5 of The Coolest Black Man Mustache Styles

Black men love to wear mustaches but the popular styles are often very different compared to the styles that are worn by white guys. Unkempt and overgrown styles are not normally well-received. Subtle and well-groomed mustache styles are the styles that are most frequently chosen. Cool mustaches are one of the latest hot trends amongst black actors and musicians.


Cool Mustache Styles for Black Men

Black guys can keep their mustaches in check using careful grooming techniques. Get rid of major hair growth using a razor. It is possible to buy precision razors for mustache areas. Use tweezers to pluck out any stray hairs. Use shaving creams and skin softeners to reduce skin irritation on your face.

#1: Pencil Mustache

black guy pencil mustache

A thin pencil mustache is a really classy look for black men. This style of mustache should be kept perfectly groomed if you want to portray a suave and collected image. A pencil mustache looks great with shades.


#2: Painter’s Brush Mustache for Black Men

painters brush moustache for black man

A painter’s brush mustache is a classic style for older black men. This thick mustache style looks professional and serious. Keep the mustache well-groomed to maintain the business-like appearance.


#3: 80’s Chevron


The Chevron look was incredibly popular in the 80’s amongst viral popstars and popular musicians. To get the look, you will need to shape your mustache into a perfect arrow which is pointing upwards towards your nose. Keep the rest of your face clean-shaven for that 80’s look.

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#4: Goatee

black guy goatee mustache

Rather than a solo mustache style, join your mustache up with a beard to create a full goatee. The goatee is now more popular than ever as a facial hairstyle for young black men. It is worn by lots of young professionals and famous actors.


#5: Short and Sharp Mustache for Black Guys


If you do not want to commit to a heavy-set mustache, why not try out this short and sharp look? It is a little bit thicker than a pencil mustache, but it is just as subtle. Your ‘tache should not extend past the corners of your mouth in this mustache style.


Why not try one of these black men mustache styles to see how your friends react? They are all easy to grow and easy to take care of, so you will not need to make a big commitment. If you do not like it, you can just shave it off and start again with another choice.

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