Square Beard vs. Round Beard – Find Your Perfect Fit!

You might not understand the square beard vs. round beard debate if you are new to beard grooming. A common misconception about these beards is that they only refer to face types.

While the type of face that you have does make a difference in what shape you choose, they are referring to how you shape your beard. Do you keep it at an angle? Or do you keep it curved?

This guide will review everything you need to know about square beard vs. round beard. We will especially review their characteristics and how you can choose the right one.

Square Vs. Round Beard

An important thing to understand about the square vs. round beard argument is that you can work with both since they can be very versatile. However, by diving deeper into both beard shapes’ characteristics, pros, and cons, you can better understand which would fit you best. By looking at each one, you may see that you’ve been shaping your beard wrong all this time.

Square Beard Characteristics

square beard style

First, it’s worth going over the many characteristics of a square beard. Of course, the important thing to remember is that this does not mean turning your beard into a literal square. Instead, it refers to a more angular shape to your beard, which gives it a nice form.

The most famous example is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, who has a distinctly sharp beard shape. This shape especially works with most short to medium-length beards since they can benefit from the angular corners. Some of its main characteristics include:

  • A sharp angle under the jaw
  • Often accompanied by a faded beard and trim
  • Usually works with curly beards or straight beards
  • It could be pointed or rounded under the chin

Pros of Square Beard

  • Remove bulk without sacrificing volume
  • Make bushier beards look more organized
  • Gives the beard a more angular shape

Cons of Square Beard

  • The angular shape could make your face look boxy
  • Only really works for short to medium beards
  • Very few faces can pull off

Round Beard Characteristics

round beard style

Now we move on to the round beard, which is a very easygoing shape compared to the angles of the previous one. While the sideburns create a 90° angle when it meets the lowest part of a square beard, a round beard sees the sideburns making a curve to accommodate the curved jaw.

The most important distinction between the two is that the rounded shape gives a more scruffy and messy look. While you will still be trimming the cheek and neckline, it will still have its signature flare, and it will also have a slight curve going to the chin. It especially works with medium to long beards. Some of its characteristics include:

  • A smooth curve from the sideburns to the jaw
  • Will usually have a trimmed beard
  • Usually works with wavy or straight beards
  • It could be rounded or pointed under the chin

Pros of Round Beard

  • Works great with most face types
  • Can work with medium to long beards
  • Gives your beard a scruffy look

Cons of Round Beard

  • It can make your beard look a little messy
  • It can give your face a wider look
  • Not much of a difference in longer beards

Comparison Table: Square Beard Vs. Round Beard


Square Beard

Round Beard

Appearance Angular and well kept Curved and scruffy
Maintenance Daily grooming to maintain shape Nothing more than daily oil and brushing
Length Short to medium beards Medium to long beards
Face Type Diamond and triangle Round and Square
Beard Edge (under chin) Pointy Rounded
Trimming At least once a week to maintain an edge Once every two or three weeks for a cleaner look

Square Beard vs. Round Beard: Which Shape Is Perfect for You?

square beard style vs round beard style

So now that you have a better understanding of the square beard vs. round beard debate, it’s time to make your choice. While the characteristics mentioned before were probably enough to help you decide, we thought we give out a few other considerations.

These are just a few more things you should consider before making that final decision. From the beard style to the length of your beard, there are plenty of things worth looking at. So here are just a few considerations you should make before getting that beard shaped.

Beard type

The first thing you should consider is the obvious type of beard you have. While both shapes can accommodate most beard styles, some don’t change regardless, and others require a specific shape. For example, mutton chops, bandholz, and a full beard can work with both shapes.

On the other hand, the horseshoe, goatee, and circle beards don’t need any consideration for shape. But the garibaldi beard and chin curtain need a round shape. And as for squares, the ducktail and the French fork beards don’t look the same without the angles. So consider the beards you get carefully.

Face Shape

Not all face shapes suit a square beard. Harsh angles can make a face look longer and boxy, so avoid a square beard. Diamond and triangle faces can look better with it, though.

Comparatively, a round shape can make a face look wider and fuller. That might not be the best for people with a naturally wider face. But the natural curve with the face can be a great look for medium-length beards.

Fade or no fade

If you fade your beard or not can also change what shape you get. A square shape can look especially good with a faded beard, but it might not look as good with a round shape. So if you want a fade, you know which one to pick.


The next important thing you must consider is the volume of your beard since both shapes go well with a good thick beard. A square shape can go well with that added thickness, giving it a more uniform look. The important thing is to not have a patchy or stringy beard.

However, if you don’t have as much volume, you can still pull off the round beard shape and have it go with your messy look.


Length is another important thing you need to consider with a square beard vs. a round beard since both work with beards of different lengths. Square beards can work very well with short to medium beards. It can even work with long stubble.

On the other hand, round-shaped beards work best with medium to long beards since anything shorter can be difficult to give that unique rounded shape.


This is possibly the most important thing to consider when deciding on a square beard vs. a round beard its maintenance. A square beard is all about the angle. So you will have to brush and groom that beard every day to keep it looking boxy. Expect to use wax before going out for the night.

The round beard is the easiest since the rounded shape already has a scruffy look. The most that you have to do is trim the cheek and neckline. And every two or three weeks, simply trim the bead to maintain its shape.

Personal Preference

Finally, it does come down to your choice. If you feel like getting a square-shaped beard and think you look good in it, that settles it. If it makes you feel comfortable and happy, then all this other stuff doesn’t make a difference.

So, Square beard vs. round beard comes down to factors like the length of your beard, style, volume, fade, face shape, and preference. The square shape gives a cleaner look but is also harder to maintain. While you can embrace the scruffy look, there is a time and a place to look happily messy.

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