15 Trendy Mustache Styles for Teenage Guys in 2024

A mustache is often considered for old people. But in recent times the teenagers are adoting different mustache styles for fashion and looking more matured.

There are also plenty of young actors with a mustache who are inspiring teenagers to grow a mustache. We have curated a list of teenager mustache styles considering the age factor on mustache growth. 

So, whether you want look more mature or just want change your style as a teenager, read this article till the end and you will be able to choose a perfect teenage mustache style for you.


How Teenagers Can Grow Mustache Faster

While your ‘stache likely can’t match the impossible standard set by Nietzsche’s Ubermenschen ‘stache, these facts can help you view your own teenage mustache in a better light and grow it properly.


Clean Your Face


tips for teenage mustache


This is something your parents have likely told you to do for as far back as you can remember – clean your face and practice good hygiene. This is essential for growing out a mustache for teenagers, especially the first time. Your facial hair interacts with and this is greatly dependent upon the health of your skin.


The cleaner and healthier you keep it, the easier time you’ll have grown a mustache, and the better its eventual quality will be.


Moisturize Your Face


teenage mustache facts


That said, while simple soap and water can go a long way, it might behoove you to moisturize your face. This can help ensure that your face is soft, smooth, and in the proper condition to grow facial hair.


Eucalyptus Oil


Facts About Teenage Mustaches


What is more, moisturizing your face can sometimes actually help stimulate mustache growth. For example, there is some evidence to suggest that moisturizers with eucalyptus can help in this regard.


The Awkward Phase


teenage mustache


Let’s cut this Gordian Knot right here – there is almost no way teenage mustache won’t go through an awkward phase when you’re first growing it.


Such is the nature of puberty – everything feels awkward, in transition, and incomplete, and your mustache is no exception. That’s no cause for shame.


That being said, you’ll want to keep that in mind before you “brag” about your new mustache. It’s also another reason to wash, moisturize, and follow other self-care steps on this list as closely as possible.


Take Vitamins


vitamins for teenage mustache


In addition to those moisturizers and eucalyptus oil, certain vitamins can also stimulate the growth of mustache and beard for teen boys. In particular, Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 can be useful in this respect.


Protein Intake


protein for teenage mustache growth


In addition, you are going to want to make sure that you are eating enough protein. If you are looking to grow out that mustache, then foods, such as meat and eggs, as well as lentils and legumes, are your friend.


A Balanced Diet


balanced diet for teenage mustache growth


Last, but not least, you’ll want to make sure you eat properly. While a focus on proteins is good, a balanced diet is a way to go for healthy facial hair growth for teenagers.


Follow this teen mustache-growing philosophy, and you’ll be well on your way to growing a great ‘stache.


Best Mustache Styles for Teenagers


1. Light Pyramidal Mustache


thin mustache for teen boys


That’s the most fitting mustache to have when you’re a teenager. It’s light because your facial hair haven’t hardened due to repeated shaving. The minimalistic look of the mustache looks great on teenagers who don’t grow long sideburns. 


2. Wide Goatee with Thin Mustache


mustache for teenage guys

For a teenager, not having thick facial hair shouldn’t be a problem. You can still rock that wide goatee that has grown underneath your chin. Complement with a mustache and soul patch, letting all facial hair grow out to give your face a unique identity.



3. Fu Manchu with Chin Puff


long mustache for teenage guys

Go for a Fu Manchu style mustache if you’re looking for something go well with your Chinese facial features. The sides of the mustache might not hang that much, but you’ll surely get there with time. A small chin puff makes this style look complete. 



4. Thin Egyptian Goatee with Mustache


mustache and goatee beard for teen boys

Growing enough hair to have any beard style is often the biggest challenge for most teenagers. However, the thin line of hair under your chin is an Egyptian goatee and can become a recognizable part of your personality. Pair with a mustache to show your love for mustaches. 



5. Patchy Beard with Mustache


teenage mustache with patchy beard

There is nothing wrong with a patchy beard, especially when you’re a teenager. If you let your beard grow, you’ll eventually have enough hair on the face to look like a short-boxed beard. Leave the mustache untouched too for more facial coverage. 



6. Pyramid Mustache with Traces of Chin Hair


thin mustache for teen asian guys

You’re a lucky guy if your mustache grows in the shape of a pyramid. This means you already have a stylish mustache. Let the hair on your chin grow too, even if you only see traces of them. The mustache and chin hair do come together to give an identifiable style. 



7. Medium Stubble Beard with Overgrown Sideburns


mustache for teen guys

If you have already shaved your beard, you can use the 5-day or 10-day growth of your facial hair as stubble beard. It’s a new yet attention-grabbing detail on the face for a teenager. Pair with overgrown sideburns to add your own touch to the style.  



8. Faded Beard with No Neck Line


teenage mustache with connected beard

Some teenagers have a decent amount of hair growth on their faces when they shave early. If you’re one of them, you can go with a heavy stubble around your chin and cheeks, with faded sideburns. This is a perfect combo of traditional and modern styles with faded sides and a connected mustache. 



9. Goatee Beard with Mustache and Soul Patch


teenage mustache style

A goatee seems to go well with just about any face shape–looks even better when your goatee grows almost in the style of an anchor. Complete the look with a soul patch and beard. It’s okay if your facial hair is a bit curly and all over the place as it suits teenagers. 



10. Circle Beard with No Soul Patch


mustache style for teenage guy

If your mustache grows enough to connect with your goatee, you have to give the circle beard a shot. It might not be a perfect circle yet, but you’ll get it over the course of several months. It’s your choice to keep a soul patch or shave it off. Shaving it off does make the style appear quite neat. 



11. Patchy Short Boxed Beard with Light Soul Patch


teenage mustache with stubble beard

The easiest style that teenagers can sport is a short-boxed beard. It suits your age, doesn’t look overwhelming, and outlines the face perfectly. The patchiness looks even better because it’s a sign that the beard belongs to a teenager. Shaving off the soul patch and then letting only a light stubble peek through is a great addition. 



12. Parted Mustache with Vertically Extending Goatee


teenage mustache with chin beard

If you think out of the box, you can make any amount of facial hair work. In this case, you can grow a goatee connected with the soul patch, and let the chin hair extend to your Adam’s apple. The downward slanting sides of your mustache with a big gap in the middle will enhance the look of the style.



13. Natural Chin Strap with Chin Overgrowth


teenage mustache with chin strap beard

A lot of teenagers grow a beard along their jawline first, which can make it difficult for your natural chin strap to stand out. A great way to look different is to let the hair on the chin grow a bit more. It might just be the start of a stunning French fork on your face. 



14. Very Thin Mustache and Goatee


very short mustache for teenage guy

Is your facial hair so light that it’s negligible? Growing only a mustache in this situation can seem a bit weird to many teenagers. A great way to turn this into a style is to let your chin hair and soul patch grow. It’s minimalistic but quite suitable for a person of this age. 



15. Pick Axe Goatee and Mustache


teenage mustache style

It might take you some time to grow a proper anchor beard. However, if your soul patch is connected to the light goatee beard underneath your chin, you can rock this pick axe style beard too. A mustache would add just enough to the face for you to be called a “young man”.

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