7 Tips to Pick Your Perfect Cheek Line for Beard

A beard can exhibit the best look if it is kept and maintained well. An unkempt beard may result in straggling facial hair which keeps poking and turns into something very sloppy. That’s why you must pick the perfect cheek line and neckline of a beard to make the best use of it.

Maybe the cheek line will not be perfect as perfection is a myth. So, there is no way of getting it perfect but this is no harm to be enlightened on the tips to pick the perfect cheek line.


Helpful Tips to Get the Cheek  Perfectly Lined

Defining the cheek line is important to have a tidy and well-organized look. The straggling hair gives a bad impression about the patron as people may think you a callous person who isn’t concerned with his look.

So, determining the cheek line is a must if anyone wants to get the best impact of his beards on his personality. But, the cheek line varies from person to person.  This video can be considered the ultimate guide to get the perfect cheek line. Here we present 7 tips to pick your perfect cheek line.

  • Tips-1. Draw an imaginary line from the last part of the growth of your sideburns to the point where your beard growth stops under the lip.
  • Tips-2. If your beard growth stops way down your lips, no worries. End the cheek line at that point.
  • Tips-3. You can choose the mustache as the par point. Draw the lines starting from the sideburns ending to the top of the mustache. Some people also keep the line a bit curved or sloppy.
  • Tips-4. Shave off everything that is above this imaginary line.
  • Tips-5. Use a three-way mirror while identifying the cheek line.
  • Tips-6. Use quality beard shaping tool if you can’t do it manually. Pick your choice from here.
  • Tips-7. Most importantly trim carefully so that the line doesn’t get deviated from the imaginary line you have thought.

Bald Head & Fuller Beard: A Classy Combination


What will be the perfect cheek line of the beard is entirely up to you. It’s your call how far you will let the beard grow. A natural cheek line also suits some people. But, in most cases, the beauty of a perfect beard depends largely on the cheek line and neckline. You can use beard shaping tools from Amazon to do it neatly.  If these lines can be defined well, you will get access to the amazing look of a stylish beard.

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