Fix A Beard Cheek Line That’s Too High

So you picked out a beard style to your liking, grew your beard accordingly, trimmed and shaved it to match that, but your cheek line is too high compared to where it should be. These steps below just might be able to help you fix them.


What is the Cheek Line?

beard cheek line

If you draw an imaginary curved line starting from the top of your earlobes to the corner of your mouth or the mustache, that line is called the cheek line. You might want to go for a low or high line depending on which style you choose for yourself.

The cheek line is usually a major factor when growing a full beard or a good stubble. Not having a good one can ruin the entire look for you. 


Types of Cheek Line 

Cheek lines come in many different styles and are dependent on the beard style, personal preference and imagination. 

1. The ones in the pictures below are a perfect curve starting from the sideburns all the way down to the tip of the mustache.

curved beard cheek line


2. Here you can see the line can be made out into two separate straight lines, one coming out from right sideburns and the other coming out from the tip of the mustache. They meet each other at the same height as the tip of the mustache.

types of cheek line


3. This is a bit difficult to pull off solely because of how complicated it is to get it right for yourself. Nevertheless, you’re highly encouraged to give this a try if you want. 

beard cheek line


4. This last example is a simple straight cheek line running down from the sideburns to the tip of the mustache.

simple straight cheek line


There are so many more ways to style your cheek line. But we’re going to keep things simple and stick to a select few. Once you figure out how to get the perfect line, you’ll be able to do it again.


How to Fix Your High Cheek Line?

how to fix high cheek line

1. If you’ve already got a full natural beard, imagine a line starting from your sideburns to the tip of the mustache.

Sometimes, it helps if you make an L with your index and thumb fingers and place them slightly slanted on your side profile with the index finger aligned to the sideburns and the thumb pointing towards the mustache. You should see a lot of stray and soft facial hair right above your thumb.

2. Once you’ve got down the imaginary line in your head, remove your fingers and trim or shave away the stray hair on your sideburns. 

3. Then define and round off the transition from the sideburns to the imagined cheek line.

4. Carefully trim or shave away all the hair right above the imagined cheek line. If you’re using a trimmer, use it without the guard. This is the trickiest part since trimming errors could ruin the style and you would have to start all over again.


How to Maintain The New Cheek Line?

how to maintain cheek line

To maintain the new cheek line you would have to trim and shave those stray hair growing above the cheek line every 2 to 3 days. Growth of facial hair will depend from person to person, but the only way to ensure your cheek lines don’t get out of control is to stay vigilant and maintain a proper shaving and grooming routine.



The perfect cheek line makes your beard beautiful. Some people completely avoid setting their cheek lines by themselves and rely on their barbers. That is completely fine, and is also encouraged if you’re completely new at this. Chances are your barber could help you in setting the perfect cheek line for you.

Once you’ve figured that out you can start setting it yourself. This shows how important a good cheek line is for expressing your beard style – full or a stubble and even your personality. 

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