How to Style Chinese Beard That Gets Attention

From Socrates and Plato to Sun Tzu and Confucius, the cultural connection between wisdom and beards extends across the world between these titans of Western to Eastern Philosophy. It is that latter set in particular which concerns us today, however.

While you may not be interested in growing out a beard quite as long as those ancient Chinese masters, there can be no denying the fact that a Chinese beard is one of the most in-demand facial hairstyles today. That being said, stereotyping won’t help you get that stylish beard you’re looking for.

So, how can you go about growing and styling a “Chinese”-style beard while remaining respectful to Chinese culture?


Tips to Style a Chinese Beard

Check out the below simple but effective tips to grow and style a Chinese inspired beard:

Patience Is Key

tips to style chinese beard

One of the most enduring principles of Confucian philosophy is the value of patience. While the great thinker probably didn’t intend such a deep and enduring value to be interpreted solely for the use of online beard styling tips, the fact remains that you’re going to want to be patient if you’re going to grow out any beard.

This holds true for so-called Chinese beards as well. It is also worth taking the time here to dispel a common Internet myth – namely, that Chinese men “can’t” grow beards.

Obviously, they can. You’ve probably seen a Chinese man with a beard in your life – and, again, we have everyone from Confucius to modern-day Chinese male figures as examples. In any case, you are just going to need to be patient and help the hair follicles grow in, which we cover below.


Moisturizing and Skin Maintenance

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In the same way that the quality of the hair atop your head can start to degrade if you don’t wash and take care of it properly, the same holds true for any would-be beard of yours.

You want to make sure that your skin is soft, healthy, and properly moisturized so as to make growth as easy and sustainable as possible. This can make it easier for a fuller, cleaner, better beard to grow in.

Besides, taking this kind of preemptive care of your body is good for your overall appearance, as well as your personal hygiene and health in the long term.


Brushing and Styling Your Hair

chinese beard style

Now we get to the part where we can start to style your beard. While it is vital to not stereotype, if we imagine a stock Chinese guy with a beard, chances are what comes to mind is a beard that is straight and possibly somewhat pointed.

By contrast, our old pal Socrates above rocks a curlier beard in busts of him. Of course, hairstyles – like philosophy – has changed a lot since Confucius and Socrates’ respective heydays.

That being said, if you have naturally curly hair, therefore, you’re going to need to do a fair bit of brushing and perhaps look into using some hair straightening tools and techniques to get the straight, neat, sharp appearance we so often associate with a Chinese beard.

With these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing and cultivating a stylish Chinese beard yet.


Popular Chinese Beard Styles


long chinese beard



chinese full beard



chinese chin beard



chinese beard with mustache



old chinese man with beard



chinese man with stubble beard



chinese beard style

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