7 of The Best Chris Evans Beard Styles

Hollywood’s renowned actor and director Chris Evans have a perfectly chiseled face. He looks amazing in any beard style he wears and is copied by his fans. Below is a list of 7 of the most popular Chris Evans beard styles you can copy.


1. Light goatee with a disconnected light mustache

chris-evans beards

It’s a light beard and suits all men. This facial hairstyle has a light goatee just covering the chin area and a light disconnected mustache to balance it. The jawline is clean shaved and the sideburns are kept thick and long. This is one of the most youthful-looking Chris Evans beard styles.


2. Light Stubble

CHRIS EVANS Stubble Beard

To get this beard style you need to have light stubble covering the chin and jaw lines. There is a light mustache matching the stubble style with the sideburns that are trimmed light and short.

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3. Strong stubble

Chris Evans beard strong stubble

The style is a great one to try out. It is easy to maintain and has slightly strong stubble in the chin and the jawline areas. There is a preened mustache matching the stubble beard. The sideburns are kept trimmed and short. This Chris Evans beard style gives a slightly rugged look to the face.


4. Chinstrap beard

Chris Evans beard

If you wish to try out something different, try this one or sure. The beard style looks stylish and a chinstrap beard extending from right jawline to the left, meeting the long trimmed sideburns is grown. There is also a strong preened goatee extending from below the lower lip to the chin and the mustache is clean shaved.

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5. Light Beard with a disconnected mustache

Chris Evans beard-5

You too can get this cool look using simple steps. The style has a light beard extending from the right jawline to the left via the chin area. The sideburns are trimmed and meet the jawline hair on both sides. There is a well preened disconnected mustache complementing the beard.


6. Light beard with a connected mustache

Chris Evans full beard with glass

If you wish to get a nerdy look, then this one is great for you. It is an attractive beard style with a light preened beard extending from right jawline to the left while meeting the perfect trimmed sideburns. There is a complementing trimmed strong mustache connected to the beard on both sides.


7. Full beard with a strongly connected mustache

Chris Evans Full beard style with spiky hair

It is one of the most elegant beard styles, that will make you look smart and classy. This is yet another stylish Chris Evans beard style and involves having a heavy and well-trimmed beard extending from right jawline to the left while meeting the preened sideburns. There is a matching well-trimmed strong mustache connected to the beard on both sides.

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Chris Evans is well known for his role as Marvel Comics’ superhero, Captain America. He is a style icon as his grooming style has become a fashion trend around the world. Men all around the globe are increasingly copying his style and trying out his different beard styles.

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