15 Rugged Hungarian Mustache With Beard For Men

Here’s a hairy tale with a twist! The Hungarian mustache with a beard – is not just a style, but a symbol of proud history and heritage. Bristling with charisma, they tell stories that words often can’t.

The term “Hungarian beard” historically has not been tied to a specific facial hair style. Over time, it has been used to refer to various styles, including a pointy full beard. However, in general, the term “Hungarian beard” is often associated with the Hungarian mustache.

A Hungarian mustache is a thick and full mustache, often covering the entire upper lip. The sides are allowed to grow out, typically curling upwards slightly. It closely resembles the handlebar mustache but tends to be bushier, giving it a more natural look.

Origin of Hungarian Mustache

While there are some portraits of Magyar warriors depicting them with Hungarian-style mustaches, the definitive origin of the trend remains uncertain.

As with many historical aspects, it is possible that different facial hair styles, including variations of the Hungarian mustache, were present during the Magyar warrior era.

However, the trend as we know it today, with its distinctive waxed and upturned ends, gained prominence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire era.

During this later period, the Hungarian mustache gained prominence and evolved into a recognized facial hair style, becoming an iconic part of Hungarian culture.

Prominent figures like Lajos Kossuth, a former Hungarian politician, and leader of the 1848 revolution, might have contributed to popularizing this style during this time.

Hungarian Mustache And Beard Styles

While there may not be a specific beard style known as the “Hungarian beard,” there are various Hungarian mustache styles that can be paired with different beard styles to create a unique and stylish look.

Let’s explore some cool Hungarian mustache styles and their complementing beard counterparts for you to consider

1. Long Swooping Mustache with Chin Beard and Glasses

thick Hungarian mustache and beard

If you’re looking for a short beard style to complement your round face shape, a combination of a chin beard with a long, swooping mustache, and glasses could be a suitable choice.

The long, swooping mustache is the eye-catching feature of this style. Grow out the mustache and groom it to extend outwards, with the ends curving slightly upward.

Shave your cheeks and sideburns, and give your chin beard a pointy round shape. You can pair black square-frame glasses with this beard style.

2. Dual Tone Brown Mustache with Square Beard

Hungarian mustache and bushy beard

Dye your mustache and beard with dual tones – dark brown roots blending into a striking light brown hue. Let your beard grow long and shape it into a sharp square cut for an edgy look.

Top it off with a suave Balmoral hat, perfectly complementing your Hungarian mustache and beard combo.

3. Patchy Hungarian Mustache and Goatee with Big Afro Hair

Hungarian mustache and beard for black men

You can rock the Hungarian mustache style even if your facial hair doesn’t allow you to create those pointy edges.

Pair the curly edges of the mustache with a patchy goatee to get an almost-circle-beard look with your Afro hair as the second highlight.

4. Red Mustache with Full Beard

Hungarian mustache and curly beard

For those who have ginger red wavy facial hair, a red Hungarian mustache paired with a mid-length full beard would be the perfect choice. Trim the edges of your beard to give it a round shape.

5. Curvy Mustache with Overgrown Sideburns

Hungarian mustache with beard for oval face

This curvy Hungarian mustache paired with overgrown sideburns and goatee creates an edgy and distinctive facial hair style.

The curvy edges of the mustache almost create a circle on both sides, The thick overgrown sideburns extend down the sides of the face. The short goatee is separated from the sideburns.

6. Salt and Pepper Mustache with Long Grey Beard

Hungarian mustache with grey beard

For those who have more grey hair in their beards, a Hungarian mustache featuring mixed black and white hairs, paired with a long, fully-grown grey beard would be an ideal look.

The beard can be given a round or square shape depending on your face shape. If you have a triangular or round face shape go for the square beard, and if you have a rectangular face go for the rounded edge.

7. Petite Hungarian Mustache with Thick Round Beard

Hungarian mustache and short beard

This style involves a thicker, yet less wide mustache that sits neatly above the lip, paired with a thick, short round beard. The beard is full and dense, creating a robust shape around the jaw and chin.

Turn heads with a neat and short hairdo, spiking it up with some hair gel with this Hungarian mustache and beard combo.

8. Straight & Curled Hungarian with French Fork

Hungarian mustache and long beard

This style features a Hungarian mustache that is spread in a straight horizontal line with thin ends curled upwards, combined with a bushy French fork beard.

The dramatic contrast between the ultra-short buzz cut and beard adds to the overall aesthetic.

9. Thick Mustache with Bushy Curly Beard and Long Hair

blonde Hungarian mustache with messy beard

When the curls of your Hungarian mustache aren’t that prominent, it’s time to play around with the beard and hairstyle.

Grow your beard long, let it be messy, and no need to comb those curls. With long hair, you’ll be pretty close to the Jesus look.

10. Small Hungarian Mustache with Medium Beard

Hungarian mustache with beard

A style featuring a modestly-sized Hungarian mustache paired with a medium-length, well-maintained beard. This look provides a composed aesthetic.

11. Dark Mustache with Black and White Beard

Hungarian mustache with salt and pepper beard

This style offers a compelling look featuring a solid, dark-colored Hungarian mustache set against a mixed black and white beard, providing a unique blend of color and texture.

For a more professional appearance, pairing this Hungarian mustache and beard style with rectangular glasses and side-combed hair is recommended.

12. Thin Hungarian Mustache with Stubble

short Hungarian mustache and beard

There’s nothing that helps your handlebar stand out more than a 5-day stubble. If you aren’t scared of taking bold steps, you might as well dye your mustache to match your dyed hair. Dye only one side to be bolder.

13. Short Hungarian Mustache Heavy Stubble

Hungarian mustache with stubble beard

If you can’t grow a big Hungarian mustache, you should pair it up with heavy stubble. This style is also a great escape for those who don’t want to grow a long beard with a Hungarian mustache.

14. Ginger Mustache with Beard and Chin Strap

red Hungarian mustache and beard

It’s a vibrant style featuring a ginger-colored mustache, complemented by a ginger beard and chin strap. The beard is thick and pointy on the chin and the chin strap is patchy on the jawline.

15. Light Brown Hungarian Mustache with Long Blonde Beard

Hungarian mustache with bushy beard

While it’s rare to have a red beard, it’s even more novel to have a two-toned beard with red and blonde hair.

The red in your beard can provide a dark background to your blonde Hungarian mustache, helping it stand out.

So, don’t be afraid to mix and match these cool Hungarian mustache styles with different beard counterparts, and discover the perfect combination that reflects your individuality and flair.

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