11 Most Desirable Neymar Beard Styles to Wear in 2024

When looking to find a new way to style their beard, many men opt to copy Brazillian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, known simply as Neymar. Questions about how to copy many classic Neymar beard styles are all over forums and websites like Reddit.

We aim to answer those questions for you right here by showing you a variety of styles you could pick. We’ll also advise on how to style them, and who the styles are best for.


Neymar’s Latest Beard Style in 2024- Full Beard

neymar's latest beard style


Top 11 Trendiest Neymar Beard Styles

Below you’ll find 11 looks that are sure to appeal. Browse and see which ones are best suited to your desires.

1. Stubble Beard 

neymar with stubble beard

Some guys like to keep their features showing while also maintaining facial hair. The stubble Neymar beard style is excellent for this, as it won’t hide the shape of your jaw or chin.

You simply need to shave it down every week or every couple of weeks depending on how fast your facial hair grows.


2. Short Beard

neymar beard style in 2021

Want more than stubble? Opt for the beard Neymar often wore in 2021. It’s a full-coverage beard so there isn’t a lot of maintenance involved. It’s not too thick so you can still see the shape of the features.


3. Short Boxed Beard

neymar with short boxed beard style

Here’s another one for guys who like their facial hair short, but it’ll take a little more effort to create the shape of it. Keep the hair closely cropped and define any straggling edges, creating very neat lines around the mustache.


4. Low Stubble Beard

beard style by neymar

Now we’re getting to the beards for guys who want to put in a little more effort. It’s still stubbly, so you’re not committing to maintaining a thick beard, but it has a very defined shape.

There should be minimal hair near the mouth, and on the chin there should only be growth at the very bottom. The cheek area closer to the jawline should have the most coverage.


5. Faded and Trimmed

neymar with faded beard style

If you love staying on top of the latest trends, the faded beard style is for you. The sideburns connect to a mid fade on the head, and the length is a little more than stubble but not quite full coverage. The edges are very well-kept.


6. Youthful and Patchy

neymar with patchy beard style

Most of the styles are perfect for grown men who want to show off their maturity. However, younger guys and those who can’t grow full beards yet may like to opt for this patchy stubble look. There’s almost no hair on the top lip or around the chin.


7. Light Stubble

light stubble beard style by neymar

This style is midway between a stubble beard and a simple 5 o’clock shadow. You can grow it easily in just a couple of days. It blends in really well with the stubbly skin fade he’s sporting as his hairstyle.


8. Neymar’s Iconic Pink Hair With Thick Beard Look 

neymar facial hair

Neymar dyed his hair pink and paired it up with a medium-length thick beard style that creates diagonal slopes on the sides and a curving shape around the mustache. His unique pink hair with beard style caught the attention of PSG fans in the field.


9. Scruffy Beard

neymar with scruffy beard

Going for a scruffy look? Keep the edges neat, but let the rest of your beard look a little scruffy and unkempt. Don’t grow it too long, so you can ensure people can still see some of the skin underneath. It adds to the overall rugged appearance.


10. Jawline Beard

neymar beard style of 2015

If hair all over your face isn’t for you, opt for it on the jawline and in the shape of a goatee. Shave most of the area below the lip and keep most of your cheeks clean. Keep the hair to a stubbly length.


11. Full Blonde

neymar with blonde beard

You heard it here first. This Neymar beard style shows blonde beards with dark hair are in. Grow a mustache long enough to pinch the ends up into a curl and let your facial hair grow out in full. The contrast it creates with your darker head hair is totally unforgettable.


There are way more ways to style a beard than you think, and looking at all these Neymar beard styles throughout the years shows it.

Whether you like it scruffy, full, faded, or blonde, there’s something in the styles above for you. Decide how much effort you want to put in, then start styling!


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