17 Chin Puff Goatee Styles to Look Sharp

A chin puff goatee is a timeless beard style that effortlessly complements men of all ages. Its versatility allows it to be either dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and can be tailored to accommodate any face shape.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re set to explore some exclusive chin puff goatee styles guaranteed to enhance your look. We will also share some tips and tricks on how to trim a chin puff goatee.

What Is A Chin Puff Goatee?

chin puff goatee beard

A chin puff goatee is a facial hair style where the beard is grown only on the chin area, often narrow and vertical, resembling a puff. It’s part of the goatee beard style.

The chin puff goatee’s size, shape, and density can vary based on individual preference and the ability to grow facial hair. It can be wide, rounded, narrow, or more vertical, offering many ways to personalize this unique facial hairstyle.

This style can be worn on its own, or it can be paired with other styles of facial hair such as a mustache, depending on the desired look.

Best Chin Puff Goatee Styles

From thousands of chin puff goatee style variations, here are some of the coolest ones for you.

1. Classic Chin Puff

chin puff goatee beard style for men

This is the quintessential chin puff goatee, standing alone in its glory on the chin. It’s a beacon of rugged individualism, exemplifying the wearer’s straightforward approach to life. No frills, no extras – just the puffy goatee highlighting your chin with a stoic statement.

2. Brown Chin Puff Beard with Mustache

chin puff goatee with mustache

Combine the brown chin puff beard with a bold handlebar mustache, and you’ve got a look that screams both sophistication and charisma. This variation adds an extra layer of personality, allowing the wearer to show off their grooming skills. It’s a nod to vintage charm while retaining a modern flair.

3. Extended Van Dyke Chin Puff

extended chin puff goatee

Extend your Van Dyke chin puff horizontally towards your jawline. It is grown longer vertically from the soul patch and is wavy in texture.

This style signifies a daring spirit, someone who walks the less-traveled path. It’s a nod to the experimental, the abstract, the artistically inclined.

4. Chin Strip Puff

chin puff goatee beard

A chin strip beard takes a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. This style is for the perfectionists, the meticulous planners, and the ones who appreciate the fine lines of life.

5. Wide Chin Puff

wide chin puff goatee

On the flip side, a wide chin puff brings forth a sense of boldness and dominance. It’s for those who don’t shy away from taking up space, asserting their presence with a robust and commanding puff.

6. Pointed Chin Puff

pointed chin puff goatee

A pointed chin puff is an indicator of daring and adventurous spirit. It’s unconventional, making it the perfect fit for those who don’t mind standing out and straying from the norm.

7. Faded Chin Puff

faded chin puff goatee

The faded chin puff is an ode to subtlety. It’s all about the gradual transition from full to bare, mirroring the ebb and flow of the tides, the waxing and waning of the moon. It’s the style for those who find beauty in transience.

8. Triangular Chin Puff with Horseshoe Mustache

van dyke chin puff goatee

A triangular grey chin puff combines the puff with a soul patch. The base of the triangle shape in created on the upper part of the soul patch. The width is gradually decreased and the top point of the triangle is formed just below the chin.

The salt and pepper horseshoe mustache adds a vintage cowboy vibe to this look. The chin puff style exudes a sense of intellectual depth, ideal for those who enjoy the finer, classic things in life.

9. Grey Chin Puff

grey chin puff goatee

A grey chin puff adds a touch of distinction and maturity to your appearance. It can be a striking contrast on darker skin tones, and on lighter skin, it emphasizes a dignified, silver fox aesthetic.

10. Chin Puff with Mohawk

mohawk with chin puff goatee

A mohawk hairstyle combined with a chin puff creates a stark, intriguing contrast. It mixes the crisp, clean edgy look of a contemporary haircut with the casual flair of the chin puff.

11. Chin Puff with Long Hair

chin puff goatee with long hair

A chin puff paired with long, flowing hair creates a bohemian, free-spirited look. It can give off a distinctly artistic or alternative vibe.

12. Chin Puff with Buzz Cut

chin puff goatee with buzz cut

Pairing a buzz cut with a chin puff adds an edge to your look, emphasizing the goatee and your facial features.

13. Blonde Chin Puff

blonde chin puff goatee

A blonde chin puff, either natural or dyed, stands out from the crowd. It adds a bright, lighthearted dimension to the chin puff style.

14. Chin Puff with Bald Head

bald guy with chin puff goatee

A chin puff coupled with a bald head is a striking look that places all the emphasis on the goatee, underlining confidence and personal style.

15. Black and White Chin Puff

black and white chin puff goatee

A black and white chin puff – where some of the hair is black and some has turned white – is a naturally striking and distinguished style. It symbolizes wisdom and life experience.

16. Chin Puff with Pompadour

pompadour with chin puff goatee

Combining a chin puff with a pompadour hairstyle creates a vintage yet modern look. The pomp adds height to the hair, while the goatee adds intrigue to the face, making this a bold fashion statement.

17. Goat Patch Chin Puff

chin puff goat patch

It is a narrow tuft of hair that extends vertically down the chin, coupled with a small patch of hair just below the lower lip, known as the ‘goat patch’.

How to Trim A Chin Puff Goatee

Trimming a chin puff goatee requires careful attention and the right tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect chin puff goatee.

Tools Required

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools:

  • A sharp razor
  • A beard trimmer with adjustable guard attachments
  • A mirror (preferably a magnifying mirror for better precision)

Once you have gathered the tools it’s time for some actual trimming. Follow the steps in order to trim your chin puff goatee.

1. Clean Shave

Decide where you want your chin puff to be. Typically, it is directly on the chin, and the shape can be rounded, square, or vertical. Use a razor to shave the rest of your face, leaving the hair in your chosen chin puff area.

2. Create the Chin Puff

Now, focus on the chin area. Use a beard trimmer with a guard attachment to trim a small, round patch of hair on your chin. The size of the puff is up to you, but it’s generally centered on the chin and does not extend beyond the width of the mouth.

3. Adjust the Length

Adjust the length of the chin puff using the trimmer’s guard attachments. If you want a shorter chin puff goatee, use a shorter guard attachment. If you prefer a longer chin puff, use a longer guard attachment. Remember, it’s always better to start longer – you can always trim more, but if you cut it too short, you’ll have to wait for it to grow back.

4. Final Touches

Once you’re happy with the size and length of your chin puff, use your razor to make any final touch-ups. This can include cleaning up the edges of the chin puff to ensure it’s symmetrical and the rest of the face is still cleanly shaven.

5. Clean Up and Maintain Your Look

Rinse your face with cool water to remove any loose hairs and soothe the skin. Remember to regularly maintain your chin puff goatee by repeating this process as the hair grows back.

So, choose your favorite chin puff goatee style and shape your beard accordingly and rock it with formal or with jeans and a t-shirt.


1. What face shape is most suitable for a chin puff goatee?

The chin puff goatee suits most face shapes but is especially flattering for those with a round face as it adds length to the face.

2. How long does it take to grow a chin puff goatee?

It depends on individual hair growth rates. However, on average, it might take a few weeks to grow a substantial chin puff.

3. Can I grow a chin puff goatee if my beard growth is patchy?

Yes, a chin puff goatee can still be an option if your beard growth is patchy. The style focuses on the chin area, so the rest of the facial hair growth is less relevant.

4. Is a chin puff goatee professional-looking?

It depends on the specific environment. While it’s more accepted in creative fields, it might be less so in very conservative professional environments.

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