60 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men

There are many popular and trendy beard styles for black men that you can choose for your new look. Because the beard has become a trendy fashion nowadays, it is better not to make mistakes in the choice of the latter.

Beard styles have always been the outcome of black men’s inspiration just like jazz and moonwalk. So before using your razors and start trimming your beard, take the time to ask yourself and think about what you want.

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Keep in mind that there are so many shapes of faces, and there are even more types of beards. Your mission is to find one that would add more value and attraction to your look and suits your style, your personality and the shape of your face.

As for a haircut, also make sure to identify the type of your hair and match it with your chosen beard style.

Whether you want a 3-days beard, or just like French rugby player “Chabal’s” or simply a goatee and mustache, we offer below a handy guide that will let you discover the different types of beards.

All you have to do is select the style that will harmonize with your face. As a black man your elegance is your secret to a good first impression so be hot, be sexy and be proud.

Recommended Beard Styles for Black Men

Beard styles for black men know no bounds. Black men play every facial hairstyle… Long, short, or simply stubble, there is no type of beard you can’t wear. Longer beards are always recommended because they look lush and luxurious. Texture means everything when it comes to facial hair, so let it grow.

Even a quick peek at Google reveals the diversity of black men’s beard styles. The short goatee is always a winner but flowing, pampered facial coiffures are more and more common.

The main point you should take away from this is that you shouldn’t limit yourself. Grow out some stubble first. If you like it, let it grow a little thicker—just see where your face takes you.


Top Trendy Beard Styles for Black Men in 2021

Here are the most popular black men’s beard styles.

Full Stubble

black beard style

Stubble is easy to grow and maintain. It’s carefree, careless, and casual, which sprinkles a bit of bad boy appeal over your aesthetic. Just because you’re growing a stubble beard, however, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the upkeep. Trim your beard regularly so that it keeps its shape.


The Hipster Beard

beard style for black men

For black men, beards that grow full, long, and lush are always sexy, always. The hipster beard depends on that lushness. I mean, check out this beard. It’s a thing of beauty. Look at how beautifully maintained it is. This man loves his beard and he knows how to pamper it.


The Goatee

black men goatee beards

Any variation of the goatee beard is golden. Wear the classic style, go for a mini version, or trim your goat to fit your face. Keep the mustache or lose it. It’s entirely up to you, is what I’m trying to say here.


Most Popular Beard Styles for Black Men

Can’t find a source of beard to inspire black men? We have done a list of 60 amazing beard styles for black men to help you get some ideas for yours. Below you can choose the black men with beard style that will also adapt to the shape of your face.


beardstyle for black man with round face

beardstyle for black man with round face



patchy beard for black men

patchy beard for black men



boxed beard for black men

boxed beard for black men



viking beard for black men

viking beard for black men





salt and pepper beard for black men

salt and pepper beard for black men





black men beard









black men beard with dreads



beardstyle for black men



beard dread for black men



black men beard with pencil mustache

black men beard with pencil mustache



faded beard for black men


#17: Five O’clock beard

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The three days beard is the most sought after beard among black men. But beware, on the contrary to what most people might think this type of beard requires much care. The cheeks and the neck need to be shaved on a daily basis, you can also use beard shampoo and oil for relaxation and a shiny look. You can shave your beard every 3 to 4 days to maintain the desired look.


#18: Short beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 3

The short beard is a growing trend too. Although black men are dark skinned, the short beard fits them perfectly and grants them higher self-esteem. A recent study found that women prefer men with beard unshaved for at least 10 Days. Indeed three days beard can sometimes give a “sloppy” look for men who have a very dense beard hair. By leaving it to grow for a few more days, the beard becomes more symmetric. To Women’s eyes, men with beards look more manly and mature.


#19: Goatee Beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 5

this is a popular beard style among black men. The goatee is a short beard under the chin it can take several forms. the original name of this style is ‘the goat’. When it is finer or smaller it’s called ‘Goatee’. people often tend to add a mustache. The goatee and the mustache that surround the mouth are particularly suitable for round faces.


#20: The Soul Patch

Black Beard Styles Photo 6
sometimes called “imperial”, also another form of the “goatee”. By growing the small part between the chin and the lower lip you can get a perfect soul patch. You can also grow a mustache in addition to your soul patch. When the is extended to the center of the chin, we call it a chinstrap. Black men with this beard look gorgeous if it suits him.


#21: The Nicolas II beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 10
Consisting of a long beard in a peaked shape on the chin. Mostly accompanied with a long mustache. Much desired in the early twentieth century, it is back, especially among hipsters.


#22: Mutton chops

Black Beard Styles Photo 12
To have mutton chops you need to shave the mustache, the chin area, and the soul patch and make the sideburns longer and larger and denser down on the jaws and the cheeks.


#23: Friendly mutton chops

Black Beard Styles Photo 13
It is the same as the original mutton chops but adding the mustache for a friendlier look and to keep the hair on the sideburns, cheeks, and jaws at a medium length.


#24: Circle beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 14
Keeping some facial hair without looking too wild is the desire of many black men. This is fortunately possible through the circle beard style.


Classic beards for black men to try

Below are some black men classic beard styles you can try.

#25: Ducktail beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 16
This black beard style got its name from the shape of the chin hair. let the hair on the chin to grow in the shape of a ducktail, as much as you want, providing that you are having the style you want.


#26: Garibaldi beard

Black Beard Styles Photo 19

This is a variation of the full beard but with a slight difference in the shape, it has the shape of the letter “U”. It is better to make them look as natural as possible.


#27: A Dutch Variation

black men with beards

The Dutch beard usually lacks a mustache, but variations can get away with dressing up the top lip. As you can see here, this fine, fashion-forward gentleman nurtured a thin pencil ‘stache. That’s the perfect compromise, as it happens—it’s barely there, but you still don’t have to go full Abe Lincoln.


#28: Bald and Bearded

black men beards

No hair? Don’t care! Shave it, man, shave off all of it. A bald black man with a beard has his own special attraction. It’s not only irresistible, but it’s also timeless.


#29: The Mini Goatee

A mini goatee is a bit like a stubble goatee. It’s sometimes full, sometimes faint, but always neatly trimmed and gorgeously styled. Take note of how well-shaped this goatee is. Can you mimic that?


#30: The Hipster Beard

Black men long beard style

The Hipster beard is almost a combination of a Bandholz and a full beard. In fact, both of those can classify as a Hipster, which more or less just relies on fullness. If you can put flowers or glitter in your beard, you’re good to go—not that you should do either of those things.


#31: The Chin Puff

Chin Puff beards for black men

The chin puff is one of the most popular black men’s beard styles for a variety of reasons. Not everyone can pull off the look, even though it seems so simple. A small, soft thatch of hair on the end of your chin is all you need, but you have to groom it carefully.


#32: The Light Stubble

This is one of the most classy beard styles for black men. There is a lightly grown stubble beard style spanning the chin and jaws. It is simple and elegant as well as has a very professional feel to it. The mustache is also very light and cropped short.


#33: The Chin Strap

A chin strap beard suits everyone, but it is more suitable for black men when it is of a medium length. Here the sideburns are light and the beard is fuller around the chin with a connected mustache.


#34: The Full Beard

black men beard style

The full beard is simple and adds a friendly aura to your personality. It goes with all kinds of haircuts, so no matter the kind of hairstyle you have, you can still go for it. You can also trim it up to the length that you prefer.


#35: The Angular Beard

black men beard style

This is one of the more stylish beards for black men with it being styled in sharp angles along the sideburns. A cool and funky hairstyle goes great with it and you can look like a rock star with this one.


#36: Friendly Chin Strap

black men beard style

A friendly chin strap is fuller and less sharp than the usual chin strap styles which makes you look less intimidating. The connected mustache and the well-trimmed sideburns go a long way in boosting up your charm.


#37: The White Goatee

A white goatee is perfect for men who are middle-aged and want to look stylish. This one has fine lines of hair connecting the beard and the mustache while the beard is puffier at the chin. This is totally your style if you want to rock your natural white hair.


#38: The Professional Beard

If sleek, practical and stylish is your thing then this professional is the best option for you. The sideburns are angular and well-shaped with a properly trimmed full beard. Just go for a sleek hairstyle with this one and see how popular you become among your friends and colleagues.


#39: The Little Goatee

This is a cool and impressive beard for black men as there is a small goatee under your lower lip with a fuller mustache. The overall look is quite dramatic and fun-to-rock. So do consider this one.


#40: The Thin Beard

black men beard style

This one looks as if someone has drawn lines with a pencil as it is trimmed and shaved so finely. It gives your face an intense, focus look, and needs frequent styling to stay in its shape.


#41: The Disconnected Circle

This is a cool and unconventional black men beard style as the beard is grown only along the chin and lips part. It is circular and is disconnected from the mustache looking like two semicircular patches of hair.


#42: The Wrestler Beard

This one is rough and has lesser hair on the face. It makes you appear intimidating and intense as the hair growth is there around the lips area only. The braids along with this one here significantly enhance the general look.


#43: The Rough Brisk Beard

black men beard style

Black men naturally have rough hair which stays untamed usually. This beard has lesser hair but it is wild the unruly hair falls around in small curls. You can go for it if you like to have rugged hair but do not want to look too wild.


#44: The Stylish Curvy Beard

If the stylish and artistic beard is what you want then this one is your solution. The stylish curves need professional styling and regular trimming, but once you get a hang of it you will be glad that you went for this lovely style.


#45: The Square-Jawed

If you have a pronounced jaw and want to keep its natural shape so that it shows under the beard too then this is the best beard styling option for you. The mustache is thin and is connected with the beard at the sides.


#46: Light Tapered Beard

black men with beard

This light beard has slight tapering at the sideburns which are broad and angled. The small goatee and the disconnected mustache that goes with it is impressive and worth trying.


#47: The Elegant Short Beard

black men with beard

This is one of the most stylish black beard styles as it has a full beard, but it is cropped short and requires trimming from an expert hairdresser. The resulting appearance is quite classy and professional.


#48: Cool Beard with Thin Sideburns

black men with beard

This beard has a rugged appearance while the sideburns are lighter and thinner which balance out this look. The thin mustache adds more fun to this style.


#49: The French Beard Style

A cool chic French beard is all that you need this season to up your style game. You just need to give it frequent styling and reshaping to make sure that it does not lose its charm.


#50: The Stylish Beard

The black men beard styles are all cool and impressive, but this stylish one has its own charisma. Many popular people in the fashion and film industry love to have this beard then why not you?


#51: Short Beard for The Bald Guy

There are not many beard styles for bald guys, but this one is a massive hit. The beard is cropped really short and connected thin mustache which nicely complements the shaved head.


#52: Properly Groomed Beard

This one is the beard for those who love to look professional and well put together all the time. This is a stylish and simple beard, which never goes out of style, no matter where you go.


#53: Businessman Facial Hair

This is the perfect look for businessmen who want to look bold and confident. You can intimidate others by merely your looks and the way you style your beard and hair in this look. This beard is going to be a favorite of you and your friends as this is going to uplift your charm a lot.


#54: Nerdy Look

Nerds are hot and attractive, aren’t they? This nerdy look is perfect for you if you want to go for a hot and attractive beard this season. You can pair it up with nerdy glasses and short hair to attain the perfect geeky look.


#55: The Scruffy Beard

This youthful and carefree beard style is a favorite among the young men who want a stylish and less intense look. The scruffy stubble covers most of the neck and face with the mustache cropped just as short and light. You can look absolutely irresistible and hot with this one as it adds a great measure of appeal to your personality.


#56: Moustache Goatee

This modification of a goatee is so attractive and impressive that you just cannot resist it. The fine artistic mustache pairs up nicely with the funky little goatee. It is a fun and youthful look that you will love on you.


#57: Jawline Beard Style

This sun and easygoing beard style for black men is stunning. A pronounced and more detailed jawline surely adds up to your charm and looks, doesn’t it? The mustache is fuller and so is the beard with the burr cut and fade which adds up to the style and charisma of your personality.


#58: Formal Beard Style

black men with beard

This one is formal and professional look with a full beard which is tapered around the edges. This beard style goes well with most colors so even if you have white, grey, brown or any other color, you can go for this stylish and sophisticated look.


#59: Jawline Beard

black men with beard

This unusual and pretty intense beard style is going to be your favorite if you love being fashionable and a trendsetter. The sleek and modern black beard is trimmed nicely and tapers towards the ends which makes the facial hair look more stylish and likable than they would otherwise be!


#60: The Carved Beard

black men with beard

This black man’s beard style is very popular among the masses as men can have it modified to suit their personality and style demands. They can have it carved in any shape, curves or angles that they prefer and it needs styling by a professional hairdresser at least the first time. It needs daily trimming and reshaping to retain its customary style and finesse. This one will surely lift up your personality by many times, so you must give it a try.