Cantinflas Mustache: Weird or Funny?

Ever met a mustache that screams laughter and wit? The legendary Cantinflas mustache fits the bill.

Cantinflas, the iconic Mexican comedian, dazzled us with quick wit, humor, and style. His mustache? A shaved upper lip featuring two thin lines at the edges.

Cantinflas fan or TikTok trendsetter, you’re in luck! We’ve got a step-by-step guide to achieve the Cantinflas-style mustache.

What is Cantinflas Mustache?

Cantinflas mustache for men


The Cantinflas mustache is a distinctive style of facial hair worn by the famous Mexican comedian and actor, Mario Moreno Reyes. It consists of two disconnected small patches of hair on the outer corners of the mouth.

Cantinflas skyrocketed to fame in the 1940s, starring in the Mexican cinema classic “Ahí está el detalle” and Hollywood hit “Around the World in 80 Days.” A Golden Globe later, his humor and iconic mustache still captivate.

Despite his many achievements, Cantinflas remains best known for his unique style of humor and his iconic funny mustache, which have left a lasting legacy in popular culture.

Cantinflas Mustache: The Signature Look

Cantinflas mustache style


Cantinflas’ mustache helped craft the witty underdog persona. Inspired by the Mexican Golden Age’s “Peladito” character, it became inseparable from Cantinflas’ identity.

Memes and Parodies Galore

The Cantinflas mustache lives on through memes, parodies, and even TikTok, symbolizing humor and wit.

A Comedy Icon

More than a facial hair style, it’s a symbol of comedy, Mexican culture, and cinema’s golden age, resonating with audiences worldwide.

The Cantinflas Mustache Legacy

This beloved symbol of comedy and Mexican identity leaves a lasting impact, proving the power of Cantinflas’ humor across generations.

Get the Cantinflas Mustache

Ready for your own Cantinflas mustache? Follow these steps:

  1. Trim your beard, leaving small patches at the mouth’s corners.
  2. Let your mustache grow for a week.
  3. Shave above the upper lip, leaving two thin lines.
  4. Shape the mustache with scissors.
  5. Maintain with regular trims and beard care.



What is the Cantinflas mustache?

The Cantinflas mustache is a small, thin, carefully groomed mustache that sits just above the upper lip, popularized by the Mexican comic actor Cantinflas.

What is the significance of the Cantinflas mustache?

The Cantinflas mustache is a symbol of comedy, wit, and the unique humor that Cantinflas embodied throughout his career. It has become an iconic part of Mexican culture and cinema history.

Why is the Cantinflas mustache popular?

The Cantinflas mustache is popular due to its association with the legendary comedian and its representation of wit, resourcefulness, and humor. The mustache has become an iconic symbol that transcends generations and resonates with fans around the world.

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