How to Style John Krasinski Beard + Top 9 Looks

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable leading men, If there’s one thing that’s as iconic as John Krasinski’s acting, it’s his beard. Krasinski’s beard, which has gone through many iterations over the years, has become an integral part of his look.

John Krasinski has been a source of beard-style inspiration for many a man, haven’t they? The actor himself is a huge fan of beards and it shows in the way he keeps playing with different short beard styles.

In this article, we’ll explore the different beard styles of John Krasinski and the techniques to rock it.


How to Achieve John Krasinski Beard

John Krasinski with beard

The A Quiet Place hero has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to get the perfect beards. Let’s see how you can achieve the perfect beards as him. Also, you can get inspiration from these celebrity beard styles.

  • Shampoo and condition your beard with some nice beard shampoo and conditioner as the cleanest beard is the best beard. It’s better to shampoo your beard thrice a week to keep it fresh and soft.
  • In order to get the perfect John Krasinski beard, you need to grow it fully. And that might even take you months to get a full-grown beard which you can shape later on.
  • Cut and shape it while keeping your favorite John Krasinski look like a sample.
  • Always use a beard brush or beard comb to untangle and smoothen your beard. It will leave the beard soft and it will be easy to style it in the way that you desire to.
  • Use a good quality beard balm to keep the beard shiny and smooth all the time. It will help you keep your beard hydrated and will protect the hair from winds and dust.
  • Keep your beard well-shaped all the time and give it regular trims to look as on good as John Krasinski does.


Best of John Krasinski Beard Styles

Well, now that you know how to get a beard like John Krasinski then why not go ahead and choose a beard style for you. Here are 9 of our favorite looks taken up by this handsome gentleman, you can choose any one of these.


1. Patchy Designer Stubble with Clean Sideburns

John Krasinski was seen in CinemaCon Las Vegas in 2024 with a patchy designer stubble beard. unlike his previous full stubble styles, Krasinski kept his sideburns clean this time and as usual looked handsome with his formal outfits.  


2. Slightly Tapered 3-Month Beard

John Krasinski with Full Beard

If anyone can pull off a full beard in such a sexy and appealing way then it is John Krasinski. He has his beard tapered his beard at the sides which grow thinner towards the ears.

This look is rather rough and hot, but you can go for it and stay simple yet seem irresistible. The best part is that you do not have to spend a long time on shaping or setting it. Just a little brushing and you are good to go.


3. Heavy Stubble Beard

John Krasinski's Stubble beard

If you want to have a John Krasinski inspired beard but you do not want to go too hairy then you can try this short and light beard.


4. Short-Boxed Beard Pointed On Chin

It is a type of beard that is groomed to be short and neat, with the hair on the chin area pointed. Krasinski rocked this beard style with a darker shade of sky blue suit and white shirt.


5. Light Sexy Stubble

John Krasinski with light stubble beard

What’s better than a 5 o’clock feel to your beard? You can have this light stubble to make people go crazy for you just like John has done successfully here.


6. Laidback Thick Beard

Popular John Krasinski Beard Styles

Well, this lovely and simple beard is totally your thing if you want a full beard with no extra angles or sharpness to it.


7. Medium Stubble Beard

John Krasinski with Long Hair and Stubble Beard

This beard is what most of the men like since it has the right charm of a beard and fun combined in the most perfect manner.


8. John Krasinski without Beard

john krasinski without beard

The picture of John Krasinki without a beard became popular in 2020. This picture was taken during his high school prom and this blurry picture was posted on his official insta page when Krasinski announced a virtual prom on his YouTube channel for students who missed out on their own prom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


9. Jawline Beard and Glasses

krasinski with bushy beard and glasses

John Krasinski was seen with a bushy beard and glasses on his youtube channel SGN(some good news). He looks different with his thick and full jawline beard style.


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