How to Grow Facial Hair on Your Cheeks

Are you getting a hard time growing a beard on your cheeks so that you can complete the style you’re trying to accomplish? Let’s see what you can do.

Men who rock the bearded look know that it takes a certain talent in upkeep as well as the perfect beard style to pull off a partial or full beard. While some opt for simple goatees or stubble, others challenge themselves with the corporate, natural, or Amish looks. One thing all of these styles have in common is the pattern of facial hair growth that makes them possible.

lack of facial hair on cheek
Lack of facial hair on the cheeks

For many men, facial hair comes naturally with puberty. Others may find it difficult to manage their facial hair as it doesn’t grow in the way they would prefer. If you’re one of those men having a hard time growing beard upon your cheeks, it can seem as though the beard style you fancy is out of the question.


How to Grow Beard On Your Cheeks

how to grow beard on cheeks

Your time and money aren’t the only things at risk when trying new methods of facial hair growth. That’s why we’re here to help you find the most effective way to grow facial hair on your cheeks so that you can style the beard you want.


Follicle Stimulation

facial hair follicle stimulation to grow more hair on cheeks

Follicle stimulation increase your blood supply and thus it can grow more hair on your cheeks. Try steam as a way to reduce moisture retention in the skin. Apply steam to your face from the shower, facial steamer, sauna, or a rag with hot water. This opens your pores, allowing for clear, soft, blemish-free skin. Brushing through your beard hairs will help to disperse your natural oils throughout each hair from root to tip. 

If your skin is too oily to allow for excess buildup or too dry for effective hair saturation, simply massaging your face with beard oils or beard balms will begin to stimulate the follicles to promote facial hair growth.


Proper Diet and Haircare

proper diet can help growing more hair on the cheeks

As cliché as it sounds; eating right and exercising are the most effective ways to take care of your mind, body and soul. This even applies to beard growth on the cheeks. Obviously, maintaining a healthy diet that supplies the right amount of nutrients will reward you handsomely.

The science behind this beard growth secret goes back to stimulation. Increasing the blood flow, sweating out toxins, then showering off the harsh salts gives your face a fresh start from the inside-out.


Beware the Supplements

Your body’s natural ability to grow hair is linked to the production of specific hormones; specifically, testosterone. You could spend hundreds in hormone replacement therapy or useless over-the-counter remedies, or you could simply target the things your body is craving.

If you’re running low on testosterone, chances are your facial hair isn’t the only thing you’ve noticed looking a bit thin. In that case, a doctor’s appointment is very necessary as it could mean a more serious issue than not having a good beard.

If not, other less extreme supplements are available that’ll trigger the production of facial hair as a latent effect.


Beard Growth & Grooming Products

Don’t get frustrated if you are lacking beard on your cheek. If after months of trying the old fashioned and natural ways of hair growth you feel that you could use some sort of product to move things along, there is a range of products on the market. Perhaps your face could use a boost, but don’t let the desire to see results cause you to make bad purchases. Here are some tried and true products that men use with great success. Try these, hopefully, you’ll get the filler cheek beard you are dreaming of.


Beard Growth Oils

lack of facial hair on cheek

Thicker oils are a go-to for deep conditioning treatments and highly achieved beard shine.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil


Beard Balms

best beard balms review

Balms are made to condition and style your beard. They feel like a body butter or hair cream with their light application and softer feel in comparison to beard oils. Know the difference between beard balm and beard oil here.

Disclaimer: Many platforms for beard growth recommend avoiding products whose ingredients include water and silicones as they are merely mass-produced items that give the filler effect without the real benefits.



OTC supplements are designed to assist in the growth of existing hairs. This doesn’t mean they change genetics or habits, so your hair will not come in thicker or fill in on the cheeks if it never had before.

It’s wise to consult a nutritionist about what sorts of nutrients your body needs for hair growth, then you should seek out products that are derivative of natural vitamins that come from foods. The most honest brands are ones that offer such nutrients.

Another essential in beard growth that is rising in recognition is L-Carnitine (Tartrate), which is pricey for a supplement, but fair in comparison to protein powders and mixes for other types of enhancement.

Note that, the supplements are not intended to replace the daily value of nutrients that you should consume in any given day. If you are getting the right amount of nutrients for optimal facial hair growth, yet nothing comes in, you don’t need supplements as they are for dietary needs only.

The best results often come from a combination of efforts, so try to alternate or pair up methods and products in the most efficient way. Using these 3 products (oils, balms, and supplements) alongside the given methods can help foster new facial hair growth on your cheek so that you can style beard as you like.



None of the products or methods mentioned above guarantee immediate results. While these do boost hair growth, they are not a cure-all. You will need to properly manage your beard to keep it healthy. You also need to master patience.

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