Mustache With Goatee: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain

When mustache and goatee are combined, they create a classic and sophisticated look. But if you don’t know how to, it can be a challenging process.

A mustache is a style of facial hair that involves growing hair above the upper lip, while a goatee involves growing hair on the chin and upper lip while keeping the cheeks and sideburns shaved.

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned pro, our comprehensive guide to growing and maintaining a mustache with a goatee has everything you need, from selecting the right style to growing and maintaining.


Mustache and Goatee are two different styles in one. The mustache and goatee 2 in 1 beard style began in the 18th century. The style is still very popular in the 21st century and the mustache with goatee style is still popular among men of all ages and backgrounds.


This kind of facial hairstyle suits individuals with oval or diamond faces. An individual with diamond or oval shape have a small chin and huge cheek born. Therefore, the beards broaden their chin, thus developing a balance of the face.


Growing a mustache and goatee does not call for so much attention. However, if you choose to join your mustache and goatee, you will need to work on it more. You can also separate them.

mustache and goatee beard example

Let’s me take you through the process of growing your mustache and goatee.

  1. Different facial shapes work better with different styles of facial hair. For example, if you have a round face, you may want to consider a goatee with a longer, narrow shape to help elongate your face.
  2. Once you’ve determined the shape of your face, it’s time to choose the right mustache and goatee style to complement your facial features. There are several popular mustache styles to choose from, including the Chevron, the Handlebar, and the Horseshoe. Popular goatee styles include the Classic Goatee, the Van Dyke, and the Anchor.
  3. Resist the urge to trim or shape your mustache and grow your facial hair to the desired length. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.
  4. To promote healthy beard and mustache growth, make sure to eat a diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Recommended Mustache Styles


Many people love maintaining their mustache and goatee facial hairstyle based on size. Nonetheless, you need to understand this process any less important. There are Individuals who love trimming the mustaches joined with the goatee while others do them separately. All in all, the trimming process remains the same. Let’s check out!

  1. Shave the hair on your cheek and neck.
  2. You can also shave your soul patch or leave it.
  3. Trim the edges of your mustache and goatee to achieve a fine shape.
  4. Trim your mustache using a comb to achieve a certain level of your mustache or level the long or even roll them, similar to the goatee.



  • Do not trim your beard when it has not grown to full length.
  • Visit a salon or barbershop if it is your fast time to shave your mustache and goatee.

Masculine Goatee Styles in Trend


Maintaining a mustache and goatee is NOT a tough task to do. You are supposed to shave your cheek facial hair frequently and make sure that the outline remains clear. Secondly, You need to clean your facial hair on a daily basis to remove debris. That’s it!

Different Types of Mustache with Goatee

Here are a few types of mustaches with goatees that you try out!

1. Handlebar Mustache with Van Dyke Goatee

handlebar mustache with van dyke goatee

A sophisticated combination, the Handlebar Mustache with VanDyke Goatee is perfect for the gentleman who desires a distinguished look. Regular grooming and wax application keep the mustache curled, while maintaining the goatee’s distinct V-shape.


2. Pencil Mustache with Goatee

pencil mustache with goatee

Ideal for the modern minimalist, the Pencil Mustache with Goatee complements a sleek, refined appearance. To achieve this style, trim the mustache and goatee into thin lines, and use a fine-tooth comb for a polished finish.


3. Landing Strip Goatee with Patchy Mustache

landing strip goatee with a patchy mustache

This style includes a thin strip of hair running from the chin to the bottom lip creates a unique look, while the patchy mustache adds a touch of ruggedness. To achieve this style, use a trimmer to create a strip of hair down the center of the chin and trim the mustache to create a patchy appearance. Regular trimming and maintenance are necessary to keep the look sharp and defined.

4. Extended Goatee with Mustache and Soul Patch

extended goatee with mustache and soul patch

This style suits men with an even facial growth, emphasizing the vertical goatee line. Maintain the landing strip by shaving the area around it, and allow the patchy mustache to grow for a good look.


5. Blonde Mustache with Classic Goatee 

blonde mustache with classic goatee

A great option for fair-haired men, the Blonde Mustache with Classic Goatee enhances facial features. Maintain this style by keeping the mustache and goatee at a medium length, and trim regularly for a clean appearance.


6. Mustache With Sharp Lined Goatee

black men mustache with sharp lined goatee

For a striking, angular look, the Mustache with Sharp Lined Goatee is ideal. Achieve this style by creating well-defined lines for both the mustache and goatee, and maintain the sharp edges with frequent trimming.


7. Disconnected Goatee with Soul Patch and Mustache

johnny depp mustache with goatee

This style features a goatee, soul patch, and mustache. To achieve this badass look, focus on keeping your hair the appropriate length and shaving off the sides. Remember to trim the facial hair with grooming once in a while.


8. Long Goatee with Mustache and Bald Head

long goatee with mustache

For those who appreciate a bold statement, the Long Goatee with Mustache is a perfect choice. Allow the goatee to grow long while keeping the mustache trimmed. Use beard oil to maintain a healthy, lustrous appearance.


9. Circle beard with Chin Puff and Soul Patch

goatee with mustache

The circle Beard, combined with a chin puff and soul patch, offers a refined, distinguished appearance. Shape the facial hair into a smooth, circular pattern and keep the chin puff and soul patch neatly trimmed.


10. Soft Goatee with Light Chin Strap and Pencil Stache

patchy mustache with goatee

Ideal for a subtle, yet stylish look, the Soft Goatee with a light chin strap and pencil stache is an excellent choice. Maintain this style by keeping the facial hair short and neatly trimmed, focusing on clean lines and gentle curves.


11. Classic Goatee with Salt and Pepper Chin Puff

Asian mustache with goatee

For a distinguished, mature appearance, the classic goatee with a salt and pepper chin puff is perfect. Embrace the natural color variation by keeping the goatee and chin puff at a medium length and well-groomed.


12. Square Chin Drape with Natural Mustache and Soul Patch

thick mustache with short goatee

Best suited for men with triangular jawlines, this style features a natural mustache and soul patch with a square chin drape. Maintain the sharp lines of the chin drape and keep the mustache and soul patch neatly trimmed.


13. Soft Disconnected Goatee with Curly Hair

short mustache with goatee

For a carefree, casual look, the soft disconnected goatee is perfect. Allow the facial hair to grow naturally, and trim only when necessary to maintain the disconnected appearance.


14. Medium Stubble Without Sideburns

robert downey jr mustache with extended goatee

Ideal for a low-maintenance, rugged look, medium stubble without sideburns suits most face shapes. Keep the facial hair at a medium length and shave the sideburns for a clean, masculine appearance.


15. Disconnected Goatee with Side Burns

mustache and goatee with curly hair

A versatile style, the disconnected goatee with sideburns complements most face shapes. Maintain the goatee by keeping it neatly trimmed, and allow the sideburns to grow for a more distinctive look.


16. Long Chin Puff with a Mustache and Soul Patch

bald guy with goatee and mustache

For a unique, artistic appearance, the Long Chin Puff with a mustache and soul patch is a perfect choice. Allow the chin puff to grow long while keeping the mustache and soul patch well-groomed.


17. Scruffy Disconnected Goatee with Mustache

grey mustache with goatee

Ideal for a laid-back, casual look, the scruffy disconnected goatee requires minimal maintenance. Allow the facial hair to grow naturally and trim only when necessary to keep the scruffy appearance.


18. Bushy goatee

goatee beard with mustache

For those who prefer a full, natural look, the Bushy Goatee is perfect. Allow the facial hair to grow along the chin, while shaving the cheeks to give your beard a defined look.


19. Razor Sharp Goatee with Soul Patch

mustache with extended goatee

Here’s a suave style for angular faces. It involves shaved cheeks and neck for a more distinct goatee. You’ll have to trim the edges of your goatee regularly and apply beard for a sophisticated look.


20. Pointed Chin Puff with a mustache

goatee and mustache

Retro style featuring a small, pointed goatee with a thin mustache. It suits men with a narrow chin and sharp jawline. To create this style, shave along the cheeks and neck, leaving a small patch under the chin. Remember to trim and shape with mustache wax.


Styling Tips for Mustache with Goatee

There are a few tips and tricks for styling your mustache with a goatee to enhance the overall look. 

  1. Choose outfits that complement the color and texture of your facial hair, and avoid patterns that clash with your facial hair. For example, a simple button-down shirt and slacks can be a great choice to showcase your goatee.
  2. Eyewear can be a great accessory to pair with a mustache and goatee. Your glasses should compliment your face shape. Round glasses can work well with a round mustache and goatee, while square glasses can complement a more angular facial hair style.
  3. Accessories like hats, scarves, and jewelry can be great additions to enhance the overall look of your mustache with goatee.
  4. For formal occasions, keep your mustache neatly trimmed.  Trimming the mustache and goatee regularly is also important to maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming too long.

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