19 Most Famous Movie Mustaches Of All Time

There are certain famous movie mustaches that are an integral part of a character’s identity, whether it be in a comedic, villainous, or heroic role. It appears as though the mustache itself is also playing a role.

From acting to performing their own stunts, celebrities have various means of gaining recognition. However, sometimes all it takes for them to be instantly recognizable is the actor’s mustache.

A mustache has a great role to play in making many characters iconic and memorable. The peculiarity of their mustaches is exactly what makes them so popular. They come in all shapes and sizes; from big and thick to petit and pencil-thin.

These famous movie mustaches are definitely worth checking out if you’ve been seeking a way to look different from the bunch. Let’s explore.

Famous Movie Mustaches That’ll Reign for Years

Experience the charm, wit, and style that these mustachioed characters bring to the silver screen. These movie characters, adorned with their distinct mustaches, have left an indelible mark on cinema.

1. Borat

movie character Borat with mustache

Sacha Cohen Baron, who popularized the Borat character, wears what you would call an Einstein mustache. It’s only slightly more tamed than Einstein’s mustache, but still quite thick and covers the upper lip. 

2. Ron Burgundy

famous movie character Ron Burgundy with mustache

This famous mustache comes from the movie The Anchorman. Will Ferrell wore the famous chevron mustache with no other facial hair to distract your eyes. Even the soft parted hair has become a part of the Ron Burgundy character.

3. Thomas Magnum

Movie Character Thomas Magnum with Painter's Brush Mustache

Thomas Magnum is a fictional character known for his role in the TV series “Magnum, P.I.” The character was played by Tom Selleck, with his iconic Selleck mustache, aloha shirts, and adventurous spirit as a private investigator in Hawaii.

4. Charlie Mortdecai 

movie character Charlie Mortdecai handlebar mustache style

The Charlie Mortdecai mustache is a perfect petit handlebar. The handlebars aren’t fully round, and the middle of the mustache is smaller than what you see in a proper handlebar. Johnny Depp played the character and this isn’t the only move mustache he’s known for.

5. The Stranger

movie character The Stranger mustache style

The Big Lebowski starred Sam Elliott as The Stranger with a big mustache–almost a walrus mustache. It’s the overgrowth of hair that makes it a walrus mustache, but Sam Elliott is already known for his mustache style.

6. William Cutting

movie character William Cutting with handlebar mustache

The mustache Daniel Day-Lewis sported in The Gangs of New York is one of the most unique movie mustaches. It’s a big handlebar with a unique twist. The hair in the middle of the mustache hangs like the fibers of a wet paint brush. Don’t overlook those exaggerated side whiskers though.

7. Roger Murtaugh

movie character Roger Murtaugh with mustache

This Danny Glover mustache in the movie Lethal Weapon isn’t too overdone, but it surely makes a great impression. It’s a manly look with what you would call a Dallas mustache that stands alone on the face and still delivers.

8. Bradley Bradshaw

movie character Bradley Bradshaw with rooster mustache

They call it the Rooster mustache and it’s as impactful as it is small and delicate. The painter’s brush mustache worn by Miles Teller remains one of the most asked-about movie mustaches on the internet. The idea is to not let the mustache grow past the corners of your mouth.

9. Daniel Plainview

movie character Daniel Plainview with chevron mustache

That’s what you call a famous chevron mustache because it appears on the poster of the movie called There Will Be Blood. Yet again, Daniel Day-Lewis hits it out of the park with this upper lip covering chevron mustache with 5 o’clock shadow beard.

10. Captain Hook 

movie character Captain Hook with handlebar mustache

Many people may have reservations about Peter Pan & Wendy, they sure love Jude Law’s beautiful handlebar mustache. This Captain Hook movie mustache might not belong to a very famous character, but it sure made Jude Law unrecognizable. 

11. The Tramp

famous movie character The Tramp with toothbrush mustache

You know Charles Chaplin as soon as you see him. The tramp is one of his most famous characters, and the toothbrush mustache is surely one of the reasons you can never forget his face after you’ve seen it once.

12. Dmitri

famous movie character Dmitri with mustache

Let’s call it a modified imperial mustache with very subtle curves. Adrien Brody really made this look shine in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Such a mustache can be a great addition to the face for those who have an oblong, oval, or heart shaped face.

13. Matthew Quigley 

famous movie character Matthew Quigley mustache style

Can you make a list of famous movie mustaches without putting Burt Reynolds on it? His character from the movie Quigley Down Under has this thick chevron mustache and a stripe soul patch to make this style unforgettable.

14. Russell Hammond 

movie character Russell Hammond mustache style

Here’s another mustache that gets great support from a soul patch. Billy Crudup’s mustache in Almost Famous is only a little shy from being a proper A Zappa mustache. Billy’s mustache stretches horizontally a little too much. 

15. Marty Huggins

movie character Marty Huggins mustache style

Zach Galifianakis is already famous or his facial hair, especially his beard. This character in The Campaign wears this tamed and slightly trimmed version of a walrus mustache that’s almost in the semi circle shape and covers his upper lip.

16. Jules Winnfield 

movie character Jules Winnfield with horseshoe mustache

Expect no less than 10/10 from Samuel L. Jackson, and his character in Pulp Fiction reaches new heights of acting. Jules Winnfield sports a horseshoe mustache with side whiskers that are almost like mutton chops. The big bowl of curly and oily hair on his head isn’t something you can ignore too.

17. Lt. Aldo Raine 

movie character Lt. Aldo Raine with short mustache

The pyramidal pencil mustache in the famous Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds movie really suited Brad Pitt. Being such a short mustache, it really draws attention to Brad Pitt’s broad and square face.

18. White Goodman 

movie character White Goodman horseshoe mustache style

Ben Stiller’s character White Goodman in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story wears this horseshoe mustache with a circular soul patch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this famous movie mustache is definitely an inspiration from A Zappa mustache with only the soul patch being smaller.

19. Lando Calrissian

famous movie character Lando Calrissian with mustache

The softly parted mustache with tapered ends is definitely a mark of identity on Billy Dee Williams’ face in the Star Wars series. The horizontal stretch of this famous movie mustache really suits his otherwise square face. 

So, these are our top famous movie mustaches that can set you apart from the rest. You can surely pick one of these styles since they include thick and manly mustaches as well as some delicate and short mustaches too. 

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