporting a short goatee beard with a soul patch below the lower lip and a thin mustache. His facial hair combination and the long bun hair are something you can’t take your eyes off. As we might not see him as captain jack sparrow again, probably he will stick with this style for a longer period of time.    

Top 15 Johnny Depp Beard Styles

Here, you will come to know the styling guide of Johnny Depp’s most admiring beards as well as his other versatile looks for an inspirational thought.

1. Salt and Pepper Goatee and Mustache  

Johnny Depp with Grey Beard

Alongside his most iconic beard style from Pirates of the Caribbean, he’s had this exceptional van dyke beard. While he skips on the handlebar mustache, he still keeps the short goatee and the soul patch. All in all, despite him coming on in years, he still looks fresh with this beard.

2. Stubble Goatee with Curly Curtains 

Johnny Depp Beard Style in 2020

Growing out his hair with a middle part lets him show off the “Rachel from Friends haircut,” and pair it with his iconic stubble goatee. The goatee is finely trimmed and stays right on the chin. He also keeps the goatee and the soul patch separate, staying consistent with the van dyke style.

3. Middle Part with Goatee and Stache 

Johnny Depp Beard Style in 2019

He has also paired his goatee with a slightly extended stache that goes just over the top lip but doesn’t connect to the chin. The beard and stache are also a rich black color, with not a single gray hair in sight. While he can pull off a good-looking salt-and-pepper look, it’s clear he looks the best in black.

4. Light Stubble Goatee and Soul Patch 

Johnny Depp Short Beard Style in 2016

Throughout the different beard styles that Johnny Depp has had, he has always kept a prominent mustache. And even though he’s rocking a light stubble goatee with a soul patch, he still decides to keep his mustache.

5. Clean Cut Pyramidal Mustache

Johnny Depp with Pyramidal Mustache

Johnny Depp has had some of the most iconic beards over the years, but his mustache hasn’t been talked about much. Recently, he’s been keeping one of the finest-looking mustaches. The pyramidal mustache is usually a clean and short mustache in the shape of a triangle.

6. Untrimmed Van Dyke


This Van Dyke in particular has the look of intentional unevenness which makes it perfect for those who don’t want to put much work into maintaining an even length across their beard.

This is one of Johnny Depp’s most recent looks spotted in the 47th Deauville American Film Festival.

7. Light Stubble Van Dyke

Recently, Johnny Depp even wore a light stubble Van Dyke for the premiere of Crock of Gold at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

It seems the Van Dyke is one of his most favorite beards looks as he just keeps a different variation of it from time to time. It’s one of our most favorite looks of Johnny Depp too given that this is definitely his most iconic look.

8. Van Dyke but with extended Chin Beard


Like we’ve said before, Johnny Depp can’t seem to get enough of the Van Dyke with this style becoming one of his most identifiable features.

He added an extended chin beard that extends slightly along his jawlines. This look was recently spotted on him at the 16th Zurich Film Festival.

9. Bold and Elegant Beard

popular johnny depp beard styles

It is one of the mature and masculine bearded styles. A matured man over thirty year of age can wear this avatar without thinking twice.

It is a combo of chin beard, soul patch and chevron mustache. He is carrying the whole style like a gentleman, as the hairstyle choice is also ravishing .i.e. Slick back with hair strands falling over the forehead really making an elegant statement.

10. Johnny Depp’s Van Dyke Style

Johnny Depp's Van Dyke Style

It is his signature goatee style that fits his face shape exceptionally. The mustache looks more like a Zorro mustache that has disconnected from the chin beard. It is a simple yet stylish beard style but you have to shave the cheeks after one or two days for a well-kept look.

11. Circle Beard

johnny depp's circle beard

Johnny Depp fans love this elegant beard style. It is no doubt a spiffy beard with medium-length messy hair makes the circle beard more spruced up.

To achieve this particular style, clean-shaven the cheeks area and trim the mouth zone beard in such a way that it gives a shape of a circle. Trim the lower lips area carefully to achieve a soul patch.

12. Jack Sparrow Beard

jack sparrow beard style

It is one of the iconic beard styles. It got popular and was named after the Johnny Depp character ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ movie.

It requires immense care and is probably the most difficult to attain. It is ideal for mostly rectangular and oval face shapes.

13. Medium Patchy Stubble

Johnny Depp's Medium Patchy Stubble

As we all know, Johnny Depp can’t grow a full thick beard, despite this fact he always won his fan’s hearts because of his smart choice of beards. It is his patchy Stubble beard that looks super cool on him with front bangs hairstyle.

14. Beyond Perfect Beard

best johnny depp's beard style

He is undoubtedly slaying in this particular beard style that he adapted for his film ‘The Tourist‘. He got tremendous admiration because of his acting skills as well as for his looks. It is just like the circle beard, but do not trim the cheeks area, let it grow into a dense texture.


15. Without Beard

johnny depp's stubble beard

At first glance, you might not even recognize him. This is Jhonny Depp without his beard and mustache. He gave this clean-shaven face, an ultra-stylish look with the spiky blond hairstyle. The guys below thirty can adapt this bearded look for a manly appearance. It is also the best style for those men who do not have the ability to grow a thick and full beard.

All these aforementioned beard styles need a lot of maintenance but are surely worth a try. We recommend you to go to a professional for the perfect implementation of Johnny Depp’s beard.

Apply beard oil or gel for a polished and shiny look. The more you maintained the beard and hairstyle, the more good looks you will get.

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