25 Colorful Beards That’ll Turn Some Heads

Classic beard colors are getting boring. More and more men are experimenting with colorful beard styles. These eye-catching shades are so in your face that they are really hard to miss. If you want to get noticed in a crowd, then you should pick a color and get busy dyeing!


Temporary or Permanent Dye for Colorful Beards

You can use temporary or permanent dye to change the color of your beard. Although temporary dye can be washed out more easily, it tends to give a far less vivid color than a strong permanent dye would produce.

On the other hand, it is a great choice if you only want to have colorful facial hair for the weekend or for a big event. Permanent dye is recommended for those who want to make a big impression and who are not afraid of a big change.

#1: Barn Red

red color beard

It is a sort of edgy look; hence it’s best for guys who like that kind of vibe, such as tattoos, metal music, etc. However, it requires a little extra care and attention to keep it looking its best. As you are adding barn red to your beard, make sure to wash it regularly with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo.


#2: Rainbow + Glitter

bald guy with rainbow colored beard

The man with the bald head and rainbow-colored beard is confident, creative, and unafraid to express himself. So, if you want to replicate this, make sure that the colors you use complement each other and keep the beard well-groomed and styled.


#3: Blue Chin Strap

black guy with blue beard

This facial hair style is achieved by shaving the hair on the chin and cheeks close to the skin, leaving a strip of hair along the jawline. The hair on the jawline is then styled into a thin strip, resembling a strap. To add some personality to this look, try dying the strap blue. This style suits best on the oblong-shaped face.


#4: Blonde Box

guy with blonde beard

When it comes to coloring the box beard, blonde is an excellent choice. This shade will help accentuate the beard’s angles and give it a unique look.


#5: Green Garibaldi

parrot green beard

Adding a green color on garibaldi is sure to turn heads for white men. However, you will need to use beard oil to keep them hydrated and looking its best.


#6: Thick Ducktail

light brown colored beard

The light brown ducktail shape is a stylish and sophisticated look that any man can wear. To get this style, the facial hair should be evenly distributed, with the longest hair being at the chin.


#7: Dark Blue on Old Dutch + Mustache

dark blue color beard

This particular combination is best suited for those with oval or square face shapes. To style this look, begin by shaving the cheeks and creating sharp lines along the jawline and cheeks.


#8: Medium Stubble

guy with colored beard

This color looks great on white men with medium stubble. To get the perfect shed, you’ll need to lighten your beard gradually, so it’s best to start with a slightly lighter shade and work your way up.


#9: Ginger Red

ginger red bushy beard

If you want to add visual interest to your face, a ginger red color can help to accentuate your natural bushy beard. However, you need patience to get this look as you will need to grow facial hair for more than a year.


#10: Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde beard for men

Box beards are a hot trend right now, and the platinum blonde is a great way to add a unique twist. To style, start by applying a small amount of oil or wax to your damp beard. Then, use a comb to evenly distribute the oil and shape it into the desired style.


#11: Messy Spade

lavender color beard

If you have a long uneven beard, a lavender-hued dye can help to draw some attention. Alternatively, you can go for a more dramatic look by bleaching your beard and then applying purple hair color.


#12: Red and Yellow

colorful beard style for black men

To achieve this style, use a trimmer to gradually decrease the length of your beard from the bottom up. Then apply red and yellow colors to a different part of your curly beard. A good quality wax or pomade will help you achieve the desired hold.


#13: Magenta Box Beard

magenta pink color beard

This unique look can be achieved by bleaching your beard and then dying it with a magenta pink hair dye, which you can also get by mixing red and blue. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and show off your individuality, then this is the perfect style for you.


#14: Purple Van Dyke

purple van dyke beard

This style features a goatee with extended sideburns. The goatee and mustache are dyed purple. The result is both stylish and eye-catching. The purple van dyke is perfect for men who want to express their personality and style.


#15: Orange Ducktail

full orange color beard

As the name suggests, this style features an orange-tinted beard that is neatly trimmed and shaped into a ducktail. This style is well-suited for those with oval or rectangular face shapes. To achieve this style, tint your beard with an orange hair dye or temporary coloring agent. For best results, consult a professional barber or stylist.


#16: Rainbow Riot

Rainbow color beard for men

Mixing multiple colors together can give your colorful beard even more dimensions. Ombre beard styles, where one color fades into another, are particularly cool. Purple and blue look great together.

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#17: Black and Yellow

nice Black and Yellow colorful beards

Black and yellow colors contrast each other completely. Keep things carefully trimmed to give your head hair and facial hair a controlled style. Your beard style should follow your jawline up to your ears.


#18: Shallow Beard in Pink

nice Shallow Beard in Pink color

If you have a wider face, a shallow beard that follows your jawline will look really good. A nice shade of pink will look manly rather than looking effeminate. Take the edge off of the color by pairing it with darker accessories rather than pink one.


#19: Ice Ice Baby


Create an icy look by mixing a blue-colored beard up with platinum blonde head hair. This is a superhero color scheme for those who want to create a hair and beard style that is so cool it’s frozen.


#20: Regal Purple

Regal Purple beard color for men

The color purple is often associated with royalty. For an unusual formal style try out a gorgeously regal shade of purple on a carefully trimmed short beard style.


#21: Baubles Galore


Give your beard style a colorful festive look by jazzing it up with Christmas tree baubles. You can use any styles of baubles that you want to give yourself a completely unique colorful beard style.


#22: Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow color beard you like

Golden yellow is one of the brightest and sunniest shades that you can choose. Show off your pleasant demeanour with this wonderfully cheerful shade. It looks great against darker skin tones.


#23: Grass Green

Grass Green

A thick and luscious long & grass green colored beard that looks organic. To get a vivid colorful beard style like this one, you may need to bleach your beard hairs before applying the colored dye.


#24: Turquoise Teddy Boy

Turquoise color beard for men

Teddy boy quiffs and rolled hairstyles are a really popular retro look. Give this retro style a really modern twist by dyeing your beard hairs and your head hairs a refreshing turquoise color. Keep your beard trimmed to maintain this “perfect and clean” look.

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#25: Singing the Blues

blue color beard your favorite

Choose a sharp style by trimming your beard into a gentle point. A bright blue color will be sure to get you noticed in a big crowd. A colorful beard like this will really help to enhance the color of your eyes too!


You can add color to any beard style that you fancy. Choose your favorite beard style and then transform it into a colorful beard using wonderful hair dyes. If you need to bleach your hair before adding color you should seek professional help or else you could damage your beautiful beard.

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