How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

A beard is a sign of masculinity, virility, and maturity. In addition, the right beard and color can reshape your face, making you look younger, thinner, and more attractive.

Achieving the exact look you want for your facial hair requires grooming, trimming, maintenance, and, sometimes, coloring. If your beard is starting to lose its flair, or you just want to try something new, you may be wondering how often you should dye your beard. 

Let’s take a look at some factors that play into dyeing your beard, and how often you’ll need to maintain it.

Reasons to Dye Beard

When to Dye Your Beard

Most beard dyes aren’t permanent, which means that the upkeep may require a bit of consistency in order to keep your desired color. Depending on your daily routine, most beard dyes fade within 3 to 6 weeks, leaving you with a less than the desired look. 

In order to maintain the color you desire, you should dye your beard roughly every 4 weeks. Dyeing your beard more frequently could result in damaging the underlying skin, or even worse, the beard you’ve worked so hard to maintain. 

If you tend to wash your beard frequently, your color may fade faster. Though it is recommended to rinse your beard at least once a day, shampooing should be kept to a minimum of two times per week.

In addition, using a sulfate-free beard shampoo could extend the life of your color, allowing you to go a little longer between dyes.

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Types of Beard Dyes

There are three types of beard dyes: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.

Temporary dyes are perfect for special occasions, like a wedding or interview. It makes sense to use these products if you just want to even out or darken your beard color for a single-day event. These dyes generally fade out in 12-24 hours.

Semi-permanent dyes last longer than temporary dyes but still wash and fade out after a certain amount of time. These products are an excellent idea if you’re dying your beard for the first time. They generally start fading four to six weeks after application.

Permanent beard dyes are the best choice for men who want to maintain a particular shade in their facial hair for the foreseeable future. These dyes work similarly to hair dye, changing the color of the individual hairs until they grow out in their natural color.

A few other coloring options for coloring facial hair exist, including colored beard waxes. Generally, these products are temporary, lasting a day or two or until you wash them out.

How Long Does Permanent Beard Dye Last?

Generally, permanent beard dye can keep your desired beard color in place from four to six weeks. The rate at which the color fades depends on how quickly your beard grows. As each hair grows out, the roots will show your natural color.

In most cases, you should plan to dye your beard every month or so. If your beard grows slowly, you may even be able to stretch it out to six weeks without looking too salt-and-peppery.

Why Dyeing Too Often is a Bad Idea

Effects of Dyeing Beard Too Often

Dyeing your beard more frequently than recommended can dry out your facial hair and the skin beneath it. As a result, your beard may begin to look brittle, and you’ll have more breaks and split ends. You may also start to have issues with “beard dandruff” as the skin beneath your beard flakes due to over-drying.

Keeping your beard an even, lustrous color is possible with dyes specifically designed for facial hair. Apply every four to six weeks and wow everyone you meet with your healthy, youthful-looking scruff.

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