Brock Lesnar Beard: 3 Rugged and Masculine Looks to Try (2024)

Who doesn’t know Brock Lesnar for his explosive power and ferocious demeanor in WWE? But, recently, he has been getting attention due to his new beard style.

The WWE and UFC star maintained a clean-shaved look most of his career. As he grew older, facial hair became an iconic part of his persona.

Although The Beast Incarnate doesn’t have as many beard styles as Conor McGregor, the few he does catches enough attention from fans and critics.


Brock Lesnar’s Latest Beard Styles

latest beardstyle by brock lesnar


Brock Lesnar sported a number of different facial hair styles over the years, but the following are particular ones that stand out. Each of these styles has a unique look, making him appear from subtle to daring.


1. Full Beard with Defined Jawline

brock lesnar beard and ponytail


This beard style contains a thick, bushy beard covering his entire jawline, chin, and upper neck. He keeps the cheek neatly trimmed with a zero-sized trimmer. The cheek also has defined edges starting from sideburns. However, Brock Lesnar kept the mustache short and disconnected, giving him a rugged, masculine look.


2. Full Boxed Beard

brock lesnar beard style


Brock Lesnar with a full box beard, is a specific variation of his style. This style is characterized by a neatly shaved square shape cheek line that connects his mustache.

The boxed beard style often features a shorter length than some of Lesnar’s other full beard variations, but it still maintains the thick, bushy texture, which is a hallmark of his facial hair.

This style creates a sharp, polished look that adds to Lesnar’s intimidating presence in the ring.


3. Short Garibaldi

brock lesnar facial hair


Brock Lesnar’s Garibaldi features a medium, full beard with a distinct rounded shape on the chin. He achieved this style by growing a full beard but keeping only a few inches from the chin. 

Since the short garibaldi beard is typically more rounded and less square-shaped than other beard styles, the WWE star kept it slightly unkempt, giving it a natural look. Ultimately, this style gives Brock Lesnar a rugged appearance while still maintaining a somewhat polished and groomed look.


Recently Brock Lesnar’s beard style has become a significant part of his overall look, both in and out of the ring. His thick, rugged beard perfectly matches his physique and intense gaze. It creates an intimidating presence that strikes fear into his opponents. Although his beard has undergone some variations over the years, the overall look remains consistent and instantly recognizable to fans.

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