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How to Connect Your Beard That Looks Awesome

A connected beard with the mustache is the sign of masculinity. But, if there remains a gap between the mustache and the beard it will be referred to one’s inability to grow beard connectors. This is a common problem faced by a large number of people. Don’t worry if your mustache doesn’t connect to your beard. Though beard growth is a natural phenomenon, it can be fixed if taken care of.


Connect Your Mustache with the Beard

Connect Beard with mustache

Everyone is different. That’s why there is no fixed method to make one’s mustache connect to the beard. Some guys develop facial hair from very young age whereas some do so when they are adult. One should wait till the puberty period ends which starts at almost 13 years old and goes on until 20 for some men.

During this period, the changes will take place automatically. Once you’re done with the natural process and still there are no beard connectors, then find out a solution. And, on that note, you need our help.

Handy Tips on Beard Growth for First Timer

How to Connect the Beard


One can easily fill the gap between the mustache and the beard with patience and the right kind of styling products. A mustache wax can guide the tip of the mustache to the nearest point of the beard. A balanced diet containing vegetables, fruits, and proteins can help you grow healthy hair.

Above all, having patience is a must, because depending on genetics one may need one week to more than a month to grow mustache and beard which will act as beard connectors.  Let’s see how you can create beard connectors.

  • Grow a Mustache: Fill the gap between the beard and the mustache by letting the mustache grow to a length which will meet the edge of the beard. You can use beard styling product such as mustache wax to direct the growth of the mustache.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet: Eating habit can control the growth of your hair. Hair is made of keratin protein and this is related to other vitamins and minerals too. That’s why a balanced diet is a must to get proper hair growth and thickness. One should eat healthy food consisting of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Drink a good amount of pure water. that can also help you in this regard.
  • Take Biotin Supplement/Use a Beard Oil: As science is progressing, there is a solution to every problem. One can take a biotin supplement which will provide his body with the required energy to grow a beard. And, using a beard oil side by side will complete the task as a pro. There are a lot of products which can help grow a beard, you can try them to make beard connectors.
  • Pay Attention:  Take care of the skin and facial hair regularly. One may be a victim of patch hair because of the lifestyle and food habit. So, change the bad habits. Avoid smoking and drinking, sleep well, and take multivitamin and vitamin pill to cover up the nutrient deficiency. If you pay attention to the beard, the beard will also pay back with a good rate of hair growth.

Causes of Beard Split Ends & Remedies

You can never understand the pain of a person who doesn’t have beard connectors. This unexpected gap between the mustache and the beard ruins the manliness of an individual. Here is a tip for you. If you have that painful gap, try a different beard style where you need either mustache or beard.