9 Sergio Ramos Beard Styles That Drive People Crazy

Sergio Ramos, the former Spanish footballer and the key center-back of PSG, is widely known to his fans for his aggressive defending tactics. However, he is also admired for his eccentric beard styles.


Ramos started to grow his stylish beard in 2012 and after becoming the man of the match in the 2013-14 UCL final his beard style got popular among football fans.

Since then, whether he’s rocking a rugged and unkempt look or a sharp and sophisticated style, Ramos’s beard is always on focus.


Sergio Ramos’s Latest Beard Style in 2024- Short Full Beard

latest beardstyle by sergio ramos


In his 20+ years of football career, Sergio Ramos has gone through many beard-style transformations. However, the following are the top appearances.


1. Medium Box Beard

sergio ramos beard style of 2022

This Sergio Ramos beard from 2022 features a neat, square shape that frames the jawline with moderate length. Even sideburns are trimmed to the same length as the beard on the cheeks and chin, while the mustache is shorter.


2. Short Hipster Beard With Long Hair

sergio ramos beard style of 2022

Ramos was seen sporting hipster style in 2022 when he joined PSG. It is characterized by a longer length, often featuring a full or nearly full beard. It is typically styled with an unkempt look, with a bit of texture and volume to create a rugged vibe.


3. Classic Box Beard

sergio ramos beard style of 2021

It combines a neat, medium-groomed beard with a clean-shaven neck. This style requires growing the beard out to a moderate length, then trimming and shaping it carefully to create a well-defined square shape. Usually, the beard starts taking shape from the sideburns.


4. Unkempt Full Beard

sergio ramos beard style of 2020

This Ramos style from 2020 has full, thick, and slightly wild-looking beard while keeping the natural shape and texture. The messy full beard is all about embracing natural hair growth and letting it grow freely without too much trimming or styling.


5. Parallel Beard With Medium-Length Hair

sergio ramos beard style of 2019

It creates a distinct and symmetrical look featuring two thick parallel lines of facial hair that run down each side of the jawline. This style typically has a medium-length beard with a neat and defined, carefully trimmed shape.


6. Short Stubble With Military Hair  

sergio ramos beard style of 2018

The style combines a very short and well groomed beard, typically no longer than a few millimeters. In addition to that, the sideburn is shaved to give a polished look and to get attention on the cheeks.


7. Stubbly Box

sergio ramos beard style of 2017

It was Sergio Ramos’s signature beard in 2017. It combines a classic box beard with the rough and rugged look of medium stubble. The short stubble beard adds an edgy and rugged element to the look and helps to look slim.


8. Extended Goatee + Thick Chin Strap

sergio ramos beard style of 2016

This look is all about keeping the beard medium and tidy while still looking stylish. The goatee is kept full with an even finish, while the chin strap remains thick. For an extra touch of refinement, the sideburns are tapered down towards the ear.


9. Short Beard

sergio ramos beard style of 2016

Sergio Ramos was seen styling this classic look in 2016. He had a short beard at the chin and cheeks with trimmed sideburns. The neck was usually shaved clean to create a sharp contrast with the beard.


From the classic box to the trendy hipster beard, Ramos has experimented with a variety of beard styles over the years, each one adding its own unique flair to his overall look. He always managed to look effortlessly stylish and masculine.


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