27 Most Stylish Beard Styles for Older Men

Even if you’ve started coming on in years, that doesn’t mean you can’t be that one old man with a beard that leaves everyone stunned.

During your golden years, you have plenty of time to experiment with your beard and find a style that fits you. But now it is difficult for you to decide which beard style will be suitable for you at this age.

Here we will go over some of the best styles for seniors with a beard, letting you express yourself in black, white, and all the shades of gray.

The Best Beard Styles for a Bearded Old Man

Seniors with a beard have plenty of styles to choose from to look stylish and express themselves to the fullest. Here are some of the best styles.

1. Full Short Beard

short beard style for older men

Consider a short full beard if you’re looking for something simple to complement a round face. The beard is long enough not to be stubble and works well with plenty of mustache styles.

2. Bandholz Beard

full beard style for older men

If you’re looking for something more eccentric as a bearded old man, a Bnadholz beard just a few inches off the chin is a perfect choice. You will have to trim and train the sides of your gray beard to ensure they grow down to the chin and are better suited for wavy beards.

3. A Trimmed Long Beard

long beard style for older men

If you are after that old-man look with a white beard that reaches his chest, you can try it with a soft and straight beard. To keep it low maintenance, you should stick to a light mustache and trim the sides and cheek lines.

4. Walrus Mustache with a Soul Patch

soul patch beard for older men

Looking to be one of those cowboy old men with a beard? Well, then, a walrus mustache with a soul patch is a great combo. You should shape your mustache accordingly and shave off the rest of your beard.

5. Hulihee Beard with Light Mustache

mutton chop beard for older men

While a walrus mustache is a beginner cowboy mustache, the hulihee is the ultimate cowboy beard. This style looks good on a rectangle face but will require a little time to grow properly.

6. Overgrown Circle Beard

long goatee beard for older men

If you can’t grow a beard on your cheeks, you can grow out your circle beard with an extended goatee. This style is especially good for an oval, thinner face where the chin stands out more. You can trim and shape it if it starts looming a little messy.

7. Horseshoe Mustache with Stubble

horseshoe mustache and beard for older men

Don’t want to commit to a gunslinger beard or mutton chops? Well, then, you can settle for a horseshoe mustache with light stubble. Hulk Hogan had this iconic mustache, so you must do it justice by letting it grow out and trimming it properly.

8. Anchor Beard

bearded old men

The anchor beard is a great choice for seniors with a beard since it doesn’t take up too much real estate and can let your stronger facial features shine. You should shave the rest of your beard and keep the goatee and mustache thin.

9. Low Boxed Beard

beard style for older men over 50

A low-boxed beard style is perfect for oval and square faces since they let you show off your cheekbones while having a beard. You can keep a relatively light beard that is easier to maintain.

10. Curly Full Beard For Older Black Men

beard style for older black men

If you are an Afro-American senior man with a curly beard and don’t want to deal with trimming and all that other upkeep, then you can embrace the curls and let that beard grow out.

11. Long Garibaldi Beard Style For Older Bald Men

beard style for older bald men

A garibaldi beard can be paired with a bald head for a fatherly old-man look. It is especially good for wavy beards since you can trim the sides and help your beard flow down. A garibaldi beard is only as good as the mustache you pair it with, and you must ensure it’s perfectly square.

12. Long Beard with Beard Tie

beard ponytail for older men

If you wish to get creative with your long beard, then you can tie your beard with a small hairband. You can also tie it in multiple places, similar to how the Dothraki in Game of Thrones keeps their beards. You can also find plenty of accessories to add to your beard.

13. Circle Beard

circle beard for older men

You can grow a circle beard if you have a smaller face or generally want to avoid having a long beard. It’s best to keep the mustache and beard the same thickness for a more uniform look, or you can even have a thinner mustache.

14. Scruffy Sideways Beard

curly beard for older men

If you don’t mind the messy look, go for the scruffy sideway beard that gives you an unkempt look. Instead of training the side of the beard to flow down, it flows out of the face making you look like the coziest bearded old man.

15. Braided Long Beard

grey beard style for older men

Seniors with a beard can pay homage to the Vikings by having a braided beard. You should especially braid your beard after oiling and combing it.

16. Extended Goatee

goatee beard style for older men

The extended goatee helps you get that ultimate serious old man with a beard look. Extend your goatee underneath the chin and to the sides, and you should focus more on volume.

17. Pencil Stash with Long Stubble

stubble beard for older men

A pencil stash with long stubble is perfect if you have curly hair and aren’t interested in growing that type of beard. All you need to do is maintain that cheek and neckline and trim down the mustache.

18. Handlebar with Chin Puff

van dyke beard for older men

Grow something more eccentric with the handlebar and chin puff beard, which can help you pull off that Colonel Sanders look. You should trim the middle of the mustache and let the sides grow to get those beautiful handlebars.

19. Mustache with Parted Goatee

senior man with beard

You can also get creative with your beard choices since you can even have a parted goatee. Shave the middle of your chin like a horseshoe, but don’t connect the mustache to the beard.

20. Ducktail Beard with Handlebar

hipster beard for older men

A ducktail beard has a well-shaped tip, but you can take it further by pairing it with a handlebar mustache. It’s a good fit for oval faces since the handlebar mustache can stand out even more.

21. Goatee with Light Mustache

long hair and beard for older men

Why overcomplicate things when a simple goatee with a light mustache works fine? A goatee works with all face shapes and is the easiest beard to grow.

22. Chin Curtain with Light Mustache

beard style for older men over 60

Chin curtains help accentuate the shape of your face, but you can keep a mustache with it if you prefer. This style is especially good for round and square faces.

23. Long Beard without Mustache

amish beard for older men

You can customize your beard with mustaches to find the right one. One way that you can grow your long beard is without a mustache, which gives your beard a more streamlined look.

24. Long Beard with Viking braids

braided beard for older men

Besides having a single long braid of your beard, you can also have multiple small braids like Vikings would have. These can also be easy to customize with all sorts of accessories.

25. Chin Curtain with Pencil Stash

chinstrap beard for older men

A pencil stash is back in style; you can pair it with your chin curtain. It’s a good fit for a round face and highlights the mustache and the beard.

26. Gray Square Beard With Black Mustache

grey square beard for older men

You can also get creative with coloring your beard or mustache, as you can color your mustache black and and pair it with a long beard that is trimmed in a square shape. It’s a unique style that can work with a long, thick, and curly beard.

27. Dreadlock Beards

beard dreads for older men

Are you looking for something more than Viking braids? Why not try dreadlocks on your beard? They work similarly to braids, with the only difference being that they have a different technique and are a little more stylish.

Hope you have decided on your beard style. You can also check the hairstyles for older men with a beard.

How to Care for Senior Man’s Beard

Seniors with a beard must be very careful with maintaining their beards. Not taking proper care of your beard doesn’t just change how your beard looks. It can also damage the facial hair and skin.

Wash Your Beard Daily

The first step to caring for your beard is washing it and keeping it clean. You should wash your beard after a long day at work and only do it with a dedicated beard shampoo. And after washing, use a soft cloth to dry instead of a rough towel.

Oil and Condition

As an old man with a beard, you should also consider conditioning your beard a few times a week and oiling your beard after every wash. Oils help keep your beard healthy, and they can even improve the overall growth of your beard.

Brush Your Beard

If you remove anything from this guide, remember to brush your beard with a dedicated brush at least once daily. It helps exfoliate your hair follicles, spreads oil throughout the beard, and takes out any dirt stuck in it. All in all, it is an important step in taking care of your beard.


As an old man with a beard, who says you can’t look good? With all these unique options, you can find a perfect beard that fits your style. So start experimenting and look your best every day.

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