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Kyle Cross

Kyle Cross, Certified Barber

Expertise: Certified Beard Stylist, Grooming Expert

Experience: 7 years

Major Publications: Author of "The Bearded Gentleman: A Guide to Styling, Grooming, and Flaunting", Hairstyle Camp, CoolMensHair

Kyle Cross, with his seven years in the business, is not only a certified beard stylist and grooming maestro but also the pen behind “The Bearded Gentleman: A Guide to Styling, Grooming, and Flaunting.” His expertise has graced popular blogs like Hairstyle Camp and Cool Mens Hair, solidifying his stature in the industry.

Enter John Smith, another esteemed voice in the realm of beard care. Regularly dropping wisdom on online beard forums and communities, he’s become a go-to guide for beard style aficionados.

Both Kyle and John are invaluable contributors to the beard-loving community, serving as trusted guides for those aiming to cultivate and maintain a healthy, stylish beard.


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