The 3 Month Beard: Everything You Need to Know to Groom & Grow

Men believe they look more attractive with a full beard on & and that’s something we need to agree on.  They feel more masculine and get the kind of dominant vibe with it which explains their extra care behind it. However, it takes proper care and requirements to grow a beard that flaunts the face perfectly.

A 3-month old beard is a very common sight among your friends, isn’t it? It isn’t too long nor too short, just need the proper lining up & trimming to look an absolute charm on handsome guys.

So, here’s a start to let you know everything it takes to grow a 3 month beard!

What Does A 3-month Beard Look Like?

3-month Beard

The growth of your beard is totally dependent on your genetics, habits, diet, and lots of other factors. However, a normal beard grows half an inch monthly, which means a three-month beard would be 1.5 inches long. It kind of looks like a full face beard but not too thick nor can you see the skin clearly through it.

If you aim to grow a beard for three months without shaping or touching it by any means, you’ll most probably wind up with an untamed 1-2-inch beard. So, it’s like a real full beard or quarter of it already by then. All you need is to groom it and get a good trim to achieve an attractive look on your face.

How to Grow A 3 Month Beard & Maintain It?

While a beard makes you look a lot nicer looking and masculine, it does require some care like trimming and grooming from time to time. There aren’t many rules to follow or a routine care session for it. If you want to grow a three-month beard fully, you just need to shave once and then wait for 90 days!

You can do some minor changes & a basic grooming session in case there’s a wedding or occasional parties coming through. Like making the lining up more visible or giving a trim to the neck hairlines. It just makes it look cleaner and not messy. Otherwise, you can just let the beard grow naturally and wait.

It isn’t difficult to grow and maintain a beard. You may even take it a step further by providing it with the right care and nutrients it requires. Check out the next few pointers to know how you can do that.

Beard Grooming Kit

If you haven’t used luxurious beard products before now is the perfect time to do it. After three months with a full-grown beard, you’ll look like a wild man. It’ll be high time to give it a touch-up then. So, here comes the nourishment process. Check out the essential needs and kits for your beard!

Beard Oil

beard oil

Beard oil has been the most beneficial, and especially for a beard within this length. Like a beard, this length will quickly dry out and cause itchiness. Most beard oils contain argan oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oils that keep the skin underneath moist. 2-3 drops of beard oil are plenty for a three-month beard.

Brush & Combs

Beard Brush & Combs

You’ll need a separate brush or comb for your beard to maintain it tidy and clean. It will untangle the small knots and eliminate the sticky debris, making it look sharp and appealing. Make sure it’s always clean!

Beard Wash & Conditioner

Beard Wash & Conditioner

Your beard, like your hair, requires a specifically formulated shampoo and conditioner. Regular shampoo and face wash won’t make the cut because they tend to dry out the beard hair and make it frizzy. As a result, you must seek a specific and effective beard wash. It will effectively clean your beard while not drying it.

Beard Balm & Wax

Beard Balm & Wax

When it comes to taking care of goatees or manly beard, beard balms are one of the most vital beard products Both beard balm & wax can help you maintain your beard healthy and keep it in shape. Apply a beard balm to nourish and moisturize your facial hair after each wash, or trim.

Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers are a very effective tool for keeping beards short. It’s also great for keeping your necklines and cheek lines in shape evenly. But for this one, you need to take extra precautions as it’s a risky way to cut and resize the beards. If you’re a little careful then it’s not even a problem.

Don’t Forget to Style It!

styling 3 months beard

If you don’t have a specific style to groom the three-month-old beard, it won’t flaunt your look as you wish.

The beard will be 1.5″ in length and now you can resize it and give it a style of your own as you like. It’s the perfect time to test attractive beard styles on yourself. You can do a long stubble style, French fork, Klingon style like a wolverine, etc.

You can make a style combination with or without the mustache if you want. Just don’t let it hang there messy without any touch-ups.

Pros and Cons of Having A 3 Month Beard

Pros and Cons of Having A 3 Month Beard

Having a beard is also good for your skin. It protects your skin from sunburn, skin damage, works as a natural moisturizer, boosts up your self-confidence and whatnot. Also, it may be a lot easier for your loved ones because they will have more options for gifts for your birthday.

You might be asking why most men grumble about growing a beard since it’s so simple and cool to do so. The truth is that while there are 90% of benefits to growing a beard, there are also 10% of drawbacks.

Such as, not shaving your beard for a long time will get you relief from nonstop itching ingrown hair problems or unwanted razor cuts and bumps. You can get ready fast without thinking about how your face looks. Truly, it saves most of your time! And of course, the beard adds an extra layer of charm to your face, no doubt about that.

It’s like, having life troubles? Get a Beard!

On the other side, if you start to take care and do some quick trim and cuts to resize the beard it’ll cut the same amount of your time too. In both ways, it works.

Aside from the positive sides, there are some disadvantages of growing a beard that you won’t like. Growing a thick beard can cause you beardruff (dandruffs in beard) and invite other fecal bacteria to cause a bacterial infection. Proper hygiene is a must in these cases. 

Also, your beard might collect more food particles than you do while eating. Sometimes, you can even be mistaken for an identity just because of the different look. People may find you look older than your age. And let’s not start on beard discrimination which is so annoying.

But despite all these facts, having a beard is like having a different personality. So, what’s the harm in taking a chance?

Same look, every day is kind of boring to live with. So, increase your fashion style by growing a 3 month beard to add some spice to your male appeal. It’s true that waiting three months to get the bearded face you want can be exhausting and requires a lot of patience. But it will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

The medium beardy appearance is essential for a change in appearance and personality. You can mold it in any shape and style that suits you best.

So, when are you starting the three-month no-shave challenge? Grab the razor and scoop everything up today!

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