28 Hitler or Toothbrush Mustaches That Are Back In 2024

When you hear about a Hitler mustache or Toothbrush mustache, you immediately think of something absolutely terrible. In fact, there is really nothing scary about this mustache. However, Hitler made sure the whole world hates it. Perhaps the time has come to breathe new life into the toothbrush mustache.

There are actually many advantages to a Toothbrush mustache (also known as a Hitler mustache). It is very easy to make and maintain and can make you stand out from the crowd. It is not compulsory to make this mustache exactly the same as Hitler did.

There are some interesting variations you can check out to make a final decision on whether or not this mustache deserves some attention. Times are changing and so is the world. Perhaps the mustache fashion will soon change too.

History of Toothbrush Mustache

A toothbrush mustache is a small, rectangular-shaped mustache that sits above the upper lip. It gets its name from the fact that it looks like a small brush that one might use to clean their teeth.

Although it may seem like a relatively obscure style today, it was once very popular and worn by men of all ages and backgrounds.

The origins of the toothbrush mustache can be traced back to the late 19th century. In the 1880s, the style was popularized by American actor Thomas E. Murray, who wore the mustache in several of his films. Murray’s toothbrush mustache was relatively small and thin, and it quickly became a popular style among actors and other performers.

In the early 1900s, the toothbrush mustache saw a surge in popularity, particularly in the United States and Europe. The style was worn by many prominent figures of the time, including politicians, artists, and even royalty.

For example, in the United States, the toothbrush mustache was worn by former President Theodore Roosevelt and silent film actor Oliver Hardy.

Controversial Association with Hitler

Toothbrush mustache is now perhaps best known for its association with Adolf Hitler. Hitler famously wore the style during his reign as leader of Nazi Germany, and as a result, the toothbrush mustache became heavily stigmatized. In fact, after World War II, the style fell out of favor almost entirely and was rarely seen in public.

Redemption in Popular Culture

Despite its association with Hitler, the toothbrush mustache has made a few appearances in popular culture since the end of World War II.

British comedian Michael Palin wore a toothbrush mustache in the 1980s during his time on the television show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Similarly, American actor John Waters has sported a toothbrush mustache for decades, and it has become a signature part of his look.

The comedian Michael Jordan famously wore a toothbrush mustache in the movie “The Great Dictator” as a way to mock Hitler’s legacy. Similarly, actor Sacha Baron Cohen donned the mustache in his portrayal of the fictional character Admiral General Aladeen in “The Dictator.”

Today, the toothbrush mustache is still worn by a few individuals, although it remains a relatively obscure style. Some people choose to wear the mustache as a form of rebellion or as a way to make a statement, while others simply like the way it looks.

However, due to its association with Hitler, the toothbrush mustache is still heavily stigmatized and is often viewed as a controversial style choice.

Attempts to Rehabilitate the Toothbrush Mustache

In recent years, there have been attempts to rehabilitate the toothbrush mustache. Some people have adopted the style as a way to reclaim it from its association with the Nazis. For example, American comedian Louis C.K. wore a toothbrush mustache in his TV show “Louie” as a way to make fun of the style’s association with Hitler. 

However, these attempts to rehabilitate the toothbrush mustache have been met with mixed reactions. Some people argue that the style should not be reclaimed because of its dark history, while others believe that it is possible to separate the mustache from its association with Hitler.


Most Popular Hitler and Toothbrush Mustaches

Fashion is a tricky thing. Sometimes the fashion world takes a look at the past to come up with something new and original. Hitler and toothbrush mustaches are waiting for their chance. Only a few famous people allowed themselves to sport such a mustache since the world associates it with the horrors of World War II.

However, the war is left in the past. It is obvious that the mustache is not something we can blame for it. So, perhaps you can give this mustache a chance after looking at it from another perspective. We have compiled a short list of such toothbrush mustaches to give you an idea of what they can look like.


1. The Classics

The Classics Hitler Mustaches

The classical Hitler mustache is cut to look like a square. The mustache ends just above the upper lip and the sides fit right below the nose. The rest of the facial hair is cleanly shaved in order to outline the mustache.


2. The pyramid

Hitler or Toothbrush Mustache 3

This interesting variation of the Hitler mustache might appeal to the younger generation. The mustache is created in a form of a pyramid that makes it look softer and not as “scary” as the classics. This mustache is easy to make by shaving the sides.


3. Very thin

Very thin mustache fgor black men

This toothbrush mustache is a wonderful idea for someone who has sparse facial hair. If you can’t grow a full mustache but still want to be fashionable and sport one, get a very thin stripe below your nose. It will look quite original.


4. Gate Mustache

Hitler or Toothbrush Mustache 5

Another way to diversify the scary look is to make the square mustache look more like a gate. Separate the strands right in the middle and brush them to the opposite sides. You will get a unique-looking mustache.


5. Messy Option

Messy tips Hitler or Toothbrush Mustache style

If you want to take “the scary” out of a Hitler mustache, consider making it a little less strict. Let your hair grow a little wilder and make the mustache bushy. This way you’ll have to care for it a little less and the result will be more impressive.


6. Add Long Hair

Hitler or Toothbrush Mustache 7

A sure way to make your mustache look much more interesting is to wear it with long hair. Take a look at the picture. Doesn’t the mustache appear nice and fashionable? All thanks to the well-chosen hairstyle. The scary look turns fun!


7. Chaplin’s Mustache

the grate Chaplin mustache style

What’s in a name? A lot! If you call a Hitler mustache a Chaplin mustache, it right away changes its appearance. All depends on what we associate the style with. If you look at this style as something that made people laugh for years, it might be more attractive.


8. Longer Variation

Hitler or Toothbrush Mustache 10

If you make the mustache just a little bit longer, it will immediately become something different. Consider going outside the limits of your nose and make the toothbrush mustache a bit more rectangular.


9. The Buzz


This mustache looks very neat because it is cut very short. This will save you a lot of mustache-care time and will make your image more solid. Consider trying this mustache at least once. Perhaps you’ll like it.


10. The Smaller the Better

smaller the better mustache for black men

The smaller you make this type of mustache, the better it will look. It doesn’t have to take up all of the space below your nose and reach your upper lip. Make the square small and cute and your image will change dramatically.


Other Toothbrush Mustaches Inspired by Hitler


11. Stache with 5 O’clock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow is the working man’s beard, with that faint color on the cheeks contrasting the toothbrush stache you have. Since the toothbrush stache lets you highlight your facial features better, the shadow doesn’t get in the way of your look.


12. Toothbrush Stache with Extended Sideburns

If you don’t want to keep the toothbrush mustache alone, you could always pair it with longer sideburns. While these sideburns come down to the jawline, you can even shorten them if you like.


13. Neatly Trimmed Stache with Clean Shave 

While you could pair your mid-stache with all sorts of beards, you can even go with a simple, clean shave. It’s simple and brings more attention to your interesting mustache.  


14. Toothbrush Mustache with Long Hair and Sideburns 

Most people would like to keep a mustache and beard with their long hair. Therefore, a type of mustache you can try with your shoulder-length hair is a toothbrush mustache that helps you highlight the natural features of your face and doesn’t take away from your hair.


15. Stache with Soul Patch and Goatee 

If you’re struggling to find a beard that goes well with your unique mustache, you can always go with a soul patch and goatee combo. This type of beard goes well with all face types and can look good regardless of how you style it.


16. Bushy Mustache with Middle Part 

Go with the classic bushy mustache and hair with a middle part. Slick-back hair can look especially good with this mustache and can be great in all sorts of events.


17. Salt and Pepper Mustache 

Seeing grays grow out of your mustache can feel off-putting, but you can embrace those thin strands of mustache hair for a unique salt-and-pepper mustache.


18. Middle Gap Toothbrush Mustache 

Even if you have a middle gap in your mustache, that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow out a toothbrush mustache. Grow your mustache around the gap and then trim it accordingly.


19. Toothbrush with Light Stubble 

Light stubble is a good compromise when you’re not looking for a beard that’s too thick, since that takes away from your mustache. You should grow out that stubble slightly, but make sure it’s short since longer ones can require much more upkeep.


20. Toothbrush Stache with Short Curly Hair 

A good toothbrush stache can go well with all sorts of curly hair but will especially look good with flattened-down short hair. It is a vintage cut and fits a rounder or more oblong face.


21. Toothbrush Stache with Soul Patch 

A particular favorite for most people is the soul patch and toothbrush stache combo, which goes well with all face types and is a lot easier to maintain. Bonus points if you can keep your stache and soul patch the same width.


22. Scruffy Toothbrush Mustache 

If you don’t want something too clean and well-kempt, you can try keeping a scruffy toothbrush mustache. For that scruffy look, shave off the sides of the mustache, but don’t trim the tips to leave them hanging out.


23. Longer Toothbrush Mustache with Trimmed Sideburns

While you will see plenty of people keep the toothbrush stache directly under their nose, you can extend it slightly for a unique look. You can even pair the mustache with trimmed and angled sideburns.


24. Neatly Trimmed Toothbrush Stache 

If all these different styles have you scratching your head, you can just go for the simple option as well, which is a neatly trimmed version of the toothbrush stache. Clear off the rest of your mustache from the sides and trim the tips off as well. You should also get rid of any loose strands.


25. Thin Pencil Mustache with Prominent Toothbrush Stache 

The toothbrush stache is surprisingly versatile when pairing it with other types of facial hair. You can still keep a slightly bushy toothbrush mustache and trim down the rest for a comfortable pencil stache.


26. Thin Toothbrush Mustache with Shaved Sides 

A thin toothbrush mustache paired with a short haircut can be a good combination. Bonus points if you decide to shave the sides of your head.


27. Stache with Wavy Hair 

While most people with this stash have slick back or curly hair, you can even grow it out with wavy hair. The light stubble is an added bonus, but you don’t have to commit to it.


28. Trimmed Toothbrush Stache with Side Part 

A classic look with the toothbrush stache is short hair and a side part. You can pull this off with curly and wavy hair easily and just need to part your hair from either side for a simple and easy look.

How to Grow a Toothbrush Mustache

Although the toothbrush mustache is stigmatized and controversial, some men may still wish to adopt the style for personal reasons. If you choose to style a toothbrush mustache, here are some tips to help you achieve the look:

  1. Let your facial hair grow out to about 1/4 inch in length. This will give you enough hair to shape the mustache.
  2. Trim the edges of the mustache so that they are straight and even. Use a pair of small scissors or a mustache trimmer to do this.
  3. Use a comb to separate the hairs of the mustache and to shape it into a rectangular shape.
  4. Trim the mustache so that it is no wider than the width of your nose. This will prevent it from looking too overwhelming on your face.
  5. Use mustache wax or pomade to style the mustache and keep it in place. Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and then work it through the mustache.
  6. Use a fine-toothed comb to shape the mustache into a rectangular shape. You can also use your fingers to shape the mustache into the desired shape.
  7. Maintain the mustache by trimming it regularly and using wax or pomade to keep it in place.


Now you know that Hitler or toothbrush mustaches are not as scary as you used to think. In fact, they are quite fashionable and can help you look original. Try a couple of these options to see how they fit you. The best part about them is that you can always shave and forget about the experience!



1. Who made the toothbrush mustache popular?

Thomas E. Murray, an American actor, was one of the first to popularize the toothbrush mustache in the late 19th century.

2. Who wore the toothbrush mustache in addition to Hitler?

The toothbrush mustache was also worn by famous figures such as Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hardy.

3. Is it okay to wear a toothbrush mustache today?

While some individuals still wear the toothbrush mustache, it remains a controversial style due to its association with Hitler and the Nazi party.

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