How to Curl A Mustache In 4 Easy Steps

Maybe you’re a mustache fan and are looking to do something new with your old ‘stache. Maybe you’re a hipster and proud of it and are looking to embrace the subculture’s obsession with making old styles new again. Maybe you just have a fanatical love for Salvador Dali and insanely-curly-‘staches.

There are many numbers of different reasons why you might be looking to take this classic mustache style and make it your own. That being said, curling your mustache is easier to say than actually doing it. To the surprise of no one, it takes quite a bit of work to pull this style off.

How to Curl Your Mustache

Whether you’re looking for curls as subtle as Marcel Proust’s literary, as well as facial hairstyle, or one with more curves than Rollie Finger’s legendary curveball and ‘stache, here’s a quick look at how to curl a mustache.

1. Comb Mustache Hair Downward

tips to get curly mustache

The first thing you’ll want to do when creating a curly mustache style, ironically enough, straightens it out. Get a comb, water, mustache gel or wax, and a mirror.

Comb your mustache hair straight downward. Once you have done this, comb half of it to one side, and the half to the other side, creating a natural part. Continue doing this until the part is distinct and stays in place.

2. Do it Thoroughly

how to curl mustache

You’ll next want to hold one half of your mustache with one hand while combing the other half. For example, when treating the right side, you will want to hold down the left half of your mustache with one hand and comb it out with the other.

This combing should not be combing it in any curly shape, but rather just directing the hair of your mustache to opposite sides in a neat, clean fashion. Once you have done this to one side of your mustache, repeat with the other, taking care not to spoil the other half while holding it in place.

3. Apply Mustache Wax or Gel

curl mustache using wax

Now we’re ready to start getting to the curling itself. Take some mustache gel or wax and begin gently applying it to the first side of your mustache. Be careful not to use too much – these products tend to be very strong. A bit on your finger and thumb should suffice.

You are then going to want to do the same thing to the other side of your mustache, again taking care to not spoil the first half.

4. Create Curls

ways to curl mustache

Finally, we’re ready to start creating that curled mustache in earnest. What you use to help curl your mustache hair is going to vary based on personal taste and how big you want your curls to be. These can be as simple as a pencil for smaller curls to more elaborate items for larger ones.

Using whatever curling item you choose, insert it into the appropriate place on your now-waxed-or-gelled mustache. You are going to want to hold it there for at least 10 seconds. Take care not to move it so as not to disrupt the shape.

Watch the Following Video on How to Curl Mustache

Following these steps for curling a mustache, you should now have one for the ages!

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