10 Rounded Beard Styles That’ll Give You a Stunning Look

When you searched for round beard styles, you probably were referring to the beard styles that are rounded at the bottom.

Some people get misled, believing that round beard styles are designed for round face shapes, but this is a common misconception.

A rounded beard typically features a trimmed cheek line and a rounded bottom, beautifully softening and reducing the prominence of the jawline. This offers an attractive contrast to sharper facial features.

Assuming you already understand the difference between a round beard and a square beard and have chosen not to opt for the square beard style, we have curated this article to provide you with all the information you need about round beards.

Who Should Try Round Beard Style?

Round beard style is particularly flattering on men with square or rectangular faces, softening the angular lines and creating a balanced, harmonious look.

Moreover, it can impart a fuller dimension to individuals with slender faces, enhancing their overall appearance.

Round beard style is particularly beneficial for men with the following features:

Individuals with Sharp Facial Features

If you possess sharp, pronounced facial features, a rounded beard can be a wonderful choice to add some softness and balance to your face.

The curved lines of the beard can complement angular jawlines and high cheekbones, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Men with Square or Rectangular Face Shapes

Those with square or rectangular faces will find that a rounded beard helps to smooth the edges and angles of their face.

By opting for a rounded beard, they can attain a softer, yet distinctly masculine, appearance that brings a sense of balance and symmetry to their facial structure.

Rounded Beard Styles

1. Garibaldi Beard with Long Curly Hair

rounded beard with long hair

On the sides of the face, the cheek lines are untrimmed, leaving some stray hairs for a natural look. The beard keeps a rounded shape and has neatly trimmed inner edges under the bottom lip. It’s paired with long curly hair and a mustache that connects to the beard.

2. Rounded Red Beard with Fade Haircut

rounded red beard

Here’s a combination of a red beard, mustache, and sideburns, which start at the ends of a high fade haircut.

The beard is trimmed at an angle from the sides, along the contours of the jawline, while the cheeks and mustache have clean lines.

3. Trimmed Round Beard with Undercut Hairstyle

round beard

The full beard smoothly transitions from the sideburns, increasing in length farther down the face, and is contrasted by a sleek undercut.

With the mustache and sides of the face, the facial hair is shorter and neatly trimmed, while the length below the chin offers more volume.

4. Curly Beard with Trimmed Soul Patch

rounded beard for black men

Curly facial hair helps a beard maintain a fully rounded edge without any angles. Here, the soul patch is trimmed, while the cheek lines are kept natural.

The mustache, which is parted from the middle, dips below the corners of the mouth and connects to the beard.

5. Grey Round Beard with Sideburns and Handlebar Mustache

rounded grey beard

Grey sideburns blend into the short rounded beard, which grows thicker and longer around the chin.

Then, the handlebar mustache, with hints of brown, starts right below the nose and grows longer from the sides. The beard has a uniform length from different sides with minimal styling and brushing.

6. Patchy Beard with Bald Head

rounded beard style for bald men

Here, the rounded beard grows in distinct patches on the sides of the face but maintains a steady length below the chin and jawline.

The cheek lines and inner edges around the soul patch are untrimmed, while the mustache gradually grows past the corners of the mouth and connects to the beard.

This round beard style is perfect for men with round face and bald head.

7. Spade Beard with High Fade and Faux Hawk

rounded beard style with short hair

This style shows that the beard has added volume and thickness right below the chin, while the cheeks have shorter growth.

The beard follows the contours of the face but has a rounded trim at the bottom. It’s paired with a mustache covering the upper lip and a faux hawk hairstyle.

8. Grey Full Beard with Salt and Pepper Mustache

rounded beard with glasses

The beard has a well-maintained round shape and even length from all sides. Although most of the beard is light grey, the salt and pepper mustache grows downward and blends into the beard for a two-toned effect. Also, the round frame glasses and crew-cut hair complement the beard and mustache combo.

9. Bushy Bandholz Beard with Side Part and Fringe

rounded bushy beard

It’s a bushy round beard that fully covers the sides of the face and grows lighter at the ends. The simple mustache blends into the beard, which is trimmed along the sideburns and cheek lines for a clean edge. Also, the fringe hairstyle and sleek side part contrast with the bushy beard.

10. Garibaldi Beard with Pompadour Hairstyle

round shape beard

For this rounded beard style, you’ll need smooth cheek lines and carefully trimmed ends. The beard is brushed and styled to prevent stray hairs and flyaways, while the mustache covers the edges of the mouth like a curtain. Then, combine it with a classic pompadour hairstyle.

How to Trim Your Beard Round

Here are the steps to give your beard a round shape.

Step 1- Get Your Toolkit Ready

Before you jump in, let’s gather our grooming warriors. You will need:

  • A trusty beard trimmer
  • Sharp scissors (for those little snips)
  • A beard comb or brush

Step 2- Untangle Those Hairs

Next, grab your comb or brush to detangle your beard. This makes sure all hairs are in place, ready to be sculpted to perfection.

Step 3: Start Shaping

Now comes the fun part! Grab your trimmer and start shaping a rounded contour. Start at the ears and gently curve downwards towards your chin.

Imagine you are drawing a soft smile line from ear to ear – keep it smooth and flowing.

With the outline in place, it’s time to get rid of those stubborn stray hairs sticking out. Remember, go slow and use a longer setting on your trimmer initially to avoid any mishaps.

When shaping the neckline, aim to create a rounded appearance that mirrors the curve of your jawline. Picture a gentle U-shape that gracefully encapsulates your chin and neck area, bringing harmony to your beard’s silhouette.

Step 4: Fine-Tuning with Scissors

For that picture-perfect finish, take your scissors and snip away any little hairs that managed to escape the trimmer. This is your chance to finesse your beard to handsome perfection.

So, give your beard a round shape and pair mustache, glasses or stunning hairstyles with your round beard.

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