Military Mustache: Facts You Must Know

Being in the military means that you have to do things by the book. You need to make sure that you are following the rules properly so that you do not get reprimanded.

This can potentially cause problems for mustache lovers who want to be able to groom their mustaches as they see fit. Many people have been wondering whether or not you are allowed to style a mustache in the military.

The answer is that it differs depending on the branch of the military that you are in. Different branches will have different regulations and standards. Things have also changed throughout history.

At certain points in time, military mustaches were very common and were actually quite intricate. In modern times, most military regulations prevent those who are enlisted from doing anything too elaborate.


Can You Have a Mustache in The Military?

There are no strict rules governing mustache in the military. However, soldiers are generally expected to maintain a neat and professional appearance. Mustaches are generally permitted as long as they are neatly trimmed and do not extend below the lip line.

In general, the military prefers that service members be clean-shaven, as facial hair can be a safety hazard when wearing a gas mask or other protective gear.

Also, training exercises and missions can get rough. That’s why the military likes its troops to look neat and clean at all times.


How Long Can Your Mustache Be In The Military?

Mustaches are usually tolerated as long as they meet the standards set by the military. Soldiers should not grow a mustache longer than a horizontal line drawn from the corner of the mouth and not more than ¼ inch from a vertical line.

In addition to that, military guideline prohibits a bushy and chopped-off style. Also, the mustache should not cover the upper lip line and go beyond the lip line.


How a Military Mustache Really Looks

military mustache

Typically, a military man’s mustache style will have to meet certain guidelines. For example, a branch of the army may require that a mustache stays under half an inch in length.

Some other common guidelines include not being allowed to have the mustache conceal any part of the upper lip or having it extend beyond the corners of your mouth.

Most army mustache regulations are going to be fairly limited when it comes to managing your mustache.


Tips to Trim Mustache for Military Men

how to trim military mustache

Trimming a military mustache should be done in accordance with any standards set by the branch of the military that you are in. As such, it is appropriate to check with your appropriate authorities to determine what the guidelines are.

This will help to avoid any problems and will allow you to know how to go about trimming your mustache. Never be afraid to ask questions if you are unclear on something.

That being said, the easiest way to trim your mustache will be with a mustache trimmer. An electric beard trimmer can be used with a guard that will keep it at the appropriate length.

This is much faster than using scissors and a ruler to keep things in check. You should be able to take care of your mustache trimming very expediently so long as you have a trimmer.


Can You Style Your Mustache However You Want

army mustache regulations

You are usually not able to style your mustache however you want when you are enlisted in the army. Things will be different if you are off duty so you may wish to ask certain questions about expectations so that you can gain the right knowledge.

As always, standards will differ depending on which branch of the military you are a part of. This means that you need to adhere to the specific standards of your military branch as it is not uniform across all branches.

People will not generally be allowed to style their mustaches in wild or elaborate ways. If you like to curl your mustache, then know that this will typically not be allowed.

It may be a bit of a disappointment to those who like to have a bit of fun with mustache styling but it is the way that things are set up. You should never try to do anything out of the ordinary without getting approval first.


You will need to keep your mustache trimmed fairly short while you are in the military. Exact army mustache regulations will differ between different military branches but you should know that you will not be free to do as you please while on duty.

Keep all of the rules in mind and try to trim your mustache properly throughout your military career.

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