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Mustache Growth Cycle – The 4 Stages Explained

Growing a mustache is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from a crowd if you can do it. A mustache is a personal statement that instantly presents your unique style to the wide world with near-unlimited options for stylization. To avoid panic or any confusion, it’s important you have a clear understanding of the mustache growth cycle.

If you’re thinking about growing a mustache, or you’re in the process now, congratulations. Though the road may be long, the reward is sweet. In this guide, we’ll get down into the weeds about growing a mustache. We’ll discuss the four stages of mustache growth, followed by some tips for mustache growth and care.

Finally, we bust some mustache myths and respond to some of the most common mustache growth stages questions. Let’s get started!


Mustache Growth Stages

Stage 1: Stubble

Mustache Stubble

This phase is a relatively easy stage to endure. As you put the razor down and your mustache begins to come in, the stubble can look quite attractive on many men.

During this stage, it’s probably a good idea to let your beard grow in as well. Letting your beard grow in will help to distract from the emerging peach fuzz under your nose.

After your stubble has grown in and genuine hairs have begun to sprout, it’s time to shave your beard and commit to a full mustache. Once you’ve shaved the beard, you’ve entered into the phase that breaks most would-be mustache growers.


Stage 2: Itchy Eyesore

As we’ve named it, the itchy eyesore phase is the worst phase of all when it comes to mustache growth. At this point, your mustache isn’t long enough to look very attractive but still isn’t full enough to look intentional.

In addition, depending on how patchy your growth is, some hairs will be much longer than others. The hairs dangling down onto your lip can become itchy, and at the same time, they’re too short to be combed aside.

The only advice we have for this stage is to endure or rock a shorter ‘stache.


Stage 3: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Mustache Growth Stages

When you see the light at the end of the tunnel, hope reemerges from its hibernation. For many men, this phase just seems to emerge organically from the “itchy eyesore” phase.

In stage 3, you look in the mirror and say, “actually, this looks pretty nice.” From far away, too, your mustache might look quite full.

As we are all our own worst critics, you may look in the mirror during this phase and see spots you wish were different or more full. This phenomenon is entirely normal, and as you give your mustache more time to grow in, you will no doubt be happier and happier with how it looks.


Stage 4: Full Stache

Mustache Growing Stage -Full Mustache

The complete ‘stache phase is characterized by your mustache being fully grown in and styleable. Choose between looks like the Chevron, the Handlebar, or the Horseshoe.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You are now a fully certified mustache haver, with all the rights and privileges therein.


Mustache Myths

There are a lot of mustache myths out there. Let’s see how they hold up to the facts.

Mustache myth #1: Shaving helps your mustache come in fuller. While this is an excellent idea for those men with patchy mustaches, this myth has been busted. The only thing shaving does for a mustache is make it stop existing.

Mustache myth #2: A mustache is a food trap. This myth goes along with the idea of the “flavor saver.” While it’s definitely true that mustaches can catch and hold onto food particles, the notion that no one can rectify this is absurd. With proper care and grooming, a mustache can be very hygienic.

Mustache myth #3: Having a mustache makes you cool. While there are plenty of highly likable people with mustaches, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it that matters.

If you think about the “coolest” people you know, you’ll note that it’s not the things they choose to surround themselves with that make them so cool. Why do we like the people we enjoy? Usually, they (more than anyone else) genuinely know themselves.


Tips For Mustache Growth and Care

Tips For Mustache Growth and Care

In addition to the time spent growing your mustache, you must also care for it like a tender sapling.

  • Pro Tip: During the “itchy eyesore” phase, you may feel the need to shave or trim off the bits of your mustache that itch you. Our advice – don’t yet. For some mustache styles, saving those longer itchy hairs will be important when it comes to styling.

Having some supplies on hand will help you keep your mustache as aesthetically pleasing as possible. These tools are helpful when growing a mustache but essential when caring for a fully grown-in mustache.

Mustache wax is your new best friend. Mustache wax helps keep the hold on your mustache, especially in the case of thick styles.

Just as essential as wax are beard scissors. Beard scissors will let you groom your mustache and style it once it has grown in.

A mini mustache comb will help keep your mustache in form.

The often-repeated nickname of the mustache, “flavor saver,” is not a name that people have created for nothing. A full mustache has a habit of collecting debris and dirt, and an uncared-for mustache can smell bad.

Using facewash as well as shampoo and conditioner will keep your mustache clean and spry.


FAQs on Mustache Growth Cycle

Here are some of the questions we get the most about stages of mustache growth.

How long does it take to grow a full mustache?

How long a mustache takes to grow depends on the individual in question, but you should give three to four months for your mustache to come in fully.


Will My Mustache Get Thicker?

Almost always, the answer is yes! Some hairs take a lot longer to grow in than others. If your mustache looks a little patchy now, endure – it will no doubt fill out a bit.


Does Mustache Hair Stop Growing?

Mustache hair, like all hair, never stops growing.


Thanks for reading. If you’re ready to get that mustache working full-time, put down the razor and wait. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!