10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

We all made a few mistakes when growing and styling our first (or sometimes second or third mustache). That’s where the first funniest mustaches come from.

When you realize that the mustache is ruined, the time comes for some funny experiments with your facial hair. Some of these experiments are so hilarious, you might consider leaving them there for a while.

Laughing at your on mistakes is fun. Looking at someone else’s can be even funnier. Some people go out of their way of growing something ridiculous on their faces. Others look at them and enjoy the moment.


The Funniest Mustaches You Have Ever Seen

Making a funny mustache by mistake is easy. Making it on purpose is a real art. Some people try their best to come up with something hilarious to stand out of the crowd.

While some men grow spiky mohawks and use outrageous hair dyes, others experiment with mustaches and beards. We have found 10 of the funniest mustaches out there to make your day a little more fun. Take a look!

1. Question mark

Funniest-Mustaches-1 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

This cute question mark is nothing more than a beard styling gone wrong. Before shaving it all off, this man decided to get creative about it. Such a mustache and beard combination can be a great idea for a special occasion or a masquerade.


2. Beehive

Funniest-Mustaches-2 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

This outstanding mustache is a result of long and tedious hair growth. In order to create such complicated constructions, you will need to spend years growing your facial hair and hours styling it. But the result exceeds all expectations.


3. Mustache design

Funniest-Mustaches-3 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

Hair designs are very popular nowadays. So why not go for mustache and beard designs. The more hair you have, the more options become available to you. You can go from simple geometrical shapes to amazing designs.


4. Crazy handlebar

Funniest-Mustaches-4 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

Wao! This is another one of the funniest mustaches because of its creativity & fun. Spent months growing a perfect handlebar and now it is so long you don’t know what to do with it? This man decided to glue the ends to his face. Why would he do that? It’s obvious. When the mustache gets too long, it doesn’t stick upwards anymore.


5. Octopus

Funniest-Mustaches-5 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

Your love for handlebar mustaches has gone too far? No problem. Make an octopus. This man is not afraid of mustache and beard experiments. He spent years growing a beard long enough to be styled into something out of this world.


6. The emperor

Funniest-Mustaches-6 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

In his fight to look regal this man achieved a certain mix between an imperial beard and something outrageously funny. Overdoing a beard style is one of the funniest thing you can do. Beware, bigger doesn’t always mean better.


7. The real handles

Funniest-Mustaches-7 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

This guy really liked his mustache wax. He just can’t go anywhere without it! Growing a large and long mustache is a real hassle. Styling it is even harder. But mustache wax can do wonders. Let your imagination run wild!


8. The best effort

Funniest-Mustaches-8 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

Many men know how hard it is to grow a full mustache. So what do you do if you’ve given it your best effort but all you’ve got is some stray hair? Take advantage of it! Before shaving the mustache off and forgetting about facial hair, create something like this funny mustache to lift your mood.


9. Betstache

Funniest-Mustaches-9 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

Mustache designs can go a long way. Especially if you are into superheroes. So what do you do if you’ve got no superpowers but have a long mustache? Make it look like a bat! This is a real mood lifter!


10. The spiral

Funniest-Mustaches-10 10 Funniest Mustaches To Laugh Your Head Off

You hate your beard and are planning to shave it off? Don’t do it! Visit your favorite barber and let him have his way with your facial hair. We bet you’ll love the result. Too bad it will probably be short-lived. But who knows? Maybe you’ll stay with it.


Going crazy with your mustache and beard is a lot of fun. Even if you are not brave enough to try one of these outrageous options, you can still have a lot of fun looking at them. We hope these guys really made your day.