20 Coolest Beard Models in 2024 : Check Them Out

“What beard will suit me?”, this question may be haunting you since you are growing a beard. Well! That depends on a few factors. The shape of one’s face, the density of facial hair and the haircut of an individual altogether complement a beard style. That’s why some coolest beard models can be a good choice to get inspired. One can easily find the type of beard he is longing for, from the below list.


Beard Models You Should Follow in 2024

Models are the representatives of the better version of the common people. A model shows what a common man could be if he takes good care of himself. And, a beard is natural gift men are endowed with.

So beard models can be easily followed to get the ultimate manly look. We have enlisted some top models with a beard here. Let’s get inspired by their awesome look.

1. Jack Guinness

Bearded Model Jack Guinness

Jack has gone with a short yet full beard that extends down to his neck, but what makes this beard unique is the black and white contrast. The mustache and beard around the chin are black whereas the rest of the beard is quite grey. 


2. Noah Mills

Bearded Model Noah Mills

The beard in this case is connected with the hair. There’s no tapering or fading happening, and the beard is quite simple–it’s a short beard with properly trimmed mustache. The short curly hair looks only slightly messy. 


3. Tyson Beckford

Bearded Model Tyson Beckford

The famous Ralph Lauren Polo model has picked up a short-boxed beard with a diagonal cheek line. The beard and mustache have clearly defined shapes. He chooses to go with a completely bald head probably due to his receded hairline. 


4. Billy Huxley

Bearded Model Billy Huxley

Billy likes to change looks, but his beard is almost always there. This well-defined beard has a ducktail end and his blonde beard has a bushy feel to it. He completes this look with a hairstyle that’s long in the back and lifted up fringes in the front. 


5. David Gandy

Bearded Model David Gandy

The face of Dolce & Gabbana likes to keep a subdued look. He has a patchy beard that gives his face a clear outline because he only grows a stubble beard. For the hairstyle, he goes with his own version of an undercut with long hair in the middle but the sides are only tapered, not faded. 


6. Johannes Huebl

Bearded Model Johannes Huebl

Johannes is a photographer too and he knows how to look good in pictures. He prefers a rugged and scruffy look with heavy stubble on the face that extends to his neck. The salt and pepper effect is quite prominent near the chin, giving him a unique goatee that stands out.  


7. Zach Miko

Bearded Model Zach Miko

The famous name from the biography “Monumental Mysteries” has a beautiful Garibaldi beard that’s perfectly trimmed and rounded. The blonde beard tapers on the sides and along with a spiky haircut, makes his face look longer and slimmer. 


8. Richard Biedul

Bearded Model Richard Biedul

Biedul is more than just a model. Most importantly, he’s a designer too. He likes to keep a short-boxed beard, which is almost always a combo of black and white hair. The beard complements his sculpted jawline really well.


9. Alex Lundqvist

Bearded Model Alex Lundqvist

The Swedish model has rocked a clean-shaven look just as much as the scruffy look here. His stubble doesn’t cover his face too much because it’s patchy. He lets the hair grow on his neck too for attaining that scruffy look and complements the style with a preppy haircut.


10. Mark Vanderloo

Bearded Model Mark Vanderloo

You know him if you love Hugo Boss. His short beard is slightly messy but perfectly suits his pointy chin. As for the hair, he likes to go with soft-parted hair that he likes to brush back and then to the side. It adds length to his face but really suits his broad forehead. 


11. Ben Dahlhaus

famous bearded model Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus is a German-American model who is very well known for his bearded look and bold body. Anyone will get stunned seeing the glamour he has associated with long hair and manly beard.

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12. Alexandar Masson

beard model Alexandar Masson

Alexandar Masson is a full-time model who grew up being a sportsperson. But, then he chose to become a model. And worked with famous celebrities with the like of Jennifer Lopez. This man is noticeable because of the braided hair along with a full blonde beard.


13. Cristian Codrin

bearded artist Cristian Codrin

Cristian was a handball player in his early life.Then he joined the model agency Place Models of Hamburg and earned popularity as a model. The dense and full beard is the most attractive thing that complements his beautiful eyes.


14. Bailey Sondag

top beard models

He is a famous model who represented a lot of model agencies till date. Next Model Management and Red Model Management are the most notable among them. This guy is using his beard to beautify his natural sexy look.


15. Hamid Fadaei

middle east beard model Hamid Fadaei

Hamid Fadei is sometimes considered one of the sexiest guys in the Middle East. He hailed from Iran. And, the boys originated from this region has a naturally enriched bearded look. You can follow Hamid to get a decent look with a full stubble beard.

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16. Victor Da Silva

Victor Da Silva is a Brasilian actor and model widely known for his body structure and abs. This guy also rocks a designer beard most of the time. You can follow his overall style if that complements your body shape.


17. Jon Kortajarenga

Jon Kortajarenga is a Spanish model who is working for a various international advertising agency. Georgio Armani, Versace, H&M etc. branded products have been promoted with the presence of Jon. And, the beard is a special feature of his appearance.


18. Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian fashion blogger. He is equally known as a bearded model. Anyone will be a great fan of his obvious jawline having medium stubble with a chevron mustache.


19. Patrick Petitjean

Patrick Petitjean popular beard model

Patrick Petitjean is a well-established model hailing from France. At first, introduced himself as a model in 2006 signing with Why Not Agency in Milan. Since then he never looks back. Patrick is famous for his hair and beard.


20. Marion Teixeira

bearded model

Marlon Teixeira is a Brazilian model who started his career as a model with Way Model Management of Los Angeles.He attended many TV shows and gained popularity as a bearded model. You follow his beard models to get a gorgeous beard style.


How to Become A Beard Model

First of all, one must have a beard that grows well and fulls to become a bearded model. Let your beard grow, use some quality beard oil and wax to make them look luxe. Gain confidence to represent yourself in front of a model agency. If you think you are ready, contact a model agency that is searching for newcomers. If luck favors you, you’ll get the break.

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Beard is the most celebrated sign of manliness. It shows our age and maturity blended with intellects. So, a nice looking beard is really a great way to represent our inner model entity.

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