Tom Brady Beard: Myths, Facts and Styles

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He is known not only for his impressive football skills and seven Super Bowl titles before announcing his retirement in 2024, but also for his ever-evolving stylish beard.

Throughout his career, this former Patriots star tried several facial hairs, from classic scruffy to sleek and well-groomed stubble. And his ever-changing look once became a source of inspiration for NFL beard styles trend across America.

Check out Tom Brady’s different stylish beard styles.


The Charity Event Where Brady Shaved His Playoff Beard

The idea behind the playoff beard tradition is simple: players stop shaving once the playoffs begin and continue until their team is eliminated or wins the championship.

Tom Brady had shaved his playoff beard on the victory shave campaign by Gillette on 7th February 2019 at Gillette World Shaving Headquarters after New England Patriots beat Los Angeles Rams in the super bowl.

In the event, Brady had shaved his beard for charity. He had signed patriot-branded razors which were later auctioned for charity. 


Tom Brady’s Top Beard Styles

Let’s explore the many ways Brady has sported his facial hair and find out which style truly suited him the best.


1. Short Stubble Beard

tom brady with light stubble beard

Tom Brady’s brownish 3-day stubble beard is a short and scruffy facial hair style that he sometimes wears. It is characterized by a light growth of hair on the cheeks and chin and jawline. The light shadow of the beard is barely visible if you don’t pay enough attention. 


2. Scruffy Beard

tom brady with patchy beard

Brady has been seen sporting this look both on and off the field, particularly during the winter or playoffs when facial hair is more common among athletes. This beard style was a trademark look for Tom Brady for the most part of his career.

It has short, unkempt 2-5 mm hair on the face, creating a rugged appearance. The best thing about scruffy is that it doesn’t need extra time for maintenance and gives off an effortlessly cool vibe.


3. Short Box Beard + Long Sideburn 

beard style by tom brady

It is a modern and unique take on the classic box beard with well-defined edges on the cheek. However, this particular style needs regular trimming and maintenance to keep the shape at the desired length. Tom Brady typically kept the length shorter and groomed to be neat and tidy. Also, he liked to blend it with the long sideburn.


4. 5 O’clock Shadow

tom brady facial hair

As you can see from the photo, Brady shaved his beard the night before his practice and perfectly grew a very short stubble beard in the middle of the day. However, there is also a possibility that he may style it with a zero-sized trimmer in the morning before entering the practice ground. Usually, the Patriots star did not style this on a regular NFL game day.


Myths And Facts About Tom Brady’s Beard


Myth 1: One of the most persistent myths about Tom Brady’s beard is that it’s a superstition. Fans have speculated that Brady grows out his beard during playoff season for good luck, or that he shaves it off after a loss to “reset” his luck.

Fact: Tom Brady’s Beard Is a Fashion Statement While Brady’s beard may not be a superstition, it is definitely a statement. Over the years, he’s experimented with different styles and lengths, from a short, well-trimmed beard to a full-on lumberjack look. In interviews, he’s admitted that he enjoys changing up his look and trying out new styles. His beard has become a signature part of his personal style, and many fans have followed suit, growing out their own beards in homage to the football star.

Myth 2: Another myth that has circulated about Tom Brady’s beard is that he can grow a full beard in just a week. This rumor seems to stem from the fact that Brady has been known to grow out his facial hair very quickly between games.  

Fact: While Brady does have a thick and full beard, it’s unlikely that he can grow it out that quickly. Most men’s beards take several weeks to reach their full potential, and it’s likely that Brady’s beard is no exception.


Tom Brady’s facial hair was almost as famous as his football skills, inspiring many men to try out similar styles. And these are a few of his impressive beard styles. Whether you prefer the polished and refined look box beard or the rugged charm of the 5 o’clock style, there’s no denying that this legendary quarterback knows how to pull off a great beard.


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