23 Famous Country Singers with Iconic Mustaches

Country singers always had a special fascination with mustaches. Country music and its artists, through their music and their look, tell a story of authenticity, resilience, and the enduring appeal of the simple life.

They represent a connection to the past, a celebration of the present, and a look toward the future of a genre that continues to resonate with fans all over the world. The mustache serves as a testament to the tales of love, loss, and life lived on the open road that fills their songs.

Explore the country singers with impressive mustache styles. You can also check out the country singers with long hair and cool beard styles. Because these features are more than just a style statement – they are an integral part of the country music tradition, a symbol that connects the singer to their roots.

History of Mustaches in Country Music

The history of mustaches in country music is a long and storied one. Mustache styles have come and gone over the years, but they have always been a popular part of the country music aesthetic.

Some of the earliest country music stars, such as Hank Williams and A.p Carter, Johnny Cash did not have mustaches during the early stage of their careers. Before World War II, country singers preferred to shave their mustaches. Even bearded country singers were not common then.

But things started to change after the war. In the 70s, mustaches became popular in country music. Stars like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings sported bushy mustaches that became iconic symbols of the outlaw country movement.

Mustaches gained more popularity in the 1980s among country artists. More and more artists started to grow a mustache to change their look that tells a story about their music. During that time Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Strait, and many more country singers who never had a mustache before embraced the style.

Today, mustaches are still popular among country music artists. Even young country artists below 40 like Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett, Tyler Childers, etc have sported mustaches. In fact, mustache and beard has become a part of country singers in modern time.

Popular Country Singers with Mustache

We have compiled a list of country singers with mustaches. If you are a fan of country music, you will love this list of country singers with iconic mustaches. These men are all talented musicians, and they all look great with a mustache.

1. Willie Nelson- Grey Mustache

Willie Nelson with Country Singer Mustache

2. Waylon Jenningsmullet with Bangs Thich Mustache goatee beard

Country Singer Waylon Jennings with Mustache

3. Merle Haggard- Stubble Grey Mustache

Country Singer Merle Haggard with Mustache

4. Morgan Wallen – Blonde Mustache

Country Singer Morgan Wallen with Mustache

5. Jamey Johnson- Thick Mustache with Gap

Country Singer Jamey Johnson with Mustache

6. Elvis Presley- Light Thin Mustache

Country Singer with Mustache Elvis Presley

7. Eric Church

Eric Church Country Singer with Mustache

8. Garth Brooks

Country Singer Garth Brooks with Cowboy Mustache

9. Alan Jackson

Country Singer Alan Jackson with Mustache

10. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Country Singer with Mustache

11. Jason Aldean

Country Singer Jason Aldean with Mustache

12. John Rich

Country Singer John Rich with Horseshoe Mustache

13. Kenny Rogers

Country Singer Kenny Rogers with Mustache

14. Kix Brooks

Country Singer Kix Brooks with Mustache

15. George Strait

Country Singer George Strait with Mustache

16. Trace Adkins

Country Singer Trace Adkins with Mustache

17. Dierks Bentley

Country Singer Merle Haggard with Mustache

18. Zac Brown

Country Singer Zac Brown with Mustache

19. Tim McGraw

Country Singer Tim Mcgraw with Mustache

20. Kris Kristofferson

Country Singer Kris Kristofferson with Mustache

21. Hank Williams Jr.

Country Singer Hank Williams Jr. with Mustache

22. Chris Stapleton

Country Singer Chris Stapleton with Mustache

23. Tyler Childers

Country Singer Tyler Childers with Mustache-min

Significance of Mustache In Country Music

Lyrically, country music often centers around the themes of love, life hardships, and the experiences and values of the people living in rural and small-town America. Over the years, country music has evolved and branched out into a number of sub-genres, including bluegrass, country pop, honky tonk, outlaw country, and contemporary country.

The mustache, along with the cowboy boots, jeans, and hat, isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s a symbol of the culture and values that country music celebrates. It’s a reminder of the genre’s roots in the rural American South and West, and of the everyday people whose stories are told in its songs.

From the worn-out cowboy boots that echo the many miles traveled, to the casual comfort of well-fitted jeans, every aspect of their style tells a story. The cowboy hat, a symbol of resilience and hard work, is a nod to country music’s rural origins and the farming and ranching communities that have long been its backbone.

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