15 Exemplary Amish Beards to Copy

Amish beard also known as shenandoah beard is the beard style of traditional Christian men who believe in simple living. A conventional Amish beard comprises a long beard with a cleanly shaved mustache. These days, the definition of the Amish beard has changed a lot and with its numerous variations, is very trendy and donned by men all over the world.

How Amish Beard Evolved

Amish bread has a very long history traced back to the 16th century. Amish are a religious group. What’s more, they cared so much about humanity and detested anything that would hurt it. With the evil that was going around, the Amish decide to come up with the Amish Beards as an identification that separates them from the others. This style has gained a lot of fame since then.

amish beard collage

Suitable for

Let me be very frank with you guys. This beard style is suitable for any person who has no mustache. Nonetheless, if you have a mustache, you can still shave it. Amish beards go well with individuals who have egg-shaped faces.

egg or oval faces suit amish beard

How to Grow

When you hear about Amish or Shenandoah beards, you probably imagine something long and unkempt. You are quite wrong. A Shenandoah beard can be very neat and stylish if you know how to make and maintain it properly. This beard will become a great choice for men who want to hide the protruding chin or make a square jaw softer.

Creating an Amish beard is quite easy if you follow a few simple rules. Remember, growing a beard requires some time, so be patient. If you give it your best, you will surely be amazed by the result.

First of all, you need to grow a full-fledged stubble. Trim it to be about 4 – 5 mm. Make upper and lower boundaries with the consideration of natural facial lines. Make the hair all the same length. Shave the stubble beneath the lower lip, as well as on your neck, upper lip and cheeks.

amish beard

You are now ready to start growing a long beard. Let it grow naturally and don’t forget to follow the above rules for keeping the beard neat. Amish beards range in length. You can keep your shenandoah beard 4-5 mm or grow it as long as you wish. If you want to look stylish, you must keep your beard neat.

Otherwise, a fashionable Amish beard will turn into unkempt facial hair. If you opt for a very long Amish beard, make it a habit to cut it on a regular basis. Visit a barber at least once every few months to get a professional trim and some advice on beard maintenance.

Don’t forget to care for your Amish beard, no matter how long it is. The hair on your face needs just as much attention as the one on your head. You need to wash your beard on a regular basis. Make sure to keep it clean and dry.

Just like a regular hairstyle, your long beard needs regular trimming and styling. Make sure to get rid of all the stray hair with the help of a trimmer or a razor.

Keep In Mind:

  1. You need to wash your beard on daily basis with warm water to reduce debris.
  2. Oil your Amish beard after wash to give it a soft touch.
  3. Make sure you shave off your mustache.
  4. Comb on a daily basis.

How to Trim

Trimming an Amish beard is easy. As a matter of fact, you only need a razor or Wahl shaving machine to assist you clear your mustache. Though, you need to be careful during the process. Below are some tips on how to trim your Amish bread:

  1. Clean your beards with warm water to remove the debris.
  2. Comb your beards to make the hair straight.
  3. Use your razor or shaving machine to clear your beards.
  4. You can let the beard grow up to any length or trim them when they grow to your desired length.

Amish Beard Styles To Try

Amish beards are religious that’s true, but it need not be boring. Below is a list of 15 trendy Amish beard styles for modern men to try:

1. Very long chin curtain

Amish beard-1

This is the traditional Amish beard comprising of a hanging curtain of hair extending from the lower part of the chin to the chest. The jawline is heavy meeting the chin hair on both sides. The mustache and upper chin area are clean shaved.

2. Double-ended chin curtain

Amish beard-2

This facial hairstyle has a long rugged chin curtain having two ends. The curtain is quite broad and extends from the upper chin area to the chest. The mustache is clean shaved and the sideburns are thick and long blending into the jawline hair.

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3. Heavy chin curtain

This facial hairstyle gives a rugged look and is impressive too. It incorporates a heavy hair curtain extending from right jawline to the left and covering the full chin area. There is a strong connected mustache and the sideburns are trimmed long to blend in with the thick jawline hair.

4. Short Chin Strap Beard

Amish beard-4

This Amish beard style consists of a thinner strip of hair along the jawline that connects with the burst fade haircut. It is known as a chin strap Amish beard style and people who cant grow long beard can copy this look.

5. Rugged and broad chin curtain

Amish beard-5

This facial hairstyle has a rugged and broad beard extending from right jawline to the left while fully covering the chin area. The beard hair is perfectly trimmed to match the lengths of hair on the jawline and the chin. The mustache is clean shaved and the sideburns are rugged growing out, matching with the beard hair.

6. Long chin curtain with short jawline hair

Amish beard-6

In this style, you need to grow a long chin curtain extending from the upper chin area to the chest. The jawline is heavy with short trimmed hair meeting strong sideburns on both sides. The mustache is clean shaved.

7. Medium Length Full Beard

Amish beard-7

Grow a short trimmed chin curtain extending from right jawline to the left via the chin to get this great look. The sideburns are long meeting the jawline hair on both sides. There is a light disconnected mustache and a light soul patch below the lower lip extending to the end of the chin.

8. Chin Curtain with Connectors

Amish beard-8

This Shenandoah beard style has a short and rugged chin curtain extending from right jawline to the left via the chin. The mustache is clean shaved but two mustache connectors meet the chin hair on either side of the mouth. The sideburns are rugged blending with the jawline hair on both sides.

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9. Very Long Beard with Bald Head

amish beard for older men

This beard extends from the jawline to the chest length covering the full chin area. The sideburns are trimmed and short meeting the heavy jawline on both sides. The bald head complements the long beard style.

10. Extremely Long Beard

Amish beard-10

This beard has an extremely long chin curtain hanging from the jawlines and the chin to below the chest. Though mustache is not allowed with an Amish beard, you can pair an untrimmed mustache and blend it with the beard for balancing your style. Else you might look imbalanced without the mustache. The sideburns are also rugged and strong meeting the jawline hair on both sides.

11. Bushy and Long Curly Beard without a Mustache

Amish Beard
Long black amish-type beard without mustache

This is a long bushy curly Amish beard style. The sideburns are also rugged and grow out of the face matching the beard style. The texture of the hair is opposite to the beard. It is thin and straight and side parted with a comb.

12. Short trimmed chin curtain

Amish beard-12

It has a short and trimmed chin curtain extending evenly from right jawline to the left and covering the chin area fully. The sideburns are strong and well-trimmed which blend in with the jawline hair on both sides. The mustache is clean-shaved. This style is also known as Dutch Beard

13. Combed and Set Yeard Beard

Amish beard-13

This Amish beard style is combed up and then set sideways, whereas, the chin hair is combed and set downwards. The sideburns blend in with the jawline hair and the mustache is clean shaved. This is a Cool Amish beard style for a small face shape.

14. Neck Beard with Glasses

amish beard for men with glasses

This facial hairstyle incorporates an amish neck beard extending from the right jawline to the left while covering the entire jawline and chin. The sideburns are connected with the head hair with short line. As per traditional amish beard rules the mustache is shaved cleanly.

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15. Short Garibaldi Beard without Mustache

Amish beard-15

This beard style has a short trimmed garibaldi beard that is rounded with the curve of the jaw and chin. The sideburns are neatly trimmed and it is thinner on the head hair side.

These Amish beard styles have so much variety and you can choose one that’ll suit your facial size and shape. As Amish beards are lengthy, you need to take good care in order to keep them healthy.

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