Pick The Ideal Beard Style for Your Oval Face

Every beard type doesn’t suit every man because face shape differs from man to man. The beard style should be selected based on facial features. Which beard will look great on you or which beard will make a bad appearance will completely depend on the face cutting.

So, before keeping a beard, one must need to identify the face shape he has. There are different shapes of the face such as the round face, oval face, triangular face, rectangular face, etc. For the oval face, the forehead is almost the same width as the chin and there is a little more stretch.

oval face shape

If your face is oval-shaped and wants to be bearded then this article will help you to choose the perfect beard type. In order to pick the appropriate beard for your face, keep reading this article.


How to Pick The Best Beard Style for Oval Face?

beard style for oval face

An oval face is considered to be an ideal and more versatile option as it’s not too angular. It is also known as a wildcard format as it combines with various beard styles. You can choose a short or long beard and can change the type anytime if you wish. That means with your oval face you can modify the beard by simply changing the style.


Consider Other Factors Of The Face

different beard styles for oval face

Though oval face is the best face shape for beard and all the styles work well for this face shape, choosing the perfect style requires some more digging. Because there are some other factors that need to be counted. For example, you can choose a goatee if your lips are thin or if your chin is too long.

So, after considering the other points, you have to choose a style that is completely favorable to you.


Extend Or Lengthen Your Bearded Face

If you are a man with an oval face shape and prefer a little thinner or wider face, then good news for you. Without any difficulties, it is possible to have the desired bearded look you wanted.

side beard in oval face

For having a little wider face, keep the beard long on the sides. You can also let the beard grow in the neck region. To have a thinner look, the goatee is the best option in which the sides are clean and the chin looks bigger.


Think About the Maintenance

Maintenance is another big issue whatever your style is. Any kind of beard needs care. Depending on the beard size, the maintenance may vary. Such as short beard may need less care than the long beard but regular moisturizing is necessary for every type. Trimming is also important to make the wires align. You need to take more care if you have a mustache or a goatee beard. Because you may lose your perfect beard shape for some extra hair.

So, you have to dedicate some time to maintain your beard. After considering this point pic your desired beard type.


Consider Your Beard Growth

Another important point is the beard growth speed. Such as you can’t think about a goatee if you failed to grow the beard in the cheek region.

You can go for a long or full beard if your beard grows fast. Also, you don’t need to worry much about the maintenance of this style.

beard styles for oval face men

But if your beard grows slow, then think twice about the beard type you want to make. You can use the necessary beard product for the faster growth of the beard. Another option is the implant of beard. But if you are unable to do such things, then it is recommended to opt for a short style.


Think About The Complete Look

beard for oval face

At last but not the least, you have to consider your overall look for choosing the right style for you. A full beard is a good option if you have a rustic look. For having a simple and classic look, the close or short beard is preferable. A goatee beard works better for having the stylish traditional look.

As said earlier, for the oval face, it’s easy to adopt a style, because almost all style goes well with this face. These above details should help you pick the right beard style for men with oval face shape.


Though the oval shape face is a wildcard format, the beard style for this face should be chosen considering the different factors of the face such as beard growth, maintenance, and the overall look. By just considering these things, you can opt for the beard style you really wanted to have for your oval face.

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